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Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (SBLK)

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8.82+1.01 (+13.00%)
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  • Listen to the DSX earnings call. First time since 2011 I can remember their CEO was as positive as he is today. He is real conservative and not usually optimistic. Some highlights off the top of my head. Believes we are in the up cycle and may not buy any more boats. Boat values increase 40% vs LY. expects about 2% supply growth this year followed by under 1% next year and so on. Believes the vale issue could be real and push them to scrap faster which will cause rates to go up. beleives the market is balanced and any disruption will be the positive and we could get spikes. Not much downside in rates. Very positive overall and I added on the weakness. SBLK is the leader and will continue to outperform
  • never seen a stock go from so strong to poop. Starts the year at 5 runs to 13 now under 8. Earnings report was better than expected they will have better numbers in q 2 with a 10,000 TCE . You would think we would have held 8. always was a 2nd half play and nothing really changed. Only bad news Iread was the scrubber costs but thats old news. I guess more scrappoing is needed. with rate dropping scrapping should pick up. Oil looks weeks and I think that hurts some for now
  • earnings out. anyone care? positive cash flow as expected. Great to see they locked in some good rates for the next several months. 2nd Q locked in at over 10,000 TCE should brings us some nice cash flow. we shall see if it matters. sector is out of favor
  • just read a nice article on the issues with Vale. They have several large boats with cracks and will have to take them out of service. Each boat is size of to capes so it really may make a difference here. There order for 30 VLLC's they ordered wont be ready for 1-2 yrs so if they have to scrap those boats things could change in a hurry. Expect to hear more this week and I would not be surprised if we run again or maybe that is why we ran on friday almost a buck. This is the calm before the storm as the 2nd half should get us back past 10 and possibly new highs going in to 2018. Sblk at this point up over 50% YTD not too shabby and if it catches fire again it could be the leader come year end.
  • Yesterday's earnings were Huge for Star Bulk Carriers Corp (SBLK) as you will soon see more $$$...great buy at this price as it will be back above $12 very soon as smart investors begin to buy in...plus the Big announcement at the conference call later this morning. This is a smart move that gives SBLK a unique regional advantage. Smart management, a stable and growing company with great financials and now with great news that will bring in more $$$. Soon, very soon the Big name Hedge funds will start buying in as this stock is definitely on the radar now...Baker Brothers Advisors, RA Capital and Broadfin Capital, etc. Again, great fundamentals, management and guidance that's a positive for share holders.
  • Why is all the shippers down?
    Company name Price Change Chg % d | m | y Mkt Cap
    SBLK Star Bulk Carrier... 7.81 -0.43 -5.22% 415.07M
    SHIP Seanergy Maritime... 0.691 +0.001 0.14% 22.72M
    PRGNF Paragon Shipping ... 0.00400 -0.00317 -44.19% 2,740.00
    ESEA Euroseas Ltd. 1.28 -0.00 -0.38% 14.14M
    GOGL Golden Ocean Grou... 6.17 -0.09 -1.52% 649.07M
    DPBSF D/S NORDEN DKK1 14.25 0.00 0.00% 601.35M
    DSX Diana Shipping Inc. 3.89 -0.05 -1.39% 398.59M
    GLBS Globus Maritime Ltd 1.45 -0.21 -12.65% 6.95M
  • BDI just keeps falling. All bulkers being taken to the woodshed.
  • i cannot see a reason why this stock would be up in pre-market. what am i missing?
  • All🌱good🌱things🌱which🌱exist🌱are🌱the🌱fruits🌱of🌱originality. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3153

    Star Bulk Carriers Corp. NASDAQ : SBLK Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.2 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Yes..Star Bulk Carriers (NASDAQ:SBLK): Q1 EPS of -$0.21 beats by $0.04.
    Revenue of $64.87M (+40.1% Y/Y) beats by $13.3M.
  • Better Read This! I'm guessing this will strongly effect dry bulk shipping within 1-2 years - for perhaps decades.

    Here's the cliff notes: Chinalco (China Aluminum Company) is trying to buy the world's largest UNTAPPED iron ore reserve in New Guineau. A map showing the proximity between china and new guinea is below. If successful, it could take a couple of years to get everything online - but China will have all the iron ore it needs. But I could be dead wrong on this, it may be fully developed to start exporting given that 160 Million has already been dumped into it already. It has 2 BILLION Tons of some of the highest grade ore anywhere - nice and close to China.


    So also check out a map with the distance from Brazil and Australia and tell me how much ore China will be wanting to move from those sources in the future if their own Chinese company is online nice and close by. I'm guessing that Rio and the other Aussie miners will only be selling to the rest of the world which is about 3% of the 28% of all the slice iron ore that is currently bulk shipped.

    So here's some logical predictions.. China is vertically integrating everything it needs and shutting out everyone else - do you think they will continue to use foreign shippers for the relatively short run to China? Perhaps but that kinda breaks the vertical integration model. So imagine the dry bulk shippers in a world where China is not a significant port of destination.. what would that look like?

    Please look at the BDI link of the years 1985 to present.. notice specifically the years 1985 to 2002. After the overall industry dive from having way too much capacity (because of much shorter haul runs from PNG to China).. I would guess that's what it's going to look like. My guess is as it comes online things will drop somewhat slowly.. but in the end China will likely be importing little to no iron ore from anywhere else or using any of the public (or at least non-Chinese companies) traded companies to move it.

    I can only say I would watch this intently to see what happens. If the deal goes through - I would punch out of ALL the miners for the foreseeable future as well as foreign steel unless strongly protected by tariffs, and I would be out of the dry bulk market for the foreseeable future.

    Your mileage may vary.. best of luck to all - may you all make money - and hopefully return the favor of any good info you dig up.


    // Note the proximity between new guinea and China


    new guinea - Google Search
  • well hope that was the bottom at 7.60 and no back over 9. Capes may have bottomed and are up 2 days in a row. Panamax trying to find a bottom but im guessing no more than $1000 down but 3000-4000 upside. buy on the fear sell on the greed. glad I avgeraged in along the way. One good BDI day and we get a 1.00 gain here. Sold some puts for 3.00 premiums that I;m guessing will expire worthless and if not Ill take the stock at a 7.00 price. good luck to all
  • minor miracle somehow we closed up today on the worst day of the year. 7.50 could be the bottom time will tell. The chart has high 7s as support after the run from 5-9 in the earlier part of the year. The BDI fell to 700 then and its still over 900. SBLK had a decent 1st Q and we will hear that soon. The 2ndQ started in April and half the Q had nice rates so this Q even with this drop will still generate cash flow. WHo knows what the 3rd Q will bring but Im betting for the Nov/Dec rally they bulkers typically have as we head into 2018. 2018 should be profitable followed by better years in 2019. I think we have 25% or more of our rates locked in. Hoping they locked in more recently to get us through this year. This drop will increase scrapping IMHO which sucks now but better later. It takes 2-3 years to get a new boat delivered. 2018 will mark the first year followed by many of years the supply begins to shrink along with some major new policies which will cause more scrapping. SBLK is either the gift of a life time at these prices or it will crash and go to zero. with over 250 million in cash Im betting on mgmt. to pull through. Its a very volatile stock so im buying the drops selling the rips. has worked for 12 months lets see what the next 12 months bring. Wish I bought more today but thought it was going lower with market tanking ooh well. The other bulkers all lost their gains except SALT and GNK. SBLK is by far the only game in town in my opinion. The rest of market is over valued and these bulkers never came back yet. Time is on their side.
  • For a momo play look at GLUU. I bought last week. Great earnings, new business model is paying off with 20% rev projections. Great chart set up. has all the markings of a stock ready to pop 20-25%
  • trading like poop. Fighting to stay above 8 which is our last good support. Its holding up better than most bulkers is the only good sign right now. BDI short term dead. How far will she fall is teh question. need some heavy scrapping this Q and then we have a real shot of a 2nd half rally and more improvement for 2018-2019. At some point I gotta beleive SBLK makes real cash and gives a nice dividend. Anyone else believe?
  • Here's a chart I put together.. spend some time and check it out carefully. History doesn't necessarily repeat, but it does often rhyme. Note that the price of Iron ore (in red) when prices descend, always stays above the BDIY.. except right now (so far). I'm guessing if the price of ore just froze here (it's supposed to drop more), then the BDI would go to about 700 or so.. Whatever hesitation I had about holding off on buying went away with this chart.. I could lose and the BDI could reverse, but it definitely would be something against the historical trend.. I'm letting it play out before reentering.. Best of luck to all. SBLK of course generally follows the BDI.. so I expect it to follow suit unless it's just a blow out quarter..


  • Meanwhile, iorn ore continuous contract at $62.71
  • oil up on russia cuts. Oil is hated and nobody is expecting a rally to $60. Maybe a long shot but if it happens expect rates to go up because they drive the boats slower into rising rates. Am I just nuts or will this regroup. Have a little powder to buy on dips but at this point let get it back above9
  • Did the Morgan Stanley upgrade of the industry mark the exact top of the shares in many drybulkers?
  • Probably worth watching the video that's posted at the URL.. Interesting that there is info pointing in both directions.
    One source said that the price will drop to $50s or lower - yet Rio Tinto says the futures so bright that they have to wear shades - rational is that the Chinese will use lower cost/higher grade producers. I think this isn't accounting for all the facts however.

    So what is not said by anyone is if there is a massive inventory (record high).. why would they be buying from anyone right now? Especially since they said that it will take about a year to burn through this excess - i.e. they have enough ore in China on the docks to build 13,000 Eiffel Towers.. So someone is living in delusion - or again - purposely misleading.. I'm thinking the iron ore producers are going to get the smack down as I can't imagine why much ore would be purchased with so much available already on shore in China. Even if the mining companies can deliver at a cheaper price the companies holding the massive amounts of ore are likely leveraged like everyone else and will dump at a cheaper price just to unwind. Its also worth noting that steel prices are have fallen too. Thoughts Any one??

    So here is my prediction (you'll probably make lots of money betting against it ;-). The BDI didn't crumble for about a month after the price of iron ore nose dived - actually the price of SBLK took a dive about a week _BEFORE_ the BDI did. Why? I don't know but I would only guess it was a reaction to the huge run up and normally would have followed the BDI a few weeks later like a other bulkers who didn't have the huge run up (NMM, etc.).

    So based on this.. my game plan is;
    - Wait until iron ore bottoms - probably a month or so out - it may drop more slowly from here.
    - Then watch SBLK and see if it follows lockstep or lags iron ore (NOT BDI) .. if it lags.. wait 1-2 weeks. Then buy.

    What price? Don't look at price.. it could be a lot or very little difference from now.. you can't know.. but if you look at the last bottom with BDI - there was very little lag if any with the price of most of the bulk shippers. You will likely NOT catch the best bottom price, but it probably won't drop much from there even if the bottom is months out.. Then buy and STOP watching it.. I did this for over a year and I like not watching.. only keep my eye out for a market melt down.

    Last note.. something I have not been doing is watching steel prices.. it would stand to reason they would lead iron ore - but how to correlate them with steel -> iron ore -> BDI -> bulk shipper stock price .. I think there is something there that could be worth learning.. maybe time to graph some stuff up...