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Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RNN)

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  • nice end to the week. 5 more trading days till ASCO.
  • H.C. Wainwright analyst Joseph Pantginis was out pounding the table on shares of Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSEMKT:RNN), reiterating a Buy rating and introducing new split-adjusted target of $19.50 (based on adjusted fully diluted share count; previous was $2).

    Pantginis wrote, “Core to our thesis on Rexahn has been the transition from early stage studies to meaningful clinical data readouts this year. This is based on what we consider to be well thought out clinical studies (two-stage studies with embedded efficacy hurdles in order to move to the next stage). First up is the first data snapshot from the RX-3117 Phase 2a study in advanced muscle invasive bladder cancer at ASCO in June. We expect the data to come from the first 10 patients from stage 1 of the study, which has an efficacy hurdle to surpass prior to moving to the 40 patient stage 2 expansion cohort. While the hurdle is undisclosed, we believe it is likely similar to that in the pancreatic program with ‘3117 (>1 PR or CR). We project that the hurdle should be met (on or about ASCO) and the expansion likely begun soon thereafter. Data from the ongoing Phase 2a in metastatic pancreatic is expected in mid-2017, and the Phase 2a in first-line pancreatic (combo with Abraxane) is expected start shortly. Recall the metastatic study previously met its stage 1 hurdle and is currently enrolling the 40 patient expansion cohort.”
  • buy if you wanna buy, sell if you wanna sell. whatever anyone does on this board does not change the trial outcomes or share price. do as tony says and sell if you get scared easily. in the meantime, i've now put 2 on ignore, and i shall enjoy the ride up
  • a great 2 weeks coming kiddies. pure spec will bring it up to $6-7. ( even a baboon will buy this)
    AQSZF (MC $11 M) is close to profitability and to file 3 NDA and the whole company is valued at ridiculous $11 Million ,this unknown stock is definitely one of the cheapest Biotech in the sector .Stock should be at minimum $2+ right now .

    Market Cap :US$ 11 Million
    Cash $4.1 Million << enough untill mid 2018
    Price 0.18



    Operational profitability estimated in 2017

    File for CDN approval of Topiramate XR in 1H 2017

    File for CDN approval of Oxcarbazepine XR in 1H 2017

    Additional Product Deals in 2017

    Partnership for AQS1301 in 2017

    Two products launches to date (Tacrolimus IR and Vistitan™)

    3 long-acting, transdermal programs in development, on track to file NDA in 2018

  • Mark and his vile pumping looking pretty sad on a day when this thing is tanking. Newbies don't fall for his siren song he was pumping like a lustful Pomeranian when this thing was at pre split .71 advising folks not only not to sell but to buy more. Those poor souls are now underwater yuge. All I'm saying is do your own DD.
  • on May 8th, investors were given a press release surrounding RX-3117. This is the company's prime candidate in the treatment of various cancers, including but not limited to metastatic bladder cancer. While the treatment has been through the Phase IIa clinical trial, the data has not yet been released. However, investors don't have to wait much longer. According to the PR that was released on the 8th, this data will be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2017 Annual Meeting. At the meeting, RNN will be providing data on Sunday, June 4th, between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:30 am CDT.

    This is overwhelmingly positive news. After all, if the data wasn't positive, the presentation would not have been chosen by the ASCO for release at their meeting. As a result, it's easy to come to the conclusion that on Sunday, June 4th, 2017, investors are going to receive some overwhelmingly positive news.
  • tony on CVM....everyone is a baboon and an imbecile. no originality
  • ah tony is finally on my iggy list. no more tony. he may verbally abuse me all he wants. i suggest everyone does the same. byebye tony. $35 by eoy
  • Pig doing its usual tank on a great day for market. AMZN touching $1000 you poor souls begging for pennies on this scam.
  • Thomson Reuters target 12 mts high 30.00 median 23.20 low 19.50
  • Mark is a shameless pumper and he poops outside.
  • When this thing crashes to $3 next week make sure you thank Mark.
  • Not much in the abstract. I have submitted abstracts for meetings before and these need to be submitted months in advance. As a result, the poster they will be presenting will likely have more info and hopefully the company will release this information after this conference. It does sound like 1 person has responded quite well but more than half of them were still in active dosing at time of submission so cant draw much from abstract at this point. The thing everyone also has to keep in mind is that the company is trying to get their drugs approved so they are trying to find benefit for the people who failed everything previously. These drugs get fast tracked to market then. So if you show improvement in these patients, even months of increased survival, that's very positive. Eventually they will look at their pipeline as first line options and you will typically get much more significant results in this group.
  • nice RS action since 10-1, 14 trading days ago. the trolls claimed it would plunge to 10 cents, yet we are now above the $3.95 it started at and holding strong. ignore the bashers...their reasoning is to take your shares, why else would they spend all day on a board? they are not your friends, nor do they care if you lose your money - they say sell for a reason !! be smart. 3 catalysts coming in the next 3 months, the first is announced in just 12 days.
  • Mark pumping while this pig tanks AH. He's shameless.
  • Mark the pumper has gone silent, guess he knows word is out this pig is dead.
  • Nine more trading days till ASCO presentation
  • Who says RNN isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awe-someSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.