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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)

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6.30-0.15 (-2.33%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Looks like shorts failed today. PEIX will start moving higher now.
  • hope Thursday I get a chance to short this issue,
    Wed. I missed, kept waiting for 666. the debil made me do it.
  • Guy is a DOLT
    & ya can't sell something that's as available as AIR!
  • This PIG will be in the 5.00s just in time for the (2) investor conferences......should be interesting when Kneel & McGregor try & sell stock that's DOWN 30% in a month
    What kind of sales pitch do ya use on that?
    Probably the same as a Kneels......it's been a rough quarter, margins were weak & we had (5) one time fee's
    but things are looking up from here on out!
    Kinda the same think he's said for NINE straight quarters
  • DYK
    PEIX is DOWN 34% since Q1 earnings were reported
    PEIX is DOWN 46% since Q4
    earnings were reported!
  • FUN facts !
    Any PEIX investor who invested 10.000.00 in 2007 & didn't TOUCH it to this day now have a balance of 3000.00
    Yes, it's TRUE
    PEIX is DOWN 97% in the last (10)years!
    Short term?
    PEIX is DOWN 45% in the last (6) months!
  • Cool !
    (2) more investor conferences
    PEIX has hosted (22) Investor conferences in the last (30) MONTHS & the share price has gone from 21.94-6.46?
    What's the point?
    NOBODY is BUYING your scam!
  • Fact: Since confirming this PIG couldn't HOLD 7.00 as promised by King Ray it will now HOLD in a 6.38-6.45 range through the WEAK before initiating the next trip DOWN........
  • King Ray has just issued a (12) month target of 118.00 for this fine company!
  • Over the next approximate (10) trading hours through the WEAK.......PEIX is expected to be GREEN for approximately 27 minuted out of (10) hours.
  • Bout a 1.50 off the 12 month low
    It's too funny 🐷
  • Pig vomit
  • DYK
    PEIX has been GREEN today for 278 SECONDS?
  • DYK
    The chances of PEIX closing GREEN today are a flat 3.00%
  • FUN facts !
    PEIX has closed GREEN in back to back DAZE (4) times in the LAST 158 trading DAZE?
  • Now sitting upon 6.50......the
    Elephant........formerly sat on
    See a TREND GoatHEADS?
  • DYK
    Kneel & Paul Kohler are........
    MULTI millionaires?
    & the AVERAGE shareholder loses a minimum of 35% if buying & HOLDING this TRASH more than 48 hours?
  • Now that Ive convinced my pup......pets this PIG can't HOLD 7.00 I'm gonna convince you it can't HOLD 6.00 either....😳
  • This will be the 9th consecutive earnings call everybody again will say......
    BUY.......it's gonna explode!
    Fact of the matter is it's risen ONCE in 9 earnings calls & it currently sits way BELOW where it HAD risen to.....
    Broken Company
    Stale management team
  • Peix is DOWN
    (5) day: -2.51%
    (1) month: -5.22%
    (3) month: -15.89%
    YTD: -33.16%
    Numbers don't LIE
    Pumpers DO.....
    No ifs...ands...or buts
    Peix is a BROKEN company 🤡