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  • Will the stock be a buy again if the stock drops below 3 or has the market actually changed?

    After seeing some fill issues at the end of March that disappeared at the beginning of April I am wondering if the drop in sales of sugar products the company was talking about in the fourth quarter will go away magically in the second quarter now that Chris has been moved or if the zero calorie (with no artificial sweetener) sparkling water growth is eating into the craft soda market share.

    If former is true the stock will bounce back, if the later is true Reed's does not have an immediate answer to the issue (one of the people on the call actually mentioned sucralose, which is the type of low-cal sweetener that has been losing shelf space due to health concerns)
  • Some positive developments. From the call we get some confirmation that Chris must truly be sidelined. 1) The new mgt called the quarter disappointing. 2) They confirmed they will fix Kombucha caps, bottle and label. 3) They want to increase distribution, inluding to convenience stores, and are looking at introducing canned product. 4) Lower the number of SKUs

    All of these are easy no-brainers. They are signs of competent management. The job of this mgt is to right the ship, and package this company for sale. Righting the ship comes first, and these are positive steps.

    One thing I personally am not so sure about is the emphasis on is putting much hope or emphasis on the low calorie REED. I'm not sure there is a big market there, although it all depends on the taste of course. I'll withold judgment until tasting it.

    Stock price probably still needs to come down below 1X sales until REED can prove things are stabalizing. But the initial signs are encouraging. I am staying out of the stock at current prices though.
  • someone tell management that whenever sales fall and you lose accounts, just raise the price! basic economics.
  • Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3062

    Reeds NASDAQ : REED Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.1 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • Is Chris Reed the next Steve Jobs ? Visionary high quality products guys, unable to actually manage a business on a day-to-day basis.
  • i guess the conference in europe didnt go so well. maybe a panelist from a non-insolvent company contradicted chris on how much of a visionary he thinks he is.
  • Already wondering about the new direction of management.

    Twitter account has used likeness of David Hasselhoff with a bottle of Reed's photo shopped in. If it was a photo of him with a bottle it would be one thing, but posting something like that might get a celebrity to ask for some compensation for using their likeness to promote a product without permission.

    In addition the Reed's corporate twitter account has just started following 2 porn star fan feeds.
  • unfortunately these clowns confuse a website and twitter feed with marketing. the savage stupidity of confusing no money internet posts with actual marketing and promotion. so many small brands have blown up through excellent marketing and great products, but not reed. 20 years later and still losing money. do some small thing right please? for the love of --, how is this hard?
  • Finally! Yes -- the stock is dumping based on another disaster of a quarter. Anybody who really follows this company knew nothing was improving. My gut instict is that the new private placement funds were contingent upon a leadership change. Further, I believe that change was supported by the other debt holders. Basically, the chickens finally came home to roost on Chris. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but sounds sure looks like a positive long term development to me. Yes, he is still a sizable stockholder. Yes, he is still on the scene as "innovation officer"... but with a CEO search that can now commence, REED finally has a chance. Here is my barometer on whether new leadership actually has any power or not... see how long it takes to fix the horrendously stupid kombucha bottle and labels. If that is not fixed right away then it is a signal that nothing has changed or that new leadership is incompetent. I have hope for the first time in a while though.
  • yahoo dropped a ton of posts after the pathetic earnings call. yahoo is the reed of websites.
    i am hoping that the new guys learn some small thing about what they are doing. actually it doesnt appear that management has improved. which is saying something. i guess you buy amazon and let reed wither and die.
  • once again, nailed it. while this calamity was babbling about panera he was in the process of being removed. yes, i am sure that really impressed panera. the near bankrupt, departing ceo, with increasing losses will be trusted as a vendor at panera. chris the clown isnt even on the call. he should not even be in the building. what is his use there? to invent flavors? tell him to go to jones and look for work. watch out for reed selling shares and driving the price down again.

    and please fire dan miles too.
  • Short at will!!!! Headed to $1.50 or so shortly...easy money here on the short side!!
  • funny to see the stock getting smoked the more they talk.
    and THEY LOST A BIG PRIVATE LABEL ACCOUNT!!!! didnt mention that, oops.
    these guys are slippery as hell. (shhh. dont mention bad news).
  • well here is my reed on the situation. i think that hope springs eternal and it will not fall through support before the next cc in two weeks (morons for doing this). there will be little to add and of course earnings will be down a ton in q1 for all the same reasons. they will also have nothing material to add positively. what is astonishing is that these geniuses said that demand for sugary drinks is down across the boards so we are going to raise prices. this is so simplistic and dumb. people who buy the #$%$ are going to be #$%$. sales will fall of course. retailers will not be pleased. your promise of higher margins? really? if we raise the price we make more margin? why not raise the price of everything in the store? how do you not know that reed and virgils are middle market now? seriously. here you kamikaze marketing geniuses. reed the reviews. tell us why goslings sales are exploding. luck? tell us why the stock dropped as you yammered on about being in place a mere 5 months and about the silly plans detached from reality. http://adequateman.deadspin.com/12-root-beers-ranked-1754004111

    12 Root Beers, Ranked
    Any of you happy bastards still clinging to the Sober January charade? Me neither, thank goodness, but I do always try to dial the booze back a bit during the darkest stretch of winter. I figure it’s impossible to truly enjoy life during this accurse
  • The total shares controlled by Chris is well under 50% now yes? Debt holders who also hold the warrants want a return and they do not want to wait forever. They will not (obviously) exercise warrants when the stock is below the exercise price. Therefore, they should be pressuring new management to merge or be acquired at say 1.5x sales or better. If buyer has sound financials they will pay off any debt they can (debt that was just issued and cannot be paid off until it matures 2 years from now). Purchase price of 1.5x sales would be a nice % above the warrant prices and represent a nice return. And then going forward the new company could have a growth product on its hands, so any shareholders that want to stay long could own shares in the new company. And new company could sell off bottling plant, which is not a wise use of capital. If you look at the total debt and the % being paid on it... we can see that REED really can't turn a profit unless they increase sales quite a bit, and quickly (unlikely). This leads me to think a sale or merger is a real possibility.
  • Why didn't they announce LOSS OF PRIVATE LABEL AS IT WAS MATERIAL- company did not exercise fiduciary duty or responsibility.
  • Funny Reed is on a trip to France- but doesn't show up to his shareholder meeting. CC sounded like a Eulogy for him!!
  • I followed Chris Reed, and Jennifer Cue for a while, and I'll tell you right now, Chris had his opportunity to buy Jones Soda a few years ago for a mere .25 cents a share. He could have sweetened the pot a little, but he chose not to. Reed has a broken model. It has never worked. I would not be surprised in the next 180 days to see Reed and JSDA trading for the same dollar amount. Yes REED can fall that much. I'm not saying JSDA is going to see a huge bump. With 45 million shares outstanding JSDA will probably never see .50 cents a share. Reed can continue to fall, because as insiders flee, all those left will think, "this has got to be the bottom", problem is, the bottom is usually 1 cent. Sell your Reed, and buy a stock that has turned to profit.....JSDA. Funny how they made an announcement about 7-11 and the stock actually fell.
  • Any current employee or other person in-the-know -- it sure would be nice to get a feel if the new leadership truly has decision making power or not. If Chris essentially still has veto power on things then the business will not improve.
  • the counterculture act is just a replacement for corporate discipline. maybe there will be a change with some adult direction from the board. maybe it can get back to $6 or $7 with some decent plan for growth. panera is not in the cards in my opinion. they already announced their beverage program and i predicted reed wasnt in it. pepsi has solutions and pepsi is professional.