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MRI Interventions, Inc. (MRIC)

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  • Today was my first MRIC webcast and I would have to say it was EXCELLENT!! Mr. Grillo did a very good job and seemed to really know his industry well. Was encouraged by his positive comments regarding 2017 and Q1 progress. Looks like this will now just be dealing with growing pains that are dictated by the hospitals acceptance of our products. But it is apparent that growth is here and has a ways to continue. I think I lucked out getting at an average costs of $2.45 per share. Will hold for some time.
  • I believe MRIC share price has bottomed out and will recover this year and going forward. Mayo continues to implement MRI technology in their groundbreaking surgeries. This is still a very small company but word is getting around that their technology is of great benefit in improving treatment results, especially in brain surgeries. Major University hospitals will follow Mayo's lead. In a year or two this company will have doubled in size. And in the not to distant future, the company will likely begin entry into the European markets. JMHO.
  • New shareholder here. Been following MRIC progress for over 2 years, maybe three. I think this company has a good future ahead and will grow with each year going forward. I was impressed to see that the Mayo Clinic has already used the procedures involving MRI 70 times. "Good chance they will continue. Have all of these procedures been done at only one of the Mayo facilities? We have one in Jacksonville and was wondering if this will be coming here as well. Hoping to see the share price grow into the teens in the next year of two.
  • let's hope a sub $10MM market cap is just an aberration and not the "new normal"
  • Bueller, Bueller, Bueller......anyone else out there still follow this???
  • Seller from Vandham Securities showed up again. A really sloppy sell order, looks like tax loss selling. To put it out at a limit of $3 when the stock has been trading above there for 2 1/2 days looks to me like someone who just wants out at almost any cost. Would be nice to clean them up and get back on our way to $5.
  • Even though Voyager released the results after hours, it might be related to the recent spike in MRIC's share price....
    Dr John

    excerpt from Biocentury:
    Voyager rockets after hours on PD gene therapy data

    Voyager Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:VYGR) gained $5.52 (40%) to $19.25 in early after-hours trading Wednesday when it announced interim results from a Phase Ib study of Parkinson’s Disease gene therapy VY-AADC01. The data showed the higher of two tested doses increased biomarker activity and led to improvements on a disease severity scale in patients with advanced PD. Subjects receiving the higher dose also were able to reduce use of daily medications.
    A five-patient cohort receiving the high dose had 56% greater activity of dopa decarboxylase (DDC; AADC) compared to baseline and were able to reduce intake of daily PD medications, including levodopa, by 34% after six months. The cohort also had a 56% improvement in Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale Part III (UPDRS-III) on medication at six months, with the effect sustained at 12 months.
    Treatment resulted in a 20% increase in self-reported "on" time without dyskinesia from baseline to six months, and 43% improvement at 12 months. "Off" time with dyskinesia decreased 27% at six months, and 48% at 12 months.
    Results were less pronounced in a lower-dose cohort, where patients had a 13% increase in DDC enzyme activity and 21% worsening in UPDRS-III scores at six months that was sustained at 12 months. "On" time decreased 3% at six months, but increased 16% from baseline at 12 months. Off-time with dyskinesia decreased 16% at six months and 27% at 12 months. The group reduced PD medication use by 14%.
    The dose escalation study evaluated 10 patients at six months who received either 7.5x10^11 or 1.5x10^12 vector genomes. All five patients from the lower dose cohort were evaluable at 12 months, as were three patients from the high dose group.
    Voyager said VY-AADC01 was well-tolerated, with two serious adverse events in one patient that were not related to the vector. It expects to report data in mid-2017 from a 4.5x10^12 vector genome dose cohort, and begin a placebo-controlled trial of the candidate in 4Q17.
    VY-AADC01 is an adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotype 2 capsid and a cytomegalovirus promoter designed to deliver the DDC gene directly into the putamen. The Genzyme Corp. unit of Sanofi (Euronext:SAN; NYSE:SNY, Paris, France) has an exclusive option to obtain ex-U.S. rights to develop and commercialize Voyager’s gene therapies for CNS diseases, including VY-AADC01 (see BioCentury Extra, Feb. 11, 2015).
    Voyager released the results after market close. It lost $0.27 to $13.73 on Wednesday.
  • and there he is again on the offer @ $2.75
  • It's actually kinda pathetic that mgnt says absolutely nothing. Their silence speaks volumes. They really only care about shareholders when they need to raise money and have to issue more shares. Just wait a few months when they need money again. We'll start to get more pr's released and hear how rosy everything is with the company. Grillo has next to no skin in the game with 32k shares, so of course he is more concerned with his salary than the actual share price. It would be best to wrap this thing up and put it up for sale, maybe someone would buy it for $15MM and put us out of our misery.
  • Info for $MRIC on http://otc.report/?s=MRIC

  • Are we all still happy with the job Grillo is doing? please note the sarcasm.....It is really sad, honestly. If the stock were to get back to where it was when he took over $45.20 ($1.13 pre-split), we would have a mkt cap of $283 Million fully diluted. The mkt cap was $50 Million when he took over ($1.13 x 45 million shares outstanding) That, my friends, is the power of dilution. We are down 87% under Mt Grillo's astute leadership.
  • MRIC . IMO . getting ready for CEO Frank Grillo frmr VP of ISRG (Infinitive Surgical) to start Market Show campaign tour aft Sept Qt close along w/up list to Nasdaq. $20+ EOY. IMO.
  • What is going on ? Anyone hear anything ?
  • Frank Grillo, CDO, Chief Diluting Officer. 82% dilution at $.125 presplit price. He just raised at a $12 million premoney valuation....The stock is now down 89% since he has taken over and every raise done has been a down round with more and more warrants. He may not be able to drive shareholder value, but he can sure expand a shareholder base through dilution. Just a sad state of affairs here, had such promise
  • any word on next earnings date?
  • Reverse splits are rarely good for current shareholders, especially facing a capital raise. What they should have done.....is do both at the same time. Just rip the Band-Aid off. The longer they wait between the reverse and the raise, the worse it will get.