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Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI)

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  • Here Is The Proof That Pluristem Has Turned-Down Many Offers From Big Pharma To Buy The Company !

    " We had offers from big firms that wanted to buy us, but we refused,” added Aberman"

    That Line Is In This Nov 2014 Article !


  • “Our cells are smart cells, they know how to sense the situation in the body and will induce an increase in blood count only if it is needed,” Ofir said.

    That Says It All ! PLX-Cells Have Evolved Over Millions Of Years As A Way For The Mammalian Placenta To Repair Numerous Problems/Defects That Might Arise In A Developing Fetus !

    It Is My Opinion, That There Are Currently Only About 300 To 500 Individuals On Planet Earth, Who By Their Profession And Or Curiosity In The Evolutionary Biology Of The Human Placenta Truly Understand That Pluristem Therapeutics Is The Only Company In The World That Is On The Cusp Of Changing How A Myriad Of Indications Can Be Successfully Treated With PLX-Cells In The Coming Months And Years.


    God Bless Pluristem's Innovation, And God Bless Pluristem's Management In Thinking Outside The Proverbial Box ! IMO, Once The Full Story Has Been Told, Zami Aberman Will Surely Deserve And Will Be Selected For A Nobel Peace Prize In Medicine ! Watch & See It Will Happen IMO. ~Allo~
  • The Global CLI Clinical Trial Has Begun Recruiting In Germany ! GIDDY-UP !
    Efficacy, Tolerability and Safety of Intramuscular Injections of PLX PAD for the Treatment of Subjects With Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) With Minor Tissue Loss Who Are Unsuitable for Revascularization - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Not sure if Jackie posted this video earlier... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4nRUESNAXk&feature=youtu.be

    Zami Aberman - NHPs Study Results for ARS
    Zami Aberman discussing Non Human Primates Study Results for treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome.
  • Pluristem Provides Shareholder Update on Corporate and Clinical Developments

    Words matter in these things:

    A few thoughts...

    - It appears there is more clarity as to the path forward for R18.
    - Realistically, @ +/-24 months to indication, very exciting.
    - The path appears to be a requirement for a pivitol study.
    WHY? (the first ARS primate was 'dose finding only' - not statistically powered to measure survival, etc. Despite how this update is written, eluding to these results being 'statistically significant', ie. approvable with this data.
    - Think about it, if the conclusions/claims that are made in this update by Zami, were indeed 'statitically significant' - this data be good enough to go, for FDA - (this isn't a slam, it is a fact)
    - Make no mistake, other products have tested in pilot, have had compelling enough results, that the FDA grants fast-track approval process AND OD designation (based on the rarity of disease). - Even stopping trials early, because the efficacy is so compelling. (in ARS and other rare diseases)
    - This update is a far more conservitive statement than those being made in the road shows (how many times in this release are the words potential, potentially and alternative vs. cure/solution) aka requires further study to confirm.
    - ~ 9 Months of operating capital (IF trial expenses do not increase... This is a BIG problem. 5.5M/Q burn rate / ~ 49M cash with no organic revenue
    - viturally certain will be NO 'initial stockpiling' without pivitol trial
    - Japan deal? careful we do not become desparate and make a deal with the devil - ie. immunomed/seattle genetics

    So it ALL comes back to leadership & negotiation.
    Do we think the case has been made to shareholders WHY we PROMOTED Yaky (Pay raise, stock options & golden parachute) and now have 2 CEO's? IF you read the PR, its to "support the company’s growth and ensure continued success as it enters advanced stages of clinical development" - wasn't this his job before?

    This is my concern, we have 2 CEOs now, NEITHER of which have ever put a deal together of this magnitude. NO increase in shareholder value. That's a problem for me - That is what WS analysts are looking at, that is why the share price is the way it is - NO controller needed
  • Controller sold too many shares. Laugh.
  • new target price of $2.60 set .........
  • “We intend to develop this technology platform into a functional stem cell production system for the treatment of a variety of indications; the first being a safe, effective, and efficient alternative to bone marrow transplantation,” according to Pluristem chairman and CEO, Zami Aberman - May 22, 2007

    When will this "first" trial commence?


    Pluristem Buys Patents Covering Stem Cell Production Tool for $2M | GEN Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Biotech from Bench to Business | GEN
    Get the latest in biotechnology through daily news coverage as well as analysis, features, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and blogs. Learn about the entire bioproduct life cycle from early-stage R&D, to applied research including omics, biomarkers, a
  • I'm wondering if anyone who says that the pilot study for PLX-R18 was unsuccessful has professional knowledge in radiology, medicine and so on?I am very far from this field but in my opinion 85-86% is a very promising result.Let's assume that the final result is 90-92% or 86%, in which case IMO the company has a good chance to get a contract.
    My hometown is located at a distance of 115 km from Chernobyl. I was very lucky to live during the Chernobyl accident very far from this place. I am well aware of the many medical problems of people in my city who were exposed to not significant radiation doses.So, in my opinion 86-90 % surviving after receiving significant doses of radiation is very good. This is only my two cents.
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  • Why can't we just have a sustainable run for once. Just once!! Take us over the 52 week high. Not asking for much am I. The 52 week high and low just keep getting closer and closer together. I'd tak a run either way... We go up 10 or 15 percent, then drift back down. It would be interesting to know the money that has been made on these consistent movements. I've made jack!!!
  • allo you stated that the controller likes a $1.40. What is the significance of this price? Why wouldn't the controller want to keep the price at $1.25 instead and save him-herself $0.15 a share?
    AQSZF (MC $11 M) is close to profitability and to file 3 NDA and the whole company is valued at ridiculous $11 Million ,this unknown stock is definitely one of the cheapest Biotech in the sector .Stock should be at minimum $2+ right now .

    Market Cap :US$ 11 Million
    Cash $4.1 Million << enough untill mid 2018
    Price 0.18



    Operational profitability estimated in 2017

    File for CDN approval of Topiramate XR in 1H 2017

    File for CDN approval of Oxcarbazepine XR in 1H 2017

    Additional Product Deals in 2017

    Partnership for AQS1301 in 2017

    Two products launches to date (Tacrolimus IR and Vistitan™)

    3 long-acting, transdermal programs in development, on track to file NDA in 2018

  • As suspected, the 20M had 2 deaths, the lower dosages had 2 as well. The study was not powered for statistical significance, didn't see that in the PP. Also, beware of all unbalanced presentations - where is the s/e list and COD's for deceased primates?? The market is not stupid, make no mistake - these are disappointing results. This trial should be THE sweet spot for R18, greatest opportunity to show efficacy in ablated marrow. We have now seen paracrine & endocrine delivery systems, scary we do not see a dose-related improvement.
  • I don't know what to think anymore. Trial results seemed ok, street thinks otherwise. 85% seems good, but we are left with a lot of unknowns. The large dosage, but I would imagine they were worse...had to be, or they would have had to release that. What shape did those 85% end off like. Would they have gone on to be able to live a normal life? Were the 50% control barely hanging on at the end? Lots of unanswered questions. Guess we will wait to see if they proceed with pivotal trial. Hopefully we know either way soon.

    One thing that truly bothers me about this company is the fact that they are NOT making any money on their apparant best of class manufacuring. Surely a fortune could be made on that alone, as they can produce them a lot cheaper than anyone else, so they say. Don't even need to help the competition, but either way, competition is paying someone large money to produce these cells. Why not be paying us? Blows my mind. Maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be, I don't know.

    Don't know what the next catalyst to move this stock is going to be. Japan partner seems to be taking a long time. No money in the bank for us on that one. More dilution at this level is going to hurt bad. All of the potential, and not much results. Not a big fan of management either, and no conference calls on quarterly results, shows how they treat investors. Never been in a stock I love and hate so much at the same time.

    How they can't get a deal with somebody is beyond me. Zami is so smug in interviews, collecting his pay and sitting there smiling away. A thousand conferences all saying the same thing, over and over again. No deals have come from any of these. Like I said before, just a way to boff the secretaries.

    And if anyone thinks it's any sort of big pharma controlling this thing, their crazy. Might be controlled, but just from someone making a ton of money like everywhere else. If big pharma had any interest at all, something would have been done for them to get it, or a piece of it. Losing faith as each week passes, and think a lot of others are too.

    Throw us some sort of bone, even a wing...

  • check out the pipeline and the conditions they address -for a small company it's pretty @#$% good. and they have adaptive pathway to approval under new regenerative medicine guidelines. there is a dearth of news lately, -stock is drifting down. so what. patience is key investing in biotech land ...for the price this is well worth the risk as part of balanced biotech portfolio...glta
  • Global Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) Market Research Report by Key Manufacturers Analysis and Forecast 2024
    Press Release issued May 23, 2017: The competitive landscape in the global market for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is characterized by the rivalry between the leading market players, such as Regen Biopharma Inc., Cryo-Save AG, Pluri
  • See why biotech/pharma shareholders are adding this breakthrough wound care to their portfolio.

    BioLargo recent 10Q states:

    • Advanced Wound Care products are ready, all studies successfully completed, and they expect to file a 510K with FDA in less than 90 days
    • Woundcare market is over $6 Billion with high growth rate
    • Tanya Rhodes, ex VP of Smith & Nephew Wound Care Product Development is leading the BLGO/Clyra Medical 510K filing
    • BLGO/Clyra Medical Wound Care Products promote healing substantially better than competing products, fight infection better than competing products, are effective against resistant microbials, and are low cost
    • Sales could commence late 2017
    • Sales and or licensing agreement/s could be very significant and fast
    • Company is now commercializing several other disruptive products in large markets