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    Do you fully understand the concept of the term RESPONSIBILITY?

    You could come up with more excuses and finger pointing, but ultimately it comes back to Mark Perrin.

    Where are the next patients? You have 31 sites signed up. Are you keeping in touch with these PI's? 5 more are needed. How many new sites are being lined up? How about Johns Hopkins?
  • I think the CEO is really in a coma. When you go to the annual meeting they will have him propped up like Weekend at Bernies with last year's presentation running and claim he's also a ventriloquist.
  • GOOD NEWS for once....Jesi has a radio interview posted and in the interview she announced she has resigned her crown as Ms Wheelchair because she felt it no longer applied. She said in her own words that she can now stand and has a personal goal of walking by end of summer. Why isn't our company following this and creating our own press releases around the success? I find this long-term improvement more thrilling than reading a confused statement about two reversions inside of 6 months.
    Jesi's injury was very severe and she had to be resuscitated twice. Perhaps there are others with long-term improvements? There is more.....The daily POST ANALYST publication reports today that analyst price targets for NVIV are $6 - $23. Finally we are getting a positive spin on the available facts from the POST ANALYST anyway. Why isn't there a link to NVIV?
  • The silence and lack of news here is deafening.
  • I am unable to be at the annual meeting but I am hoping somebody else will speak up. The meeting is one place where shareholders can vent with effect and purpose.
    Our leadership does not seem to act on opportunities to express positive energy. Outwardly they appear to be non-supportive and unenthusiastic about the scaffold despite outstanding interim results to-date of the ongoing clinical trial. To present a confusing discussion regarding enrollments, conversions and reversions then rolling it up with the comment, “…improvement rate observed thus far in the INSPIRE study compares favorably to the natural history…,” is an uninspiring ho hum attitude. The statement can be taken as indicating INSPIRE is barely better than, or essentially equal to, the natural history. Judging from the recent price trend, the market read it this way as a red flag.
    As a strongly positive example, we could have also said, “…results to date show over 100% more conversions are happening to patients with the scaffold than without it”. And we could have also said, “…clinical results to date are 5 conversions out of 15 patients which is twice the natural rate and 33% more than the FDA performance objective for the clinical study.” And we could have added, “…only 5 more enrollments are needed to meet the FDA requirement.” And we could have said, “…in the event no more conversions are experienced the INSPIRE study still meets the FDA performance objective based on results to date.”
    There are numerous other ways to explain the ongoing study in a positive light without being misleading. If our company leadership does not demonstrate positive support for our primary product we should expect our share price to decline. Since we do not have earnings by which to measure our success we have to rely on other ways to express our company accomplishments and we rely on our leadership to do this.
  • Perhaps the management team should be buying some treasury shares with the idle cash and re-issue them at a later date when the stock recovers its PPS. I think shareholders will have a great case for the dismissal of Mr. Perrin due to the stock price, just like Ford shareholders dumped Mark Fields because of PPS not reflecting fair value and Management has done nothing to stop the fall.
  • Ok! So we all acknowledge management is subpar or worse. That's Unlikely to change. SO, let's just eliminate management's pathetic performance and focus on the data. As long as the data continues to be good (to great), the share price will ultimately reflect that. Patience weedhoppers! And that includes myself!
  • Seven more trading sessions before the meeting. Looks like the goal is sub $2.00. This is not organic.
  • Th 10-Year chart for NVIV is fascinating. Every time is dips this low, it has more than recovered into the teens and twenties. Here we stand after 3 years of testing the scaffold, with 15 patients treated, several experienced significant improvement, none experienced negative reactions, and only 5 more patients to enroll, things will soon start heating up again. These trials and our PR is some of the worst I've ever experienced. We have a product that works and is game-changing for all paralyzed patients. Almost zero PR, great difficulty attracting new patients and investors. Seriously doesn't make much sense. Why not pound the airwaves, hit conferences with someone who can actually present with charisma. I'm not selling here, as I still believe there is ground-breaking science in the scaffold that will change the landscape for paralysis patients once approved. This product will succeed and spread to other nations, and make bank, in time. Science is there. I hate holding a stock at a loss -- but in this case, I believe there will come a day where the big losses will turn around into extremely large gains. Patience at this point is hard -- and risky, but I'm confident enough to keep holding on!
  • Not to steal the thunder of any poster here, I just read on the NVIV Investor FB page that enrollment is currently OPEN per company representative. The FB poster is very solid, I'm not sure if he still posts here. I put it out there the other day that I was concerned about the current status of the study.
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  • Remember when Frank Reynolds made a low ball offer for NVIV a couple of months ago...?
    Suddenly at this price that offer doesn't look that bad anymore
  • Just a great opportunity to buy ...could be too late after Annual meeting !!
  • God forbid management comments on the share price. If negative info is out there and they're letting this bleed, I swear...
  • My portfolio needs a spinal scaffold
  • Short sellers pushing the stock further down are in control in the absence of supportive PR or Management announcements. The incompetence of the Administrative Management team at NVIV headed up by MP is incomprehensible.
  • Just passing it along. No comment other than "bizarre"


    How a tiny fiber implant is giving new hope to people with spinal cord injuries
    It's barely a centimeter long, so small a surgeon needs a microscope to implant it, but the neuro-spinal scaffold could be a step toward curing paralysis.
  • Day number 501. 501 days since NVIV has had a market cap of at least $260MM. This company has an exclusive market built on years of R&D, preclinical and clinicals, regulatory hurdles, etc., and is about a year away from receiving an extremely likely HUD/HDE approval by the FDA which will hand them exclusivity on a new standard of care, yet the company is flirting with its all time low share price. It appears that the CEO Mark Perrin has absolutely no clue how to convey the value to investors at large. Bad enough he is in the position of CEO, but he is also Chairman of the Board. How incredibly idiotic! But this year shareholders have an opportunity to WITHDRAW his sorry butt. He has not only done nothing for steadfast and loyal investors, he has utterly destroyed value due to his ineptness in conveying the value and promoting the company and its pipeline.
  • Here is my perspective today on why I am long: I know there are some recent downers made worse by our company not being able to foster positive support for our major product, the scaffold. But these events are not pivotal and we can expect continued challenge as part of the burden of trying to move ahead. Outside of NVIV respect for science surrounding the scaffold is robustly justified but not well known. In comparison, overflowing stem cell science is sexy and it is on the news and in talk shows every day. Nevertheless, stem cells and other cutting edge bioscience cannot show any significant positive human results regarding spinal cord related paralysis. Gains are touted but when you look into what is actually accomplished the results are barely there and barely different from natural recovery statistics. Most of all, there are no demonstrated A to B, or A to C conversions. The gains are measured by an index that captures very small gains and is different from the index used by NVIV. Overall, in human trials, the scaffold shows concrete results while stem cell results regarding paralysis are sketchy. The scaffold is a worthy investment because it will be profitable and will become a new standard of care. One hurdle to overcome is the apparent reluctance of the medical community to embrace the implant technology. Should they become believers by accepting 7 conversions out of 15 implants then we should see INSPIRE completion in short order, followed with FDA filing while NVIV values become normalized in the expected $15 - $25 range.
  • Here is a roll-up of the good and bad----The science still appears to be sound. There is an actual record of conversions that exceeds the FDA clinical objective. There have been 2 reversions. There appear to be unrecognized longer term patient improvements (Jesi), the company's latest revelation of patient hospitalization cost between ASI A and B is much smaller than previously thought and effects outside of the hospital costs have been ignored, we are at 15 enrollments but that is slower than assumed previously, cervical has stalled, Canada is not having any enrollments, the company does not publicly support the scaffold, spending continues with no apparent newsworthy benefit, we are probably 2 full years away from revenue, the stock is below $3, we will need more capital in a year or less, stem cell studies continue and are well publicized, stem cell studies are not showing results comparable with the scaffold, the scaffold is superior to and compatible with stem cell science, the scaffold implant requires cutting into the dura, the stock price today shows a long-term decline, the company is unable to make appealing and positive presentations with buyer results, the CEO has questionable communication and leadership talent, knowledge, skill, and ability, the CEO has a strong termination agreement and has been very well paid to date considering, there is no other effective treatment for spinal cord paralysis, patients have been observed to move from A to B inside of 6 months, there is expectation of long-term improvement but the company has chosen not to document this, analysts have mentioned target prices for this stock in the $15 - $22 range, there are only 320 owners of record and the stock is being shorted, the company has elected to not have a control arm in the ongoing clinical study but instead to construct a comparison against historical data, pre-clinical data has been submitted to FDA, the company BOD and staff do not appear to demonstrate a team spirit or pride of accomplishment, shareholder forum comments are non supportive of management, compared to everything else the scaffold is less "sexy" but far more effective, with a few exceptions the medical community does not appear to embrace the scaffold, there are no known overtures from potential buyers, there is a lack of analyst publicity, the annual report makes extensive comments on associated risk, the chronic "trails" project is a very long range development idea. So when we grind all of this together the picture is cloudy. But do 5 more enrollments, get 2 - 3 more conversions including a re-conversion and get past the FDA request for a control arm and we will be in that $15 - $23 range. Of all of the above issues perhaps slowness, reversions and control arm are largest. But perhaps these would have been different under other leadership? Bottom line, I expect the science is still good enough to be a winner.