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Quantum Corporation (QTM)

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  • I thought the latest press release was interesting. Mentioned tape as providing "air gap" protection from ransomware. Is it possible that tape can find renewed interest as a less corruptible back up? That would be nice. QTM owns the market. Everyone else has left!
  • Not a lot of noise coming from the dumpster camp these days...
  • "Comprehensive Strategic Review" coming shortly! Chop, chop, chop! Yee-Haw! Finally! At least the G-Man has made all the tech weenies feel comfy & complacent, so there's no chance of mass attrition before the chopping begins! Salad anyone?
  • Down almost 17% after hours?! My goodness! No one could ever have seen THAT coming! Welcome to the reverse-split blues! Yee-Haw!
  • QTM has positive cash flow $18 million in free cash flow more than enough to handle $136 million in long term debt . besides their products are highly in demand .
  • QTM dilution coming to desperately stay afloat. Price will be forced down. May-day! Captain & crew rescued by helicopter. Everyone else board the life boats.
  • GaSHIT & Co spend QTM $$$ LAVISHLY for Personal Use in Las Vegas NAB!!!!!! Wine & Dining on Shareholders' Expenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally made it to $1, sort of. Kind of ironic.
  • What to do now? QTM reverse split is going to make each share more viable, unless this is a sinking ship (see DRYS). What is the general sentiment of investors out there, Sell, or hold to a penny?
  • 150,000 shares traded range will be Daily Avg Volume Now!!!!!!!!! QTM move LOWER or HIGHER, Watch for GaShit & Co to ISSUE QTM SHARES to RAISE CASH !!!!!!!!!!!
  • aaaaand here we are. the inevitable reverse split (that I've been calling for three years) has been approved. next will come further shareholder dilution, followed by chapter 10. all the goofball qtm pumpers are toast. i will cover on the pink sheets.
  • QTM has been on a downward trend over the past 15 years, Other than dreaming, what makes anyone think that's gonna change now? Same basic technology, same basic products, same aging engineers, same old culture, all more limiting than almost any other storage company. Say VIEX somehow manages to sell off unprofitable business units for a few tens of millions. What could they seriously do what with that chump change? Invest it in more of the same boring commodity business lines, and watch the inevitable happen. After the split, I'll see you at under $4 next year, as we all pray together for a $5 buyout price if we're lucky.
  • After Reverse Stock Split, QTM going to Issue Shares to Raise Cash = Screw Current QTM Shareholders Over
    No way QTM can payoff 135 mil Debt or Massive reduce Debt with Operational Profits. Only way to reduce Massive Debt is to SCREW current QTM shares!!!!
    40 mil shares Outstanding -> Issue 15 mil shares @ about $5-6 = $75-90 mil
    55 mil QTM Share Outstanding with $25 Mil CASH & abt $45-60 mil DEBT
  • GaShit is going to do multiple times to SCREW QTM shareholders, Watch & Learn:
    DryShips (DRYS) Announces Fifth Reverse Split in 13 Months

    DryShips (DRYS) Announces Fifth Reverse Split in 13 Months
    DryShips Inc. (DRYS) recently announced plans for a reverse stock split.
  • Action🌱may🌱not🌱always🌱bring🌱happiness, http://dataunion.tistory.com/11988

    Quantum Corp NYSE $QTM Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.3 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • So what did GaSHIT say during QTM Annual Meeting today?
  • Is there anyone that does not work at QTM that will be at the meeting on Friday? Would be good to hear what the scoop is there. I was thinking about heading over but cannot with other commitments. Hopefully I made the right decision just to HOLD my position, and that VIEX will do good.
  • QTM is a SINKING ship. SHADY QTM Executives know that!!!!!!!!!
    Higher Interest Rate = Higher Interest Payment for QTM. $132 Mil in Debt, $8 Mil in Interest Payment, $25 Mil in CASH
  • Perhaps a short-term pull back is more likely before the next rally on QTM? Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awesome-STOCKS which are working out pretty well.