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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)

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At close: 4:04PM EDT
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  • crazy isn't it? A stock with a PE of 4.47 and a dividend of over 10%. And what gets all the attention and investors money? stocks with either no PE because no earnings, and no dividends. Like Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc... Crazy world we live in. It is what it is. I think REITs like this one is where people go when they are worried. I can see investors piling in if interest rates go up again along with a market correction. Love this stock.
  • Finally, this stock got some loving. :-)
  • For discussion purposes, how "correction tolerant" NLY is? During the Great Recession, NLY dropped about 33%, whereas the S&P500 dropped about 50%. The housing market is hot right nw, but doesn't seem to be in a bubble, as it was in 2006-7. I'm anticipating a sizable correction soon, but my guess is, NLY will hold up well.
  • Not much love on this stock this week :-(
  • With the crazy "quote" one-time gains they claim we only made .31 but when you are dealing with a REIT the term one time gain takes on a different connotation. When your business is to buy and sell real estate and profit off of the interest spread and you make money selling your portfolio is that really a one time gain, that is the profit from your business activity. MY personal opinion, but I am just an old fool who has made a #$%$ load of money buying and holding this stock. Good luck young investors, I know that Apple and Google draw you in to their vortex, but will they still be making the big bucks and always coming up with the next big thing when your 55 or 65, probably not. Sorry.
  • Reported 0.41 versus consensus of 0.30, analysts had range of 0.28 to 0.32, should be a very good day tomorrow. Also means that dividend is VERY safe.
  • Was another great quarter for NLY, I bought 10k more at the close
  • Why Did NLY spike going into the dividend pay out day? I can understand a spike going into the Ex dividend day as people rush to buy the stock in order to qualify for the dividend. The price spike meant I bought a few less shares at a higher price since I use the automatic dividend reinvestment program (DRIP), but I find it hard to see that people could manipulate the price up just so that DRIP holders pay more per share>?
  • I've been holding NLY for around 10 years now. I usually buy when it hits it's yearly low. My first mistake was when I first bought it at $17.00 100 shares to be exact when I was 22. But still in the long run with the dividends I ended up making money when both buying low and buying high. It's just too bad they cut their .65 dividend years ago. But I'm happy with a .30 dividend. When it hits anywhere around $9-10.50 I'll put another $3700 into NLY for a bigger dividend. lol.
  • Goes to 13 + In heatbeat.....interest rate spreads are going to make this a great long tem investment
  • Dangit I knew I should have bought more shares...
  • Also, forgot to mention that by selling/buying real estate they also improved their NAV so the portfolio value is actually higher than the previous quarter which definitely calls into question the use of the term one time gain, again in my opinion. That is like me selling the mint condition 67 Mustang that I bought in college that is full factory for $3,500 and I sell it for 35,000 but I use that 35,000 to buy a Corvette that is worth 40,000 because the owner needed to sell it fast because his wife just had a baby, so is that really just a fluke, when they seem to do that quarter after quarter.
  • Does anyone have an opinion on yesterday's jump and today's drop? What an odd thing.

    Dividend date is today, so I am supposed to get my 2.5% and have it reinvested today.

    I am curious at what price will they actually do the reinvestment. Is it last night closing price, which was almost $12 or at today's closing price which could be 2% lower?

    I understand the activity around ex-div but not around pay date.
  • I have held this for a long time in fact back in Sept. 2010 this was at $17.00 per share and my cost average is still up over $15.50 per share. I am hoping for this to move upward thank goodness for the good dividend.
  • NLY gets a nice plug in this week's Barron's:

    Mortgage REITs Soar—Even as Rates Rise
    Defying expectations, these high-yielding stocks are up 13% year to date. As earnings season begins, can they keep the streak going?
  • Does anyone know when dividends will be payable for the last quarter?
  • I can't own a stock with the RSI near 80.
    That's irrational exuberance!
  • On the right side of my screen are 5 downgrades yet the stock has done nothing but perform? So much for so called experts.
  • ***When is the divident expected?
  • ***Need 11-75 to continue run UP on NLY