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Omeros Corporation (OMER)

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At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Is this company beating OMEROS in replacing Soleris? It's a big pie, enough for both! https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02994927

    A Phase 3 Clinical Trial of CCX168 (Avacopan) in Patients With ANCA-Associated Vasculitis - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Nice early movement, but with the low volume, I doubt it lasts long.
  • Former OMER Stock Promoter BadDay, now Sell Out OMER Stock Promoter BadDay, is taking a bath on his RAD stock position. You know, he switched to RAD Stock Promoter BadDay and spammed our board.

    He is calling for investors to contact IR at RAD. Cry baby blew it again. Sold OMER and took his $2 a share profit and sunk it into RAD over $6! Now he is begging for buyers all over the place.

    Serves you right RAD Stock Promoter BadDay for pumping and spamming. Bad karma dude. Stay on topic on relevant boards to stocks spammer!

  • Classic OMER...every early morning pop on no news, followed by falling off a cliff just to finish the day below the open
  • Hey RAD Stock Promoter BadDay, I made comments to your posts over there for today. You did not delete all of your posts. It looks like others have noticed that you delete your pumps at RAD kinda like you did at OMER. Go check it out. Maybe you wasted a day, delete, delete, delete.....
  • Seriously overpriced at $16+. $750,000,000 for P2 data is insanity.There are lots of slips between the cup and lips.Many drugs have stellar P2 results, only to falter in P3.Paying 3/4 of $billion now for a #$%$ shoot years from now is TulipMania.
  • At least some are raking it in here.
    2016 compensation:
    Demopukus ..... $6,380,956
    Jacobscum ..... $1,526,041
    Kelbutt ............ $1,535,148
    The insiders are filling their pockets and emptying the shareholders'.
  • The Duke (or is it The Dupe?), how is Rite Aid working out for you and GreatLoserIsBack2017?
    Down an additional 8%+ today.
  • Who got conned into paying over $17 this morning for a $9 bag?
  • You watch now posters. RAD Stock Promoter BadDay muted me. Now he will post here and after not seeing my comments for a month he will change his alias. He does not like comments he cannot see and he knows not how to take someone off mute.

    It will be a Trainwreck.

    Go OMER!

  • $17.13 for a triple top and now down we go.
    A stampede out the door!
  • As posted earlier: PUMP & DUMP.
    $17.15 , $7.10 , $17.05 , $17.00 , $16.95 , $16.90 , $16.85 , $16.80 , $16.75 , $16.70 , $16.65 , $16.60 , $16.55 , $16.50 , ..........
    P2 hype was previously released. No new news today.
  • No news today, just a re-hype of old news = Pump & Dump.
    Sell in the morning. Beat the scammers out the door.
    Distribution high in the morning, then a slide the rest of the day.
  • GreatLoser2017 and his sidekick The Duke are feverishly pumping Rite Aid yet the stock is down 7% today.
    Too funny!!! SELL what those scammers pump.
  • The stock will slide lower because of overvaluation and will tank on a market pull back.
    SELL Rating Affirmed:
    1) Quarterly losses are in the ($15,000,000) range
    2) Interest expense is ($2,700,000) quarterly at a rate of 12.5%.

    "On October 26, 2016, we entered into the CRG Loan Agreement, which is interest-only through December 31, 2020 and, subject to the achievement of certain milestones, potentially through the maturity date of September 30, 2022. We initially borrowed $80.0 million and may borrow an additional $45.0 million in two tranches of $25.0 million and $20.0 million. Interest on the amounts borrowed under the CRG Loan Agreement accrues at an annual fixed rate of 12.25%, 4.0% of which can be deferred at our option through December 2020 by adding such amount to the aggregate principal loan amount."

    4) Annual interest expense of $11M wipes out any profits from OMIDRIA for years to come.
    5) Any clinical set back will put this Company on the path to bankruptcy.

    An investment in OMER is imprudent and not worth the risk. Shareholders need Omeros to pull an inside straight to make money on the stock. Massive dilution will be a barrier to profits.

    Find the nearest exit.
  • Where is scammer GreatLoser2017? Rite Aid is down .36, or 9% today.
    First the Omeros PUMP & DUMP.
    Now the Rite Aid PUMP & DUMP.
    The dirt bag should be strung up by his balls, if he had any.
    SELL short what that scammer pumps.
  • OT:. Looks like RAD and PETX are executing perfect downtrend wedge patterns. Both are looking like bad dogs. Do not regard the Stock Promo spammers here. They pulled their OMER money to buy these losers and probably gave back all their OMER profits since January.

    To bad, so Sad.

  • I warned last week:"Double Top formation: $17.19 on April 10 and $17.15 on May 2nd.It's very bearish."You can only lead an #$%$ to water.
  • Check out Alexion problems...that is a company plugging holes to avoid trouble...the time is ripe for great 721 news...but it would seem Alexion in no position to be a buyer as some have suggested. Too focused on their own problems. I wonder just how badly they were behaving to have brought all this trouble on...
  • How much of the very low float is locked up with insiders,institutions,longs,etc?
    Big news could start a feeding frenzy between shorts and day traders for the minimal shares available.
    Shorts get eaten alive.
    One way out,clowns are screwed.