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Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (PTX)

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4.41-0.18 (-3.92%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Come down baby under $4.00 and I will buy you again.BO is still at least 2-3 quarters away, it'll happen but no sooner.
  • I am still watching you guys. Like I said before,making money in gold and silver mines . Shy away from Bio. stocks. Ashley you dumb #$%$ ,just for your knowledge ,made tons of money in PTN recently by flipping it.My priority is gold for near future,you hard heads go on and loose money in Bio. HELL NOT ME !!I HAVE ONLY POSITION IN TWO BIO. SOCKS NOW,BUT I'LL TELL YOU NOTHING LOSERS !!!
    AQSZF (MC $11 M) is close to profitability and to file 3 NDA and the whole company is valued at ridiculous $11 Million ,this unknown stock is definitely one of the cheapest Biotech in the sector .Stock should be at minimum $2+ right now .

    Market Cap :US$ 11 Million
    Cash $4.1 Million << enough untill mid 2018
    Price 0.18



    Operational profitability estimated in 2017

    File for CDN approval of Topiramate XR in 1H 2017

    File for CDN approval of Oxcarbazepine XR in 1H 2017

    Additional Product Deals in 2017

    Partnership for AQS1301 in 2017

    Two products launches to date (Tacrolimus IR and Vistitan™)

    3 long-acting, transdermal programs in development, on track to file NDA in 2018

  • Should I short this one too Jerky? The last time you begged for shorts, I shorted you a ton of shares of PTN at 46 and covered at 35. You want me to short you some shares of this too??? I don't mind taking your money from you while you lie to everyone on the board. Just say the word and as long as my BD is a marker maker, I'll borrow and short you as much as you can pretend to afford. Just say the word my little monkey boy. 😂
  • Jerzy who give a dam you go if to jump back in ptx.there are many new investors jumping into ptx positions now such as California Public Employees Retirement System purchased a new position,Vanguard Group Inc,Renaissance Technologies LLC raised its position in shares and many new investors also buy and now is just the matter of time the news will come out that the company is sold
  • See guys I new when to get out,and very soon I'll get in.
  • bought PTX @ $4.00 yesterday after the market, sold them in this morning @ $4.71 ; )

    debt = $321M, consisted of $177M @ 12% senior secured notes, $130M @ 4.25% convertible notes and a $14M under our revolving credit facility
    As of Mar. 31st, 2017 Cash = $23M vs. Dec. 31st. 2016 $36M (-$13M decreased)
    Just the senior note interest expense $22M/year
    Now we are in 2nd month of 2nd quarter, Cash is probably around $15M
    "We recently amended our credit facility with Wells Fargo and we intend to transition to another financing source on or before July 31st, 2017. "
    Dilution soon, if there's any buyer;
    We can assume (based on their quarterly report), the gross profit $20M~$30M/quarter, After Operating Expense, Net Loss $25M~$30M
    As you can see, it is not quite attracting for a BO deal. Even if big Pharm company buys it and they somehow managed the net gain $5M/quarter somehow, it would need 15 years just to pay off the debt.
    I would rather invest $300M where my investment would worth more.
  • I just pumped another stock (just kidding)
  • The Company has engaged in discussions with parties that have expressed interest in refinancing the Company’s revolving credit facility.
  • Come on shorts do your fooken job. Bring it down under 4.00 I need to buy some shares and wait for BO. I hope you hear me.
  • And yes Jerky, tons and tons of monies you've made on PTN. My god, you're a hundredairre!!! What you consider all the money in the world, most consider a days trading. Go play with your little pennies, pennyboy!
  • coulf get doengraded anytime now crashingbelow 3.75
  • Dear Sedor can you make one more time announce the dam buy out tomorrow because u alway do.
  • I did the same like Jerry.I hold the stock from August last year.I just got sick of holding it.i just want to be like others a flipper.Here is no real longs on this board,I think I was the only one. I finally made some money and got out.I will get back in but after the earning report. this stock is very risky,but I will get back after that.I think Sedor will wait another 3-4 quarters improve sales,and then he'll sell it. I think is too soon to sell it now,needs to improve the sales and show that the Company will be profitable,but this will take time.I am sure Sedor will sell it but for now I don't think will happens soon.
  • What do we think is going to happen during earnings call?
  • To those who who are capable to listen and make money. Here is one of my biggest BIO. holdings 150k. I think tomorrow morning will still be time to get in. This is going to go to the MMMOOONNN EEEEEYYYYYYY !!!
    CYTR !!!
  • RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES LLC Increased position: added 47,700 Shares
  • All lies that buy-out thing, they use it to keep us and not to sell the shares we have. malicious manipulation is this.Normally I buy shares and I sell them the same day with a small profit, you know 100K with 5% profit makes 5000 profit in a few Minutes but with this #$%$ I decided to leave my money for a longer time and the results Are not satisfactory !!!!!!!!
  • Very fishy no callers? Buy out already done?
  • At this current price I don't see new entrants, it's those who've been holding from 60-70 cents pre splits for more than a year now. Good luck all, Risk/Reward is skewed for new buyers hence staying out.