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Opko Health, Inc. (OPK)

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6.44-0.10 (-1.53%)
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  • My investigation continues. It's narrowing. These are the points that are going to make this a story when proven.

    1. Frost's involvement with hedge funds and brokers that are heavily shorting OPK.

    2. Frost's shares that he purchases on the open market (does not include options) remain in a margin account and are not issued to him or Frost Gamma therefore allowing his broker to take an immediate short hedge on his position.

    3. Ladenburg Thalmann seems to be playing a role in what could be exchange of shares between Frost and Larry N. Feinberg (Oracle), a known short seller.

    There has been questions as to "why" would Frost have a hedge on. Pretty simple. Protect his cash investment. He does not need OPK to be successful. If it goes to zero and he is 90% hedged, he could care less. If it goes to $25, all his free options become valuable and his hedged positions are a wash.

    With regards to this short squeeze people talk about. It can't happen. When 95% of the hedged positions are held by the very institutions that own the stock, they simple buy it back from there own inventory. There are no retail shorts. These "shorts" that post on this board are nothing. They have no positions that are meaningful. Same with the longs. This is an institutional manipulation that is well aware what is going on inside OPKO. Maybe a little too much.

    Here is what should worry the longs. Most of the 40mm shares short are in the $6 range, so even lower. And the institutions are not in the least bit worried that they will have to "cover" in the next 2 years. There are no hospital contracts in the works for Bio_reference which is critical for it's survival. And with the recent DOJ investigation, few if any hospitals would touch them. Frost had to know what was going on when he made such a ridiculous offer for Bio. Four other companies had looked at them and after DD, declined to make an offer. So was this a short strategy for players such as Feiberg, an associate of Frost. Was he one of those "Short friends" Frost eluded to?

    I am getting closer to the truth. One thing is for sure. The institution traders have a lock on OKP and will squeeze the life out of it the next 12 months. The number of individual shareholders will be cut in half from the current 500. And then it might just go away. Book value of assets in around $2 but by the time the next 12-24 months role around it could be far less. Frost is not an asset on the books. Mentally he was good for retail longs as they assumed him buying shares was a good sign. Not so much. Especially if he is hedged. Getting to the bottom of it will be difficult as these hedge funds are very tough to get info out of. But my resources are expanding as more light shines on situation.
  • I am a speculator but this stock blew me away, i sold and will invest elsewhere to recuperate my losses.
    dr frost, dr cramer, both of you contributed in making thousands of investors loose money.
    Time to move on to better companies. OPK stock can fluctuate, but if it was given a low 6.44 as a price. That value can actually represent its true worth. The market unfortunately always has an upper hand on the average investor.
    Time to wake up and accept the fact that OPKO will soon be in the 4 dollar range before anything significant happens
  • They don't care about the temporary stock price while the concentrate on building a major healthcare company.If you still don't understand that you don't belong in this investment.
  • I hear you regarding your worst investment every made. I would say 90% of investors are now underwater with Opk. but from past history with Frost. This IS NOT THE TIME TO SELL. BITE the bullet for now, he will squeeze the shorts, just don't know when..nobody does. Until then it has Sucked.
  • Hey SLOPKO longs remember 3 months ago when I gave you TZOO when they announced their stock repurchase program? It was $9.25 range and stayed there up until recently.

    Weap suckers because Dr. Fraud is sticking it to you real good on top of his BRAZEN arrogance towards you fools not even giving you the dignity of a reply to all the NEGATIVE news on all your "game changing" tests and drugs as this POFS Company and its stock continue to go lower and lower headed towards ZERO just like that POFS COCP.

    How many of you suckers followed Fraud and his monkeys and bought that garbage too thinking it would go up just based on Frauds name?

    LOL where do they find people like these SLOPKO longs who are STILL (4 years later when the PPD was higher than it is now) convinced that somehow Fraud is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat with this JUNK?

    Little news for you suckers usually when a stock hits a 52 week low it there's a reason and that/those reasons usually push it to new 52 week lows.

    You suckers really got duped on this one and the slap in the face is Fraud not even giving you the dignity of any comment whatsoever on the negative comments about the drugs and tests that people have put out, including Palmetto who DENIED 4K score coverage.

    Meanwhile, as SLOPKO is making new 52 week lows each and everyday and you longs are losing your shirts, Fraud is laughing and having a great time from Miami remotely ringing the opening bel and continuing to give away hundreds of millions to the UOM while he has created NEGATIVE sustained shareholder value for you people.

    LOL he will live the rest of his life a billionaire even if this garbage goes to ZERO which it appears it is quickly headed that way.

  • Frost has the ability to by shares all the way down, where as most investors have been blown out of the water. Stock is down 100% since Dec. they need to address the investors to say the least.. But remain SILENT
  • Welcome to Opkoland where, regardless of what the general market is doing, this stock just goes down every day.
    Don't worry thought, management will let us know what's going on. lol
  • Remember this term. You will hear it again. Prepaid variable forward contract.
  • For Q2 , 2017 : estimates $ 20 M from 4k scores and $ 15 from Rayaldees
  • The day after frost bought his 1,000,000 shares, 924,000 shares traded short.
  • Let's assume Dr. Frost does not know what he is doing ( buying shares ) , say he is out of mind . But how about Dr. Hsiao ? Is she crazy too ? I do not think so
  • Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management liquidity 350000 right at the end of 2016. Pretty good timing. Oh I forget, Frost is on the Charmain of the Board.
  • The funny think about the people that think I am wrong. They are long the stock and must defend it. Problem is they have watched their investment disintegrate with no explanation other than this is a short attack. They don't want to face any real truths. Not wise.
  • Yesterday Dr. Frost bought 120,000 Opko shares in the free market - that is about $800,000 worth.

    And you think that the Doc. has no plan to fry the Shorts?

    Then think again !   :o)
  • the link to the DOJ investigation is on the opko Web site, if you read it, it's not as bad as you might think.
  • Spoke with a hedge fund manager today that is very short OPK. He said he expects by end of June the stock will be at a 30% short ratio and below $4. He sees a new way of selling as existing payers of 4K pull there coverage. He is having no problem finding sgares to short from large insitution that are not worried about aby squeeze potential. He stated there in no catylst in the next year 10-18 months that would cause any buying., When asked about Frosts large position, he said "he is not as long as one might believe." Interesting.
  • worst stock decision I've made. green on everything, but opk. held for 7 months & it just kept dropping. best decision i've made was selling this stock. good luck longs! lost nearly 25k because i kept thinking it'd bounce back. mistakes were made.
  • What a Disappointment! Rings the Opening Bell and Stock FALLS. NO Respect from the Street.
  • Stacy – listen up:

    Based on all the data that I have collected so far in response to your accusations against Dr. Frost, I don’t think that he allows the institutions that are holding his 180,000,000 shares to lend them to the shorts – thereby increasing the shorts’ pool.

    But I wish and hope that you are correct and the shorts are indeed able to borrow and use Dr. Frost’s 180M shares to short an ever increasing number of Opko shares.

    Here is why, and if Dr. Frost is indeed “guilty” in what you are accusing him – the Doc. is a real genius with a great action plan.

    Here is why Stacey:

    I’ll describe a possible game plan of his that will make it very clear to you and others in here why, if indeed true, he could help himself and the Opko long shareholders tremendously and fry the Opko Shorts BIGTIME:

    1) Like you wrote Stacey, Dr. Frost allows the shorts to borrow his 180M shares and go ahead and short more and more Opko shares. So far – over 74M shares of Opko are shorted, and more may be on the way to be shorted.

    2) A day will come (not in the too distant future IMHO) when Opko releases very good and encouraging business news (e.g. Reyaldee / 4Kscore good/great sales – i.e. amounts of revenues and EPS, HGH good results for adults and children, approval of the recent Phase-III HGH by the FDA, etc.).

    3) On that exact same day or a little before, when demand for Opko shares starts to increase because of the good news, Dr. Frost takes possession on all of his 180M shares – thereby forcing a quick recall of those landed shares back.

    4) Most of the Opko shorts are immediately, or within a day or two, receive margin calls because their shorted shares are no longer allowed because the shares that they have borrowed from Dr. Frost have to be given back (because of him taking possession as aforementioned).

    5) The new and fresh buying of Opko shares by new and existing investors., the lack of selling by many of the longs (like me and many others, I believe, that have held the stock by thick and thin till that day, and the frantic shorts’ covering that will clearly follow will create a huge short squeeze of Biblical proportions IMHO.

    And this is why, Stacey, I really hope that you are correct with your accusations against Dr. Frost. :o)
  • Dr Frost is buying shares from money the company is giving him. Its a buyback program that is going into his pocket