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MagneGas Corporation (MNGA)

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  • Back 2 post split price... I wonder where this is going.... not
  • Ha ha ha ha ha carpe! Ha hahahhahaha Jeremy! Hahahhahaha Alan!!! And every other short that that has altered the stock price.
  • Great to hear you found a lower cost feedstock, but somehow you failed to mention what it is? You give "% faster" figures but don't say what the production rate is or the company's production capacity. You give "% lower cost" figure, but don't say how much MG2 the company sells, so we have no idea what this adds to bottom line. You claim R&D is a big cost, but financial statements say the lard is in SG&A, including inflated executive salaries. No figures on actual cost cuts provided. No information on how the company is operation with no cash. How the company will refi the $1 mm note coming due. There a hints about refinery sales, but no comment on the Mexico, German, Sierra Leone, South Africa sales previously touted.

    It's like a child who wants to pats on the head for doing good things, but isn't telling the full story. As an experienced distressed assets management, Scott should know this is the time for hard facts, not fluff.
  • Here is a HUGE contract for MNGA’s metal cutting segment – turning the multi-BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle known as the Southern Powers’ Energy Kemper Project into scrap metal.

    $7.1 BILLION and it’s a total unviable distaster EXACTLY as I predicted – in objection to Carpie’s touting it’s superiority to MNGA Co-Combustion tech back in October 2014.

    Refresher, Here is Carpie’s testimony to MNGA investors.

    [“In other words, Kemper uses gasification to get more energy from the coal -- the coal produces the same CO2 per ton of coal, but because it is used to run an integrated combined cycle turbine and boiler, it extracts meaningfully more energy and releases fewer other toxic chemicals, so it's not as awful for the environment as existing single cycle boiler plants, where a lot of energy goes up the smoke stack.

    MNGA's "solution" would likely require exist boiler coal plant to install a completely new steam turbine power system to convert energy from the secondary combustion chamber into power. This is not a practical design. It would be better to replace the inefficient boiler with a Kemper system…” – Carpie Oct 11, 2014 8:25 AM]

    FALSE. Here is an update on the Kemper Project BOONDOGGLE:

    Carpie (who called the end of MNGA in 2013 lol) literally thought carbon monoxide was a hydrocarbon!! (lol true story) and was completely oblivious to role of oxygen in metal cutting (fyi, oxygen is what cuts the metal)… He does a great job sounding smart but as we have seen here over the past 4 years – he knows nothing.

    MNGA has the ONLY financially and environmentally sound solution for the coal industry on the table. Carpie hasn’t a CLUE to what he was talking about… MG doesn’t require “a completely new stream turbine”… he invents things as he goes to convince you that MNGA is worthless.

    You could literally just liquefy MG and spray the coal with it before you shoveled it into the furnace and get tremendous reductions in pollutants along with increased efficiency. Of course.. I wouldn’t imagine Southern Company had much interest in validating such a simple and cost effective solution as MG Co-Combustion after they milked investors and tax-payers for 7.1 BILLION in this Kemper scheme. Nope.

    If only someone would try to sue MNGA for their seemingly outrageous sounding MG Co-Combustion results that “skeptics” and short sellers said was all just “pie in the sky” hype and how their “undisclosed” major utility company partner was all a lie.

    I would wager DISCOVERY in this case would skyrocket the price as MNGA as it would be legally shown the company was NOT “hyping” anything about CoCo– just stating the facts as best they could with the likely confidentially agreements they had in place with their “major utility company” partners (which it appears was SOUTHERN CO.. right Carpie? lol..)

    Kemper: Leading US 'clean coal' project admits it can't afford to burn coal - Energydesk
    This is an edited crosspost from the Climate Investigations Center America’s flagship ‘clean coal’ project cannot burn coal and turn a profit, its chief executive has said. In an earnings call late last month, Tom Fanning – CEO of Southern Company –
  • YES!!! started SHORTING YESTERDAY, at $2.40!!! making a KILLING on MNGA now!!! YEE-HAW, jose!!! LOL!!!!!!
  • Malarky PR touting growth, success and profits but failing to provide actual numbers behind "265% growth" at small new location. How many times have shareholders been fed meaningless percent growth head fakes while company ignores that sales sales fell in Q1 11% from prior quarter. Who wonders why investors are bailing out when management doesn't address crisis issues such as how the company will survive with no cash. Scott needs to be a lot more direct about the cash situation and spending cuts. Seems today's PR he's reeling back on the merger strategy that was hyped last week. Don't shareholders deserve some honesty about the coal-tech merger management touted six months ago? Directors (except Carla) were so gung-ho six months ago, they bought shares in market -- what happened to that confidence? Looks to me like things are falling apart.
  • What happened to the pump? ACA lost its swagger - and I lost paper gains. What is the company going to do next because the dire cash situation isn't going away. Doing nothing is not an option. Did they cut costs enough? This requires meat clever and parting of ways with some executives. Or did they just prune and still running big cash burn? Market has become numb to feel-good fluff PRs when serious issues are not addressed. Why aren't the insiders buying shares?
  • .....Perspective on share price for mnga. adjusted for the recent split, Market Watch sourced.
    52 week high 9.20 low 1.24
    one year - 73% YTD -52% one month -27% Long way to go to get back up to the 9.20 range !!
    .....Good news is, if it is to be believed, the recent method to reduce cost creating the gas. Should increase margins as gas gains in sales. Already a good thing is the expansion into alternative sales of gasses (CO2) and welding/cutting fittings that generate income while waiting for the MagGas sales to gain a foot hold. If the road and bridge takes place, demolition would of course generate interest in Mag Gas cutting abilities.
    ......Still, a long way to go to get back to even from the fall in share price- split adjusted- at 9.20 (daily high) or even $8 or so for closing prices. This is still a wait and see growth story and my main concern is the distributors are the main marketers and pushers for this gas, not the main stock holders, the family. They need to do more to get the news out there and actually encourage use. jmo here, what do you think ?
  • Just my two cents . . .
    I've never been a fan of the Company's PR's as I've always considered them either deceitful or misleading at best. I've arrived at the conclusion the reason the company isn't selling more Magnegas II has to be a cost issue. The Company has always claimed that the gas is less expensive than acetylene, but I suspect that is before shipping. Since the gas is safer, works better, and is environmentally friendly, the only explanation is cost.
    If I'm right, then today's announcement, even if exaggerated as usual, would amount to a turning point for the company on several fronts:
    1) Less expensive means more competitive product and more sales.
    2) Higher margins and more sales will make it easier to obtain financing in the future on better terms.
    3) Higher margins will likely lead others to want to manufacture as well. This will lead to more equipment sales and lower shipping costs.
    Obviously, the Company still has a lot to prove, but this could mean the difference between life and death this year.

    Disclosure: I doubled down on my previously announced extremely small vegas bet today.
  • I'm not in the business but if I were an acetylene mfr what I'd do about
    competing technology disruption is CUT THE PRICE.
    If that's what's going on it would explain dismal MG sales
  • speaking of GAS, I just let one rip... STRONG SmELL!!!
  • all shareholders start filing complaints with SEC!!! RUN THIS COMPANY AND MANAGEMENT INTO THE GROUND WHERE THEY BELONG! !!
  • A quote from the 2015 hit piece on Seeking Alpha from the financial terrorist Pumpstopper (aka Carpie)
    [“Even if you assume MNGA is a legitimate company run by people you should trust with your savings, the current valuation of 113x trailing revenue means the stock is still -92.9% overvalued using a "best case" valuation.” – The Pumptsopper]
    At the time of publication (dec 2015) of the Pumpstopper/Seeking Alpha hit piece, MNGA was being valued at $120 million.
    (note – the article was eventually removed from Seeking Alpha (after the damage was done) because it contained fraudulent information including falsely stating that MG didn’t outperform acetylene let alone propane! pffft…it was so bad Pumpstopper didn’t even attempt to defend any of it, he just skipped town and went into hiding)

    MNGA is now being valued at a pathetic $10 million!!… while their revenue increased 3x since the PS did his ‘calculations’.
    We are now BELOW the “best case” valuation by an infamous stock swindler who contended that the company was not even “legitimate” and their flagship fuels were “identical” to everything else on the market (yet strangely also somehow managed to perform more poorly according to the Pumpstopper.)

    For more perspective:
    The current assets of the company from their latest Q is $11,439,788.

    Now that doesn’t include the value of the intellectual property (which I have been banking on and expect it’s vindication will than capitulated it into billion-dollar-land.)

    Don’t sell Magnheads.. not at this price/valuation.. why give your shares to the Mikes and Jeremy’s and Allans of the world? They profit when you sell… that’s why they sp-ham up message board daily, they want your money ASAP and will berate you to get it. If you don’t sell, they lose, regardless of what happens with the company.

    I expect SIGNIFICANT news before Memorial Day about an outsider arranging crowd funding campaigns for equipment sales (cash up front orders)– meaning MNGA won’t have to sell any more stock to raise capital selling equipment cash-in-advance.

    With the cash (via profitable orders) coming back into the company, and the attention they get via the crowd funding campaigns, things will start looking UP quickly for Magneheads.. turn those frowns upside downs.

    Relax… plan B is going into effect.
  • Ermanno = the boy who cried wolf
    Thinks he fools people with misleading data
    Doesn't seem to understand we're all wise to deception
  • Above 1.80.... woow
  • Oops - in attempt to spin good news, company reveals its clients are tiny. What happened to Navy, GM, NYFD, NASA, Covanta, etc. Thanks for doing math - it showed ESSI is way down market, not dealing with the major players.

    "ESSI generated $3,157 in revenues per client. In 2017, the average revenues per client are currently $11,732 on an annualized basis. This represents a 272% increase from 2014 to 2017.

    PRs fall on deaf ears when company isn't addressing the Big Issues (cash shortage and cash burn). Stop with the smoke and mirrors and act like this is a serious situation.

    Time to find a new IR firm.
  • It was exhilarating to see a full-fledged pump -- way bad it died as fast as it sprung up. Anyone know which boards/tip sheets etc. the manipulators used to orchestrate the pump? Now that stock price is back to all-time lows, wonder how company will address the cash emergency? I assume the plan was to pump shares over $3 so ACA could sell shares as hedge against the repriced warrants they would exercise bringing cash to company. Reasonable idea, but ACA isn't doing as well levitating shares. Day traders grab the hot potato shares when they appear on top 10 active/up lists, however, they have learned to get out fast when greater fools fail to appear. Where's Kent Moors when you need him. As we head into June, no word on merger, no word on actual levels of cost cuts, stale powerpoint on website hasn't been update in long time, no word on germany, no word on co-co, no word on farm grants, no word on South Africa, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Haiti, etc. Yet we learn a brand new depot was "faster growing" -- from zero start, wow how great is that. We'll see how the overstuffed management navigates -- do they have skill to really cut costs or are they assuming they can always get capital from bank of ACA, no matter the cost.
  • Not a bad day.. didn't hold all the green but as long as it held some.. it's a gd day!
  • Okay... who cut and pasted MGNA and placed it in the investopedia article as a top 4????? What a world.
  • POS company here, scammers