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Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK)

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  • Any predictions for today?... lol
    Green Day would be nice 👍
  • The shorts have probably left early for the extended holiday. Whadda ya say we drive this mother up in their absence?
  • Thanks to a little dip, I was able to buy some more at 1.64 after selling a bit of pizza stock which went up today. I ain't scared one bit...and you cannot make me sell...so there...
  • See the new Fools article, listed here in Yahoo Finance. It does not suck as much as the previous ones mentioning Northern Dynasty. I tried to post some excerpts but it would not let me.
  • new short activity listing shows an increase to approximately 30 million shares which represents 10% of the total number of shares and in reality it is 15% of the shares owned by public as nearly 100 million are institutionally or insider owned. this leads me to believe that a short attack is a real possibility so be prepared for some short term ugliness. For long-term investors on this board just disregard the day to day action. day traders better be on your toes. They are in negotiations and we will know nothing until it happens and is dropped on us as an announcement. I dont expect anything of consequence for us to the upside until the fall. have a nice summer. This company will NOT be a public company in 12-18 months. whoever does the deal will just buy it outright for a good price and just retain the key people as consultants or employees. Those of us in at bargain prices will make nice money and be rewarded for our patience.
  • Feel like I just tossed my dough in the toilet. For some dummazz reason I bought in at $2.25. Guess I'm going long, probably realllllly long....lol.
  • People are crazy for selling now with big news of a partner looming on the near horizon.
  • Updated 5-23-17
    Institutional Shares:

    Short Interest 24,980,000
    Days To Cover 7.6
    - Prior 22,600,600

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  • Guys, m
    My rent is coming due soon and I'm really getting tired of eating cold beans.
    When will NAK make money? Serious answers only.
  • Guess we have no buyers
  • love how much money I'm losing from NAK. hopefully it'll make some of it back selling my organs.
  • My homework tells me $1.20 to begin with.....

    thank you,
  • Looks like the next leg up starts here🚂🚂🚂
  • The normalized volume and the steady hold of the SP today was reassuring. Hopefully it's a sign that the resistance we saw at 1.60 wasn't just a fluke. If it can hold at 1.60+ for a while it likely means it's as low as it'll go until we get an announcement. If it breaks 1.60 with any momentum the next line is closer to 1.20 though, which would be a big hit (on paper) for a lot of us. Strong hands? We are going to find out!
  • http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/05/24/john-stossel-new-york-times-pebble-mine-and-outrageous-smear-campaign.html

    John Stossel: The New York Times, Pebble Mine and an outrageous smear campaign
    The New York Times' hostility to industry gets worse every day.
  • Another post by great member of our website....
    "NAK Porphyry Deposit"
    May 25, 2017
    We have all read the words “porphyry deposit” and so one should know what it is. My work in geology involved the strength of rock and supporting rock, so I am not trying to pretend I know this topic well, but my understanding is..

    This is where a very large intrusion of molten (igneous) rock was rising up from below towards the earth’s surface. It may actually break out on the surface, but often it does not. Due to it’s large size and rounded plug shape, it cools slowly allowing some minerals to grow into large crystals. This leaves a rock with some larger crystals contained within a fine rock mass surrounding them, also known as a porphyry texture. At this time minerals may or may not be concentrating towards the margins. Water percolating down from surface will reach the intrusion and become heated to where it will dissolve minerals and carry them away from the intrusion, something like hot springs activity.

    The “hot water” correctly called hydrothermal fluid will also carry Calcium and other elements. This can change the color of surrounding rock. When a person is searching for a mineral deposit, one clue is the greenish signs of hydrothermal alteration.

    The end result is a very rare natural occurrence that is awesome from the science involved, but also brings economic significance. The deposit can be several square kilometers in area. It also tends to have a somewhat flat shape and is located close to surface. These are characteristics that make for good mining economics. Good grades, very large volumes. close to surface, and a convenient shape for a mine to follow. It also makes these deposits easier to find than other mineral deposits, and it may well be that there are not very many of these giant sized porphyry deposits remaining undiscovered??

    When I first wanted to learn more about Pebble, I went to the company web site and found the linked Sedar page, scrolled down to the first NI 43-101 report which was Feb 6, 2015, and looked for the plan and sections pages 48 to 52. One can see the large size, uniform good grades, and good geometry. Later I would read more, but that alone shows it has the potential to be a world class discovery, without having to rely on the writings and interpretations of others. I find it difficult to understand how some of the critics can be seriously negative, and others will go through the procedure of placing short sell orders, when a person can find proof that the deposit has remarkable characteristics in less than a minute from starting to look for them.

    Anyways, take a look at the “2014 Technical Report on the Pebble Project December 31, 2014”
    Posted in: @ray


    NAK Porphyry Deposit – NAK Report
  • People, for a while we had professional posting on here with only a few children. Seems to me we need to get back there and make some money. I'm not an angel by any means, but I do realize calling others crazy trash talk doesn't do any good when it comes to making money. I'm long with a lot of $ in this deal and I believe all longs will make $. It won't happen tomorrow but probably will within the next year or so. My belief is $5-20 as an exit price. It all depends on emotions and potential earnings. The more professional your posts the smarter you look and others may believe. We need more believers, so let's try and be professional. Thanks, Respectfully, Randy
  • Not feeling the love lately guys. Darlene, tell me I'm pretty?
  • Buy SteinMart!
  • This forum has become a worthless spectacle of idiot buffoons trying to convince legitimate investors that this stock is worthless. Why would they do that? Why would the average guy with no stake in the action be so passionate about talking smack about this stock? The answer is they wouldn't... So there can only be three possible explanations:

    1) They are nursing their short positions and are trying to instill panic, 2) They foolishly sold out when the stock tanked, lost their behinds and are still very bitter and mad at themselves, or 3) They live in their parents basements and truly have nothing better to do.

    I guess a possible 4th option could include any combination of these.

    The bottom line is that they don't care about this stock, but they do enjoy the banter, so just ignore them and they will go away...