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Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc (NAVB)

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  • Final proxy is out and of course the RS is still as alive as ever... will management somehow get it approved who knows.. I'm sure they wouldn't put it on the proxy if they thought it wouldn't be approved... why do that just to knock the shareprice 20% for fun LOL
  • Sold JNUG today at 17.6$ it is really trading like trash lately.. Not following the surging prices in gold at all... All out in cash now. Wont get into NAVB until I see a path forward.. I believe management will have to threaten bankruptcy if the R/S is not approved because there is zero cash on hand and no way to move forward except R/S and issuing dilution..
  • for those of and interest and fwiw, check your accounts if able to online as that FIDELITY(other brokers as well) have the proxy ready for shareholders to vote.....

    Msg 15906 of 15906 at 5/24/2017 1:13:50 PM by DDbuyer

    Proxy voting recommendation
    This is probably unnecessary. But just in case, we are recommending that everyone vote their Proxy to send a message to Navidea management.

    Item 1) "WITHHOLD AUTHORITY" for BOTH directors seeking reelection. Again... we can't vote them off the Board because the system is rigged under Plurality. However, we CAN let them know the shareholders opinion of the Board's performance, competence and contributions.

    Item 2) Voting on Executive compensation is advisory only. But it's a rare opportunity for shareholders to have some input, even if it's ignored. So we're recommending voting "FOR" Item #2

    Item 3) The frequency of compensation advisory voting isn't as critical. Voting every year can be overly burdensome, and three years is a bit too long. Casting a vote for "2 YEARS" seems reasonable. Others may feel differently.

    Item 4) Send the message. Management should get the stock price up with all those data, deals and partnerships they promised us. No shortcuts. Vote "AGAINST" the 1 for 20 Reverse split. RIP

    Item 5) Marcum stepped up when BDO tried to screw us. Please vote "FOR" Item 5.

  • Wizard, did you buy shares of NAVB and not tell us. I don't see any other reason why the price would drop from 48 down to 46 unless you bought in and guaranteed the stock to drop.
  • Bob appears NAVB has already fallen bellow your recent purchase of .449 you were bragging about "probably thinking it was the bottom" will you continue to buy NAVB when it falls down to the 20 cent range just curious? Do you have a sell point or just planning to go down with the ship?
  • Wizard, I guess I should thank you for this. You have doubled up on your bashing of NAVB and look what has happened today. You buy JNUG and the price drops. You sell JNUG and the price goes up. You buy JNUG back and immediately the price drops $2 yesterday and another 85 cents today. Please do not stop bashing NAVB. Keep up the good work. We all know that in a few days, if the price does go over 50 cents, you will come out and say you bought NAVB 3 days ago at 45 cents. If you keep listing the stocks you purchase and the stocks that you sell, you might be able to charge a broker fee for the information.
  • Wizard, I see that you sold your JNUG and the price went straight up after you sold. I have asked you very politely if you would let us know in advance when you buy something or sell something so we can get in on the action. You are one of the best indicators of which way a stock price will go that I have seen in a long time. You seem to have it pegged in both directions, up or down.
  • short position down 2.2%/287,996 shares..... http://online.wsj.com/mdc/public/page/2_3062-shtamex_N-listing.html

    Short Interest Tables - WSJ.com
  • As we wait for miracle news from the company (LOL), I keep trying to buy more at $.44 or lower when it does get there, but no "luck".
  • I've owned shares in this company for some time. Rarely have I seen such incompetence. Someone should take all sharp objects away from management as they are in serious jeopardy of further collectively cutting the collective throats of shareholders.

    It is through lack of proper stewardship for many years that the company has gotten to this point. I still own a small position of a few thousand shares, down from ~60k shares. The history of NAVB is fraught with outside manipulation and inside the house ignorance.

  • it looks like someone is trying to buy in at a slow steady pace at the moment
  • Ain't worth much to me, Paly...someday you will have an original idea that you don't steal from others. Now go back to your parking garage.
  • I have 20000 shares at cost of $3 and holding. Still believe a better company then when stock was selling for $3-$4
  • I have 2000 shares at 2.29. What should I do?
  • Lymphoseek, North American, has an established value of $82 MM+/- which = more than 50 cents/share. It certainly has a similar value in much larger populations such as Europe and Asia. No Debt and No Need to borrow since Lymphoseek gets NAVB to a break even level. A pipeline of 10+ other applications using the same Manocept technology are promising and offer huge commercial potential. It's hard to imagine there are still weak-handed sellers out there giving their ownership away. You've really got to be ignorant or desperate to be selling at this point in the company's history.
  • Everyone!! I just found out some great NAVB news. If you click on Wizard's name then click the 3 dots ... all the way to the right of his name you can mute him. I just did it and it is fantastic. Sky is the limit for my personal well-being and this stock.
  • Europe q4
    waiting for it
  • European right's for lymphoseek deal comming soon .
    price should be at least 1.20
    someone must want this company cheap.
  • Anyone else severely disappointed with this pos? If NAVB has nothing then what was the point of fighting off bankruptcy or why not selling the company.. here we are 2 months after and only to find NAVB had nothing except lymphoseek all along which we sold for 1/10 the value.... shareholders would have been far better off in bankruptcy+liquidation of at least 1$ per share.. could have already been paid out and invested in something else.

    I actually stated several times that the only loser in bankruptcy would have been management and I think that's why they fought against it to secure a future salary and issue free shares all at the expense of the shareholders.. and now want a 20:1 R/S plus what 100m shares of dilution to ph their salaries. This is without a doubt one of the biggest scams with the most self-interested management ever.