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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)

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  • Cool !
    (2) more investor conferences
    PEIX has hosted (22) Investor conferences in the last (30) MONTHS & the share price has gone from 21.94-6.46?
    What's the point?
    NOBODY is BUYING your scam!
  • Looks like shorts failed today. PEIX will start moving higher now.
  • Since that fateful New Year's Eve day in 2014......OR the day of the MERGER if you prefer.......Pacific Ethanol Inc share price is DOWN nearly FIVE DOLLARS but don't worry
  • PEIX went from $7.04 on 1-1-14 to $23.11 on 8-1-14, then to $3.49 on 1-1-16. Anyone who had a half-cocked notion of a exit strategy made a small to not-so-small fortune. My position is smaller now than in 2014, but I can easily foresee a replay of that year.

  • This weekend begins ..........'Driving season'Ya know, the season MsKellyFitz says every year that the USA will burn through all its oil & ethanol & prices will sky rocket......wellthis is about her 10th year of that DRIVEL& we still have oil & ethanol piled up to the heavens.....& will till the not CURB production but #$%$ it DOWN.......for 5 years!
  • Since nearly an 11.00 pps last Christmas which was astounding enough the PIG has since retracted to the 5.00s.....bounced back up t close to 9.50 & has since shown you it's true colors by almost hitting 5.00s which undoubtedly are on the way
    It has done nothing to reverse its downward spiral & only a fool would DUMP his hard earned money into this cancer
    Next WEAK the PIG has only (4) daze to trade, she'll close RED @ least 3x...it's inevitable
  • hope Thursday I get a chance to short this issue,
    Wed. I missed, kept waiting for 666. the debil made me do it.
  • DYK
    That every single price target since September 2014 has DECLINED?
    That every single price target since September 2014 has never been met?
    That this current 12.50 price target will also not be met?
    This current price target of 12.50 was lowered from 12.00
    3 WEAKS ago?
    This current price target of 12.50 will be lowered within 2 months & that updated price target also will not be met?
    That until they release a price target of 3.45 NO target they post will be met?
  • A little price history on PEIX:
    1-1-14- $7.04

    Old maxim, " that which has happened before is much more likely to happen again, then that which has never happened before"

    Some made once-in-a-lifetime fortunes in 2014 on this stock. It can/will happen again IMHO..

  • DYK
    I have been pin point accuracy on this PIG for 137 straight WEAKS?
  • Pacific Ethanols aggressive Investor Conference schedule is a testament to the company seeking NEW naive shareholders money to keep the company afloat, if this was not a PUBLICLY traded company it would have closed its doors 8 YEARS ago
    Quarterly earnings have fallen short @ an amazing rate
  • 6.10
    5.00 here I come!
    Hey Kneel
    How does it feel to be the 4th largest ethanol producer in the USA & have your companies stock trading @ a LUSTY .pre split price of
    .40 PENNIES?
  • Investor Conference
    McGregor sitting @ a desk in the middle of the floor with people walking by him like he's invisible......what's his sales pitch?
    Hi I'm Mr McGregor & Im here on behalf of Pacific Ethanol Inc
    Although our companies stock is DOWN 48% since last Christmas now is the time to BUY
  • Close of the day 6.04
    By the way..........
    If you're a stock twits follower
    one of the members (zooming) who has. Even Pumping Peix since 23,00
    has been CONFIRMED as a Pacific Ethanol Inc...........
    E M P L O Y E E.......
    works in the accounting Dept
    & apparently has been..........
    a.......counting on a higher pps since 23.00
  • An ethanol company participating in an Investor conference in NY city......let alone the east coast makes about as much economical sense as selling snow melt in Arizona....
    Peix has absolutely no CLUE!
  • If you think for a second this company will EVER be profitable in any given quarter throughout its existence you should be destroyed like a bad farm animal.
  • Guy is a DOLT
    & ya can't sell something that's as available as AIR!
  • This PIG will be in the 5.00s just in time for the (2) investor conferences......should be interesting when Kneel & McGregor try & sell stock that's DOWN 30% in a month
    What kind of sales pitch do ya use on that?
    Probably the same as a Kneels......it's been a rough quarter, margins were weak & we had (5) one time fee's
    but things are looking up from here on out!
    Kinda the same think he's said for NINE straight quarters
  • I King Ray hereby confirm Pacific Ethanol Inc as a company is led by MISFITS
  • DYK
    PEIX is DOWN 34% since Q1 earnings were reported
    PEIX is DOWN 46% since Q4
    earnings were reported!