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  • Don't recommend shorting even at $160, weak shorts help fuel these bumps higher. Amazing, no NFLX news, little market news, yet NFLX market cap is $1.2B higher than yesterday's close. Odd, Hastings received 101K shares via options on 5-22-17 and sold them all.
    Oh and with the changes to amortization expense, the credibility of the income statement and EPS is questionable. Really the only metric left is FCF, and we know what that is. Take a look at AAPL. Supposedly Piper says you should double EPS, however even at that it is still 1/2 the earnings of AAPL. Probably in the next month or 2, NFLX will have to offer another $1B in bonds, but after that bond interest will start to get too expensive, especially with FED raising rates, and stock dilution will take over as the funding method. Take a look at AAPL, it doesn't have the NFLX long term sustainability issues.
  • Netflix is only an 1/8th of the size of Comcast revenue wise and yet Comcast's market cap is only 2.7x Netflix. ATT owns time Warner (great original content on HBO), direct tv (great way to sell media content, and sells internet (mobile and home networks). ATT has 16 times the revenue of Netflix and is only worth 3 times Netflix. Either ATT and Comcast are cheap or Netflix is too expensive. Looks like there are better options out there to me
  • piper target upgrade to $190

    Says EPS forecast should be doubled

    LOL loser shorts
  • Shorts are frying today
  • Buy, buy, buy- Hasting just sold his 2 d ago . Congratulations to all fools
  • The deal with China's iQiyi is a wild card, it can be a huge cash generator.
  • The analysis came on CNBC that was responsible for upping the price target of NFLX to $190 for the year 2021. That is only 4 years away, that you can expect your investment to be tickling the $190 price target. lol
  • You see what they want you to see.
    This whole Trump/SA deal, stinks. Lockheed up today 2.9%, yet the WH was negotiating pricing with the CEO prior to the trip. Was this deal a surprise? To who? Why all the bankers along for the trip? Is this deal going to be financed thru EX/IM bank? In the end, the US taxpayer will pay it, we've slid into fascism faster than Hillary Clinton could have pushed us.
  • Nvidia is crushing Google in the AI & self driving race!
  • Nflx looks tired, just like the overall market. Time for a rest before next er.
  • Rite Aid (RAD) moving higher; current Walgreens' RAD buyout offer is 79%+/- higher than the current stock price, expected to close in 43 ×/- days

    Netflix what would Americans do without...
  • This is instructive; yesterday's drop was only on 8.1M shares traded, these hedge funds, billionaires, etc. that value their share of NFLX may be miss guided; they may not be able to liquidate their millions of shares without severely, negatively impacting the price of NFLX.
    There is one investment group that has 50 million shares, think those shares are worth $153? Just try to liquidate your position. That's what no one left to sell to means. It's not the bigger fool, it's the bigger hedge fund fool, no one else can absorb the volume.
  • I think properly managed it can kill all cable companies
  • Remember Enron? Those guys were ranked #7 on the Fortune 500 in 2000. Just one year later, however, the company was bankrupt, $64 billion in assets were gone, and their $90 stock price was down to... $0.00!!!
    Just so you know, Enron was not an isolated freak occurrence. More than a decade after all of these financial disasters such as Enron, WorldCom, United Airlines, US Airways, Conseco, Global Crossing, General Motors, Lehman Brothers, blah, blah, blah…
    And they were all in much better financial shape then nflx.--------------------but they have spectacular growth, doesn't matter they it cost them more $ to be in business then the business nets.
  • It's 3:00 and the Nasdaq has turned up for now. DOW will possibly follow, but not as much. I believe my long positions in FANG are more resilient to Trump and media surrounding him. Have to keep your strategy and goals and rules in place during this "static" and we all will mostly be fine. NFLX has the same potential as it did yesterday in my opinion.
  • Looks like $500 a share is a real posability here.
  • At 9:37 at 157.54 this looks like the daily drop to pick up shares to sell to the shorts.
  • Had to push it green, anniversary don't you know, weak volume.
    That Saudi deal has been know, most likely by the companies on the trip.
    Prior to the trip, Jared Kushner talking to the Lockheed CEO about lowering the price on a missile system?
    We've arrived; this is fascism, when govt. officials are negotiating with other governments pricing for domestic companies.
  • Has anyone seen or heard any explanations or the narrative addressing the 1000lb gorilla in the room watching nflx. The obvious problem that is not acknowledged to hold much significance is the fact that unless nflx can devise a way to limit users from sharing one account or limit how many different devices can access one account in general or simultaneously their income stream is in constant jeopardy no matter how many user are watching. They do not have control of user v paid subscribers. If they raise subscription rates, there will be more sharing and less new paying subscriber accounts. The way things are now Dad can be at home watching nflx on the TV, moms at the office watching on her lap top and all their, (1 to however many,) kids are streaming on their mobile devices all on the same account, only paying for one subscription. That seems like a serious flaw in the business model, don't you think?