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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)

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  • buys are building up
  • I wonder who has been bleeding off shares everyday to keep the price down. Someone or multiple people must have a lot of shares to lose a nice amount everyday for the last few weeks. I have been buying what can afford. If there were just a hundred buying what I have that's a nice chunk of shares lost of someone's.
  • PFS data can be released on Tuesday and ASCO in 2 weeks !! We will get a SPIKE that is 99.99% certainty but no idea WHEN ! In September it was 1 week before conference and Bosch speech that priced started to CLIMB.
  • The dilution has been horrible and the market cap is practically double what it says on Yahoo when converts are taken into account. So, I'm glad they are now issuing debt continuously, apparently, to get to the finish line (and presumably announce a marketing partner and some non-dilutive financing (I would hope). They have to be running on fumes at this point. It's now or never, NWBO.
  • Woodford earned PLENTY of cash lately with his AstraZeneca stake, enough to buy entire NWBO several times !! But he didn't and WON'T (IMHO), the PUMPERS will say yeah but he didn't sell, still TERRIFYING (IMHO)!
  • Just muted messiah. What a dooshbag.
  • Interesting that everything has been positive about company since beginning of the year...like FDA decision and PFS events reached. But there is no money in the coffers because paid chat board assassins have driven down the price and continue to reach out to the negativity each and every day. How does it feel to be paid stooges AF, Y & M? How would you feel if you got brain cancer rather than wishing it on someone else?
  • Well it's been almost 4 months since the trial has been taken off hold. 4 months is about a quarter of the median life expectancy for patients with GBM. Thought it was an encouraging thought for DCVAX.
  • risk reward. can make life changing money when results are released. id say its worth the gamble.
  • The trial was stopped in August 2015. Let us say very conservatively that the average patient was enrolled 6 months before. The mean that the Overall Survival is at least 27 months. Overall the OS for GBM is 18 months. Although patients in studies are highly selected (younger stronger patients) this to me is much longer that one would expect. I think in the event that the company survive (looking at share price not many people do!) there is still some hope of a successful outcome.
  • I am new to this particular stock board; so please bear with me. But why would the officers and directors of this company loan it $2.25M if they thought it was going BK soon?

    "In April 19, 2017, Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (the “Company”) entered into a financing in an aggregate principal amount of $2,250,000 in the form of promissory notes with Toucan Capital Fund III, LP, an officer of the Company, Leslie Goldman, certain directors of the Company, Jerry Jasinowski, Robert Farmer and Cofer Black, and an existing unaffiliated investor. The notes bear interest at 10.0% per annum and are payable on demand with seven days’ advance notice by the applicable holder."
  • Substantial uptick in volume today...
  • From the 10-Q it appears some individual is continuing to loan the company money on a very short leash:
    "On May 5, 2017, the Company entered into a loan agreement (the “Note”) with an individual investor (the “Holder”) for an aggregate principal amount of $1,000,000. The Note bore interest at 10% per annum and will be due by June 30, 2017."
  • Why is she loaning money (@10%) to NWBO and creating senior debt? why can't she just buy more equity? That whole MFN nonsense was supposedly set up to ensure against any hostile takeover. Now, she can just keep buying equity to keep her majority stake at these prices if she is confident of succeeding. Something smells awful here.
  • Board is quiet and all this volume. Have the masters called a cease fire?
  • The predictability of the hit squad continues to amaze me. Of course, as the trial completion and final approval decision near, the hit squad ramps up. Now someone just re-posts a month old hit piece. Though there is reason to be optimistic, none of us knows which way this will go, but some sure do seem determined to drive share price downward, some who continue to follow this and post hit pieces for years on end. I can only guess at their motivation. I for one am happy to buy at these low prices, for if the final decision is positive, the upside potential is literally huge. GLTA
  • You should JUMP at this risk here. No more than $3000.
    "We've considered every potential risk except the risks of avoiding all risks"
  • Last week before PFS data can be REVEALED and ASCO in less than 3 weeks !! Wondering if we get some action or if market will wait until LAST MINUTE.
  • sick of this garbage
  • I cannot understand that if the prospects were positive the price would fall to this level. Fund managers, with a lot of resources to do research would have bought this share. If the results were very positive, the trial would have been stopped early, results published and FDA would have given it's approval. Studies like this would have independent investigators who will analyse the data at predetermined intervals. This is to make sure that procedures with significant efficacy or significant harm are stopped early.