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  • Consider- the gains from my MO and PM shares just this morning equal a weeks salary when I was working. But I don't need to sell these golden geese. The dividends plus other blue chip divs are my salary. My salary goes up every year, more than any work raise I ever got.
  • MO is making a splendid move today! Long live MO and the lucky investors.....
  • We are going to rise all summer. The Wells Fargo 70 percent commentary on the pm merger will help drive it. $80 by Christmas
  • I read the same thing on seeking alpha and was looking at Barron's .
    I previously stated here that I had read about the possibilities of Bud/KO merger then absorbing Mo since the flavored marijuana infused beverage market would be legalized and fit like hand in glove. Others here laughed at me for telling about what I had read. The articles are out there from analysts for us armchair investors . Long Mo KO Bud Pm
  • Should anyone else ask about selling MO............Today's action should provide you with a resounding NO.
  • I started buying Phillip Morris stock in 1972; with all the splits and dividends I was able to retire in 1987 and live off this stocks dividends. It has been the best performing stock for the past 45 years.
  • PM and MO's IQOS application being reviewed by FDA is reason for today's rise. Expect decision within 1 year
  • here's an interesting take of MO going to $100 if BUD buys them.....
    hmmm..far-fetched IMHO...but glad I'm holding nonetheless..
    Good luck Longs!

    Altria: Over $100
    Altria is an impressive yield play. There's more to its 3.5% forward yield, however. Tobacco and booze have obvious synergies.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYcqToQzzGY

    The JeffersonsTheme Song
    couldn't find the original anywhere so here is the only crisp copy i could find.
  • Hey April & Antlerlady,

    Not sure if I shared this trade with you and this board yesterday...

    I rarely if ever just buy straight out calls or puts. I normally do spreads or other option strategies. You can click on my handle to see some of my other trades.

    I am long MO & PM in shares; ~2500/500

    But here is the trade I did yesterday: I bought 4 of the MO 60 Jan '19 calls @$14.09 per. Stock was ~72.64. B/E is 74.09. It is clear of the B/E now.

    Really a chump change trade and goes against most of my normal trade strategies. I like credit trades v. debits, but I thought this made sense. So thought I would share if you want to look at the trade and see if even since there has been some movement, to see if it works for you..
  • Hopefully I don't speak too soon but it looks like Altria is finally rising outta the rut from the past couple months
  • I have owned about 3000 shares for the past 3 years and it has been a wonderful ride. I recently started to sell some of my shares. It appears to me that we have hit a wall for the time being with MO. Of course the dividend will continue to rise and so will the stock, I just think I can find other opportunities that will be more profitable for me. I think there is a chance on PM buying MO in the future. Just have no idea when this could happen. Smoking is declining, but that is old news too. To all your really long longs, please tell me why I should not part with the shares I still own. Thank you in advance.
  • I got a feeling we'll see a Phillip Morris/Altria merger. It's a matter of time. Until then I'll just collect the dividends
  • I just purchased a few more shares at $70...had been waiting until the stock hit this mark before buying...Just hope the dividend price holds up....I had thought about this several days and decided "why not put some cash to work"!
  • I got what appeared to be an add for a marijuana Marlborough pack for $89 is this true
  • "Key Stats to Note: Altria Group reaffirms its 2017 full-year adjusted diluted EPS in a range of $3.26 to $3.32, up 7.5% to 9.5% from $3.03 in 2016. Further, it expects higher adjusted diluted EPS growth in the second half of the year compared to the first half."
  • Damn. the stock is in the black now. never thought this would happen today, especially with the stock being down over 2% premarket.
  • I suspect that states raising tobacco taxes will soon find that that tactic does not increase their revenues as anticipated. I would bet it will only increase smuggling and cross boarder mass purchases which will increase revenues for surrounding states that keep their taxes low.
  • Jim, please try to have some class. This is a message board; there is no need to talk about anybody's wife on this forum.
  • Time to load up on some more MO.