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  • Professional Trader, I come here to read about Pengrowth, an Alberta energy company. I do not come here to read about Trump (except where his specific policies may impact Pengrowth). Please stop posting about Trump.
  • Hillary took millions in foundation contributions from Rosatom to reward her for approving the sale of 20% of our uranium mines to this Russian company. Bill took hundreds of thousands from Russia for a speech, and also smoked grass in the Kremlin years ago. James Comey oversaw HSBC as they led the world in money laundering, and many of their clients gave to the Foundation. Chelsea took 4 million from the foundation to pay for her wedding, and another 11 million to help pay for her townhouse. And somehow people think they are the good guys. These people love them, and worship them, and will lie to protect them.
  • STEVIE -
    A quick check would have shown you that the FAKE garbage coming from Breitbart was FALSE, and highly distorted news. You KNOW that the sleezebag, that ran Brietbart was working for Thrump to get him elected.

    As for Comey, again your info is FALSE ... he is a man of integrity.
    I hope you read the SNOPES discussion ...

    FALSE: FBI Director James Comey Took Millions from the Clinton Foundation
    There is no evidence that FBI Director James Comey financially benefited from Bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable foundation.
  • Well next week we should get the news the deal went through , thus more debt paid off and maybe we will get lucky and thrown another bone . Sure could use it after I buy my next few shares . Nobody has been more wrong on this stock and stuck it out as long , sure hope I don't get another lesson . I dont seem to learn anything from them .
  • I just looked at Birchcliff ( BIR ) ( Seymour other holding) Website, Wow does that ever seem to be a well managed company. They really seem to have made some progress in the past year. We need management like theirs I guess.
  • Any company worth its salt would put out a headline of any kind to get delisting notice article off the top line. PWE and PGH both leave a lot to be desired in the communications department.
  • If you're interested ... I've had a BUY signal since 05/10 at 0.86 close.
    It's OK to buy ...
  • I voted by proxy no and withhold on all things that the BOD said to vote yes on. Even the BOD. They have shown a lack of transparency along with management to the shareholder. It's not what they have said but what they haven't said that bothers me. The fact that our largest shareholder is connected to Evans by virtue of Evans being a director on NF bothers me as it puts a cloud over what is really going on. I was part of the c-suite of a public company and know how info passes to major investors without the knowledge of others. This is common. In any world Evans would have been dismissed for not performing over a reasonable period of time. Also never really hitting or exceeding taks he was given by the BOD and accepted by him. He has been and continures to be in my opinion nothing but a spin artist. He has since his arrival done nothing but lose money for this company and has managed to spin his way out of it all the time. Even when others like PWE which I also own were selling assets last year, Evans was holding out but then said in the last or one before that I think CC that there were and have many acceptable bids for assets and by his own admission did nothing about it. When he sold Swan Hill do you really think he got a good price. Look up what we paid for it. Do you really think that by waiting like he did he was able to get a better price when the whole world new we were backed against the wall at that point. I ask myself why was he not putting most of his efforts to correct this balance sheet issue and covenant issue 1 year earlier. Everybody knew what had to be done. I cannot think of a credible answer. Also his sale of the Linberg royalty interest for 250 million was a desparation move because they get there cut on the gross revenue and as it expands they get more and more. I did not do the numbers on this but I am sure whoever bought it got a great deal. Maybe this didn't have to happen if he moved faster say like Roberts did with PWE. PWE is smaller but is now a darling of the lenders and will do well going forward. PGH has to concentrate on Lindberg if they can partner on other properties that they don't have to lay out any monies or visa versa or sell the company in pieces where they can realize probably more then the stock will bring with this current management team.`The important things to watch this month is this weeks Opec meeting, closing and receiveing funds from Swan Hill,payment of 2018 debt as promised by management. This should boost stock if all these things happen in a positive way. Also would like to know who the buyer of the royalty was for Linberg. Was it FN which would be a positive too.
  • Ghost Out of the Machine
    High-frequency trading systems (HTS) can execute repetitive tasks at superhuman speeds.

    Taking advantage of minute time differentials (“latency”) between trading platforms, they trade stocks, options, futures and currency products according to fixed rules, without direct human control.

    HTS rarely accumulate substantial positions. Instead, their goal is to profit by arbitraging tiny price differences at huge scale. On any given day, more than 75% of the stock shares traded on U.S. exchanges originate from such HTS.

    In the Flash Crash, a single large sell order in the commodities futures market induced algorithm-based trading systems to chase prices “downward” by issuing little “test” batches of buy orders at successively lower prices.

    A Securities and Exchange Commission post-mortem called this cascade of selling “hot potato trading,” as high-frequency firms rapidly acquired and then liquidated positions among themselves at steadily declining prices.

    Trading was supposed to stabilize at a market-clearing price, but because of the unusual size of the initial trade and its ripple effects, many HTS triggered internal rules intended to prevent overexposure to single products and stopped trading altogether. That led to a lack of liquidity … which caused even more rapid price declines as orders dried up.

    The turmoil then spilled over into equities markets, as HTS there paused trading automatically as they detected the sharp rise in buying and selling in the futures market. The resulting lack of liquidity caused shares of some prominent companies to trade as low as a penny, or as high as $100,000.
    Spoofing and Layering
    The Flash Crash was an example of a “momentum ignition strategy” — albeit an unintentional one. A purposeful momentum ignition strategy is when a market participant tries to induce others to trade at artificially high or low prices.

    The HTS did this accidentally in 2010. Their internal rules reacted to a single large trade by issuing high-frequency test trades that snowballed into a market-wide crash. “Real” traders mistook this higher trading volume for liquidity and joined the automated sell-off. But since the underlying price movement was false, competition for liquidity ended up dramatically amplifying downward price pressure.

    This unintended consequence of HTS has supposedly been solved by stop-trading rules designed to activate when a share moves too far in a specific direction in a specific period.

    Some big market participants intentionally deploy momentum strategies, however.

    Large traders sometimes place non-bona fide orders (which are canceled before they can be filled) to bait other market participants into reacting. With such bad-faith orders, so-called “spoofers” deliberately seek to create false pessimism or optimism.

    For example, they may try to induce other market participants to lower their asking prices by creating the illusion of selling pressure as false sell orders enter the system. The spoofer places sequential sell orders at successively lower prices, driving down the best ask price.

    After the price has fallen sufficiently, the spoofer makes a real trade, buying the stock at the lower price and canceling all the sell orders.

    He wins. The losers are traders induced into selling at artificially low prices.
    Genius Comes in Many Forms
    I always feel a sense of admiration and awe at the intelligence applied to making money through such subterfuge.

    Then I come back to reality. I remember that the “money” thus finagled out of our complex financial market systems doesn’t represent any real economic activity. It’s just ones and zeros in a bank account that will be used for further useless, market-distorting speculation.

    No goods or services … no jobs … no real wealth.

    Source:: The Sovereign Investor
  • We continue to simply love this little garbage junk stock....
  • I wonder why Yahoo deleted this post which is a discussion about trading PGH and general portfolio performance? This seems so un-American, and on memorial day weekend!!! Why is my first amendment right being denied?

    Shaggy 45 minutes ago
    "If anyone bought PGH on April 10th at $1.12, their trade is currently down over 18%. This equates to about a -12% per month performance for this portfolio capital commitment. This is quite a drag on any portfolio but if your portfolio is one of those ultra high performing world class portfolios, you've got a lot of catching up to do."
  • It's another embarrassing post purge Tuesday ... Some people just can't keep their story straight (I guess?)
  • How low will we go . Perplexed with the share price but also trying to add while one can . Been hearing more pro's say were good in here and have a low of $45 for oil to $60 for the next year and 18 months out higher is possible . Our guys have been pretty good at hedging guaranteeing cash flow . Wish I was as good at it as they have been .
  • Mr. Trump is proposing to sell off half of out SPR. Also wants to sell half the stash of gasoline added after hurricane Sandy.
    If this goes through, we'll have to dry out 250,000,000 barrels of oil.
    Methinks oil will go to $35 soon. Wonder how our alleged Saudi friends feel getting stabbed in the back 2 days after lunching with them.
  • I got a "sell" signal on Thursday, 05/18 and a trend line break (that doesn't mean you are to sell).
    However, the initial downside target would be the previous low at $0.75
    PGH needs to close decisively over $1.00 to continue the up trend

    Trump's commerce secretary oversaw Russia deal while at Bank of Cyprus
    Questions raised over Trump appointee Wilbur Ross and his ties to politically connected Russian oligarchs
  • Yahoo message board funny math ... poster has about 400 posts in their profile ... then over the following 2 weeks posts about another 100 times, for a net post total of a little over 100 ... it's actually quite hilarious ... I think I should get at least some of the credit.
  • So does anyone else have any strong opinions on voting yes or no on any of the matters, that want to share? I take it a non vote is a yes vote?
  • Monster MicroCaps Research Alert to PGH shareholders.
    Clean energy Technologies (CETY) is under a penny with a market cap of under $3 million and just announced the beginning of the adoption of their big ticket waste to energy systems to giant waste industry with adoption of 3 systems by Aries Clean Energy.

    CETY technology was purchased from General Electric and is attractive to huge unmet markets that can achieve over $250 million annual sales within the next 2 to 3 years. Demand for conversion of wasted heat to electrical energy in large applications is very large and unmet!

    Shares could yield enormous percentage return on investment.


    Three CETY Clean Cycle™ Systems Commissioned As Part Of Aries Clean Energy's Waste-to-Energy Facility
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