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  • New 8-K out 5/26/2017



    Sold over 11m shares, 16m warrants (2 classes) at $0.18 for the combo.

    Paid $300,000 plus 150,000 shares to delay the 5/22 by just 4 days!

  • Woodford still holds. Article is incorrect
  • something is cooking. the buying is strong. I am wondering if there is really some good news coming.
  • are we on the front end of a run up? hoping for the best.
  • http://m.nasdaq.com/article/woodford-investment-management-llp-buys-gilead-sciences-inc-bioverativ-inc-biogen-inc-sells--cm793495

    Woodford Investment Management LLP Buys Gilead Sciences Inc, Bioverativ Inc, Biogen Inc, Sells ...
    Woodford Investment Management LLPAdded Positions: GILD , PRTA , BIVV , BIIB, TBPH,Reduced Positions:ABBV,Sold Out:NWBO,For the details of Woodford.
  • Who allows/lets a trial last for ten years if it is not remotely close to successful? Why did India just approve an immuno oncology drug? Why did another company show positive results from a chemo/immune system response drug therapy just months ago...but not as long on the PFS/OS as this could be? If this drug doesn't work --then fine...but we will find out soon enough on phase III trials. If you take out cells, lysate them and reintroduce them to the body --the German method of vaccination (take a bit of the poison to grow immunity) then what better chance today then do we have I ask? The future is now as the Western hemisphere methodology of cut/kill/chemo to death everything is finished. By the way thanks to the haters who replied to my first message and vehemently told me I had mental/ allergy/brain problems. I give you my forgiveness for your ignorance.
  • There we go lol feuerstein wrong again...this time on Puma Biotechnology https://www.biospace.com/News/puma-biotech-top-exec-steps-down-citing-health/455207?intcid=homepage-seekercarousel-featurednews-navindex4

    Price was at $30 and now it is at $75 :)

  • buys are building up
  • it begins today!! up 10 percent. gonna finish up 20 %
  • This is exactly the reply from LANDIS post...copy and pasted below that shows he is afraid of BIG JERRY...... wow did he screw up in the big payola game as he appears really nervous... and it was JERRY telling me I had pollen/mental problems and yet in my original post I purposefully did not mention him. It was a SET UP for him to respond and he took the bait ..... He responded like a vicious wounded cat or clown monkey. Below is the posted reply that LANDIS did after getting it wrong according to Jerry. It almost sounds mobish--disgusting collusion is evident.

    You need to do a little more reading into what I actually said before getting all bent up and emotional. I posted the article yes. When Nicholas said it wasn't true I told him to show me how it wasn't. He deferred to Jerry. I didn't assume anything actually. You just got scared, checked for yourself, and then attacked me like I wrote the darn thing lol.
  • good days are coming, people!!!
  • On the 31st of April Woodford still had the shares. https://woodfordfunds.com/funds/wpct/fullportfolio/ .They will publish the May shares in a few days time. If he sold them in May the price would have been less than $0.20 and not $0.37 as is reported.
    However if the company had a strongly positive data then they would immediately publish in a journal like NEJM. They would not wait for ASCO. If the results show marginal improvement I do not think that it would be viable in view of the considerable effort and expense in manufacturing the "vaccine". The only hope is that as the OS is still pending it may be that this treatment is keeping patients alive beyond what one would expect. However I doubt the company would survive beyond a couple of months without a major breakthrough. The money to keep these studies going is enormous.

    Portfolio Holdings - Woodford Investment Management Ltd
  • I wonder who has been bleeding off shares everyday to keep the price down. Someone or multiple people must have a lot of shares to lose a nice amount everyday for the last few weeks. I have been buying what can afford. If there were just a hundred buying what I have that's a nice chunk of shares lost of someone's.
  • some doofus always thumbs down on the good news on this stock.
  • PFS data can be released on Tuesday and ASCO in 2 weeks !! We will get a SPIKE that is 99.99% certainty but no idea WHEN ! In September it was 1 week before conference and Bosch speech that priced started to CLIMB.
  • If Woodford sold all his stock at that price, when he bought them at $7 means that he is pretty sure that the company is going under and tries to save the little money he can. It is a NASDAQ article, so has to be correct. Otherwise the can be sued. I think that the game is soon over.
  • 2.7ml?? something is not right. anyone shed some light here??
  • Very interesting. Look forward to more data.
  • Woodford earned PLENTY of cash lately with his AstraZeneca stake, enough to buy entire NWBO several times !! But he didn't and WON'T (IMHO), the PUMPERS will say yeah but he didn't sell, still TERRIFYING (IMHO)!
  • The dilution has been horrible and the market cap is practically double what it says on Yahoo when converts are taken into account. So, I'm glad they are now issuing debt continuously, apparently, to get to the finish line (and presumably announce a marketing partner and some non-dilutive financing (I would hope). They have to be running on fumes at this point. It's now or never, NWBO.