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New York Community Bancorp, Inc. (NYCB)

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  • No we wait for the inflow into NYCB OVERWEIGHT HERE

    Jump on bank stocks ahead of the stress tests - Barron's
    via Barron's:"Since the financial crisis, the Fed has created an annual CCAR "stress test" doomsday model, in which banks must prove they have enough money to survive another big financial
  • From Joe this AM..........Other financials have moved up, not NYCB........The stock is currently on sale.......This is a very long time for NYCB to not do a deal.
  • Funny how the dog and pony speech was broadcast but not the question and answer time. I want to know how the stock will be stabilized. WTH?
  • This Ficalora who is running the company - going to London to discuss 1st quarter earnings? Really? What a gross mismanagement of shareholder money. A presentation in Manhattan, yes. A presentation in London, NO!!! I guarantee this is a vacation for this SLUG. I thought Michelle was horrible with taxpayer money. This guy doesn't need to go to London to make a presentation of their lousy quarter. C'mon man, do your job well or just get out! This "trip" is a disgusting arrogant selfish waste of our shareholder money. So disappointing....
  • Funny how the dog and pony speech was broadcast but not the questions ans answer time. I want to know what is going to happen to stabilize the stock.
  • We get paid tomorrow.
  • Sucker rally is over and dive to sub 10 has begun.......
  • I see no one is bashing the poster who said wait for 12 to buy. The only update may be to wait for 10. This was a solid bank with a dependable dividend for many years. I'm not sure how management has managed to wreck it in such a short time. And there doesn't appear to be a strategy to stop the decline.
  • DOWN over 25% in the past 5 months. HELLO.......is anyone home?
  • x
  • I said to Wait for $12
    Gettting near the Buy Point...
  • Thanks for the heads up about that London trip.You are absolutely right this guy has gone of the deep end .Stay in the office and find a buyer for this boxed in bank.
  • Correction from 5 days ago................now down over 28%. SHAMEFUL.
  • No place to go but sub 5 for this summer in the bank of failure...
  • What a stock. The dividend yield goes up nearly every day!
  • Already locked in for the quick dividend take; now sellers are dumping for the next quick one.
  • Anyone else notice Cash is at a 12 quarter high of 979m, could they be prepping for a more cash priced acquisition of a smaller player? or is this related to getting tier 1 capital levels up? Thoughts?
  • The bank has everything going for it, except management is in over their heads. I know they think they know what they are doing, but they don't. They are happy with their big salaries and that is as far as it goes.
  • NYCB is selling off its loans in order to stay under the 50billion dollar mark.
    They wanted to make a big acquisition but it was not approved by the SEC or Astoria Federal Backed out.
    In the mean time the company does not want to face further regulation so it will not grow its balance sheet.
    They seem to be hoping for the partial repel of Dodd Frank . Maybe the level will be increased to 100billion.
    So the plan is to look for another major acquisition. If this does not occur it seems as thought NYCB policies are
    dictated by regulation. They will not grow and that means that in a rising interest environment interest expanse
    will rise, as revenues for the company stays more or less flat.

    There does not seem to be a plan B for NYCB. So assuming no acquisition is in the works company will be stuck
    in the mud hoping for the repel of Dodd Frank .In absence of a repel at some point probably some time next year
    they will start to grow the balance sheet. Where is your plan B Joe.

    The bank is not in bad shape not many bad loans at all. But the shareholders are concerned about growth and increased
    shareholder value. The only thing at this point that NYCB delivers is that it is a stable company and is not about to go
  • Top 5 management income: Ficalora $8.04m Cangemi 2.8m Wann 4.03m Pinto 1.79m Carpenter 2.49m. There's about 19 million dollars right there. I say they take away their rich lifestyles until the stock returns the 10% loss and they start producing some positive results.