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Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. (OSN)

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  • Hopefully after hours gains hold tomorrow. Would love to see new 52 week high.
  • Only 2.3 million float. with shorts having to cover, could see $4.00+ within a week.
  • Anyone got any good news on this one?
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  • Cross your fingers, anything can happen. But at least they are informing us as the process unfolds. Another China steel company I was in,China Gherui, suddenly just sprung it on the shareholders that they took all the company assets and bought a bunch of antique dishware.
  • Someone likes the new deal. Sixty times normal vol., up %60, by noon today.
  • Revenue up. Owners equity up, and profit $.02 a share..... That's before the Olympics contract work/revenue coming up.

    Overall, earnings were not great, but not terrible either. They are maintaining profitability, which means more cash to buy back shares when they need too.

    $1.00 a share is guaranteed, but we should see $1.50 share price by years end. However, actual price should be $3.00+

    Patience grasshopper :-)

    Hopefully we can see $1.00+ a share for 10 consecutive days to regain compliance. They have the buy back program in place, and do not have a lot of shares, so do not expect a reverse split, or there wouldn't be much of a float left, leaving more likely that the company would be bought back. I just hope at a decent price.
  • Countdown starts again Thursday.... $1.00+. 10 Consecutive days? Is it possible this time? I think it is.

    They still have the ability to buy back shares, with the buy back program extended. They are not currently buying, but can if needed, and they won't let the company be delisted, so $1.00 is inevitable.

    If earnings are as good as they were last time, we'll see a pop over $1.00 for sure. Last time the share price popped up to $1.18, but did not maintain.

    If/when the share price gets to $1.00, place as much as you can at a bid of $1.00. Volume is low, so if they can get over $1.00, and enough people put bid prices at $1.00 to keep it up for 10 consecutive days, after the announcement of regaining compliance is made, another pop to $1.25.

    Average volume is under 14k, so if enough buyers put in bids for $1.00+ of 140k shares, they'd stay above the $1.00 bid price for 10 consecutive price.

    Thursday will be day 1 of 10.

    $1.50+ close by end of year.
  • Earnings....... ..... are coming soon. Hopefully a positive like last time, and we can break the $1.18 we got to last time.

    I'd love to see good earnings, mention of buying, "any" shares back, in first quarter from their buyback program, along with some positive news in the conference call.

    No reason why share price should not be able to get to $3.00+, but I'm thinking $1.50 by end of year. This is the perfect time for the company, and/or insiders, to buy shares, to lower the float., and increase shareholder value.

    Last earnings we saw 9 consecutive days above $1.00. Just one more, and they would have regained compliance. Maybe this time they'll get the 10 consecutive days, and regain compliance. Otherwise, I'd love to hear the insiders make a bid to buy remaining shares/float for $2.00 a share.
  • Short term prediction.... $1.26

    Hopefully we can get there, and stay above that amount, and eventually see $1.50 by end of year.

    They won't let the company get delisted, so $1.00 is guaranteed. They have a buyback program implemented, but not currently buying back, but can if needed. It wouldn't take much volume to get to $1.00, so if need be, they will by back shares before Septembers deadline.
  • This one is about to blow. PRHL just took a huge bite out of the deregulated energy market. Check the news today
  • Unfortunately not regained plus a lot of frustration:-(. I wrote an e mail to the i.r.for clearify about the compliace and explain to me that is not the closing price but the BID of the book that has to be 1$ or above for ten consecutive trading session...so we didnt regain yet!

    I also asked why at this price they are not buying back the shares (after the extension of the 500k shares stock repurchase plan) and they told me that the company now is paying for other investiments/costs and so in this moment they will not buy...

    The price is ridicolous, 70 cents for a company with posite eps and 110mln of revenues/ year...

    They are pressing the book in ask in purpose for me..but i will wait for sure until next earning!

    Good luck
  • Buybacks? Management? Anyone? Bueller?. Buy back minimum daily allowable by law. I believe it is 25% of average volume? Don't stop until all 500k shares are bought back, and/or the share price maintains the $1.00 requirement.

    Maybe if someone on the inside also bought back 500k shares at $1.00 for their own portfolio, it would show even more confidence.

    The book value is $4.00+, so if an insider made a bid for the remaining shares at $2.00 a share. They'd make a hefty profit. It'd cost them around $15 million to buy the remaining float with book value of $30+ million. They'd more then double their money in one transaction.

    There are 19.8 million shares issued, but only 7.3 float (less then half). 500k share buy back would bring that down to 6.8 million shares out of 19.3 million shares. Insiders could then pool their money, to buy remaining shares. Surely they have $14 million between them to offer $2.00 a share for a company, with a book value of $4.67 a share.

    In any case we will see share price at $2.00 in next 12 months. Probably around $1.50 by year end, and $2.00+ by this time next year.
  • Should be at $3.00+. A company who uses them as a supplier should think about putting in an offer to buy for $2.00 a share, as the book value is over $4.00, they'd be doubling their money right off the bat, and be able to supply their own projects at lower costs.
  • If Martin is right, and we did make 10 consecutive days, we'll..... .... Hear about the regaining compliance by end of week. If not, we have 9 more to go, so we won't hear about the letter for another 2 weeks. I'd rather see it this week. The Nasdaq is good about sending out letters, so they send it to the company right away, so they'd get it before end of this week.

    In any case the share price should be $3.00. A larger similar company that uses them as a supplier, would be crazy not to inquire them at $2+. Book value is over $4.00+.
  • SOB closed under $1.00 on the 10th day. Starts over..... Need 10 consecutive days $1.00, or over to regain compliance.
  • Regained compliance. Like i wrote in another comment the trading sessions above or 1$ are 10 consecutive.

    We regained and now the company has to move the #$%$ for attract volume/investors/encrise share value!
  • Trading Day #8 above $1.00...... 2 more to go. Only two more trading days of $1.00+ and we regain compliance, so set your buy orders for $1.00+, to help keep the share price up. If all goes well, the company could get a letter next week to let them know that they have regained compliance.
  • Trading Day #9 above $1.00...... 1 more to go. Someone putting in buy orders at $1.00. Keep it up. One more day, and then regain compliance.