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  • p brain FOOL idiot seeberg supports the biggest POS trumpft,,... trumpft is giving millions to other countries to fight world hunger but back here the PUNK wants to cut trillions from support for the NEEDY (america first) punk stink trumpft now says world leaders have convinced him climate change is real... the F said it waas a HOAX U IDIOTS! Trumpoft is the most disgusting stupid BUFFOON idiot POS ever and yu all the BIGGEST CHUMPS!
  • stupid punk seebs,,, trumpft DOWN to 40% approval IN FOX POLL! Fake news IDIOT? In real polls hes at 30 something LOW 30's In that poll only about 27% want obamacare taken away.... that means a large number of trumpft supporters WANT OBAMACARE TO STAY,, and PUNK seebs,, compared to you everyone is a tough guy and many times you have posted about TOUGH GUYS,, you must have a real lack of macho .... and that punk in montana,,, NO DEMS expected to win that no matter what u lyin p brain... dems won two seats last week IN BIG REPUB AREAS!!!! And did you know more than half the voters in Montana HAD ALREADY voted??? Before the criminal ASSAULT??? Yu p brain... Trumpft and his punks WILL all be kiecked outa office and some put in prison just watch,, even YU know they suck
  • The Montana tough guy wins. Dems so wanted to win and make it an anti-trump victory.
  • seebs idiot,,, trumpft calling terrorists LOSERS,, illustartes what a LOSER trumpft is not the terrorists... BTW idiot seebs have you seen that experts say trumpft way of speaking proves hes as senile as regain was.
  • Oh Richard. Put the Montana election behind you and move onto the June 20 special election in GA. I never said the dems expected to win. But they were hoping, man o man were they hoping. They wanted to play it as an anti-trump win.
  • Yep, we're talking Montana, not the upper east side of Mnhattan. We're talking real men. They don't wear pink button down shirts with a bow tie. In DC, George Will qualifies as a tough guy.
  • Naturally you leftists side with terrorists. Why would anyone expect a different response?
  • Pip Zuckerberg wants universal income for all. He says the purpose is so that budding entrepreneurs would have a cushion to fall back on. Then he should fund his idea with his own dough.
  • Montana repub candidate body slams a waif of a reporter. I don't think this will hurt Gianforte. Likely to make more vote FOR him. We're talking Montana, right? Where there are real men and few metrosexuals.
  • I recall in the 90's when clinton impeached repubs asking why he was still there seebs.... trumpft is 100% stink gar bage as are all his supporters,,, and he has less and less of them everty day! DROPKICK fox PRETEND news is also stink garbage,,, fox viewers have NO IDEA what is goin on... FACT! BTW PUNK,, education isnt DEPLORABLE trump and YOU are. look at fox numbers..
  • Given the deplorable state of education, I am willing to bet that a significant % of the millenials think that if Trump is impeached (not even removed from office) that Hillary would become president. That is how little they know and understand.
  • 2 Men Killed On Portland Train After Trying To Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say BY a TRUMPFT fan!
  • Trump labels ISIS terrorists as "losers/" Wash Post upset at such words
  • Some character, Nate Silver, says it's actually a dem win. He said if the tough guy wins by less than 8 point it's a dem victory. He won by 7. So now he is crowing. Only in the dem world is a loss a win.
  • the bully billionaire lied .... fox news reporter : But that story was taken apart a short time later by a team of Fox News journalists who witnessed the assault. One of them, Alicia Acuna, authored a story detailing how Gianforte, without any physical provocation, “grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him.”
  • and you DO know what's going on? You thought Hillary would win going away. Such is the breadth and depth of your knowl;edge.. Look at Fox numbers, you say? I have. Fox has gone left since Murdoch's sons took over. Fox numbers are plummeting.
  • Trumps says Germans are "bad, very bad" "like totally bad because they make good cars"
    but Trump got on his knees and gargled the Saudi’s balls because he is A Idiot.


    Opinion | Saudi Arabia just played Donald Trump
    The administration’s foreign policy puts Saudis, not Americans, first.
  • ✔️🔵Why Calf. Is a hell hole today- 40% of all workers in LA County (10.2 million people) are working for cash; and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants, working without a green card.
    (Donald Trump was right)
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  • Trumpfs campaign repeatedly met with Russia to set up secret communications channel, report reveals LYING GAR bage trumpft org