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Superconductor Technologies Inc. (SCON)

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  • Since the Quiram scamster team took over in 2005, the S(CON) no longer has employees with Ph.D.s or advanced degrees. The S(CON)'s now 23 employees spend their days posting on stock boards pumping the S(CON), as the S(CON) doesn't manufacture any products.

    We employed a total of 154 persons as of December 31, 2004: 75 in manufacturing, 40 in research and development, 25 in sales and marketing and 14 in administration. Ten of our employees have Ph.D.s, and twenty-two others hold advanced degrees in physics, materials science, electrical engineering and other fields."


    As of December 31, 2016, we had a total of 23 full time employees."


  • When one orders HTS wire from the S(CON), it uses industry standard specifications, it just can't produce HTS wire that meets the device manufactures specifications, note the "Minumum Piece Length:", the S(CON) can't spell Minimum, but neither can it produce the Minimum Piece Length for the over FIVE year old Jan 2012 Cable Demo order.

    Does anyone believe the S(CON) will get commercial orders?

    The boilerroom scamster operations, paid with unregistered warrants, are always posting the future is rosy, just the present always sucks, so their paymasters can unload their shares used for the Momentum Play.


  • This really is not going anywhere.. wondering if I should stick around till 4th quarter
  • Spike in share volume with little movement seems to suggest MM and/or pipers may be trying to establish a "norm" before the next raise and dilution is announced?
  • I come here almost everyday hoping to find any PO announcement!
  • You gentlemen are very serious about this I see.. but I assure you I could care less about this stock. I'm sure you guys have 20x as much position as me on this. So please keep me out of whatever squabble you guys have because I have no idea what you are talking about. I just want to make money like everyone else.
  • Mask, Please cite the reference where the mechanical problem (mentioned by JQ during the 2016 CCalls) with the HTS wire was caused by delamination. You have repeatedly mentioned that delamination was the mechanical problem with the HTS wire for months.
  • So in another thread post MASK lies when he claims that STI " has been claiming they are near to qualification for over four years now" and then states that his justification is that JQ stated "We are excited to be shipping qualification wire samples". They did that for stage 1....where is there anything in that quote that says they are "nearing qualification"... plain and simple to see there isn't and Mask lied!

    this is a typical mask tactic to use partial truths to cover up his lies... and this may work for some people...UNTIL I show them has mask has attempted to deceive them.

    Now mask can we try again, give us the date of the CC in which JQ stated that STI was nearing qualification that is over 4 years old! How about one that is more than 3 years old? How about the data of the first time he made such a statement? LOL! LOL! LOL!
  • The10 -Q will be interesting, if the S(CON) will file it. deadline was May15, still not showing on the SEC database, which closes at 10PM Eastern Time.
  • Strong Fund, Institutional and Insider activity...

    Superconductor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) reached 82.69% versus a 1-year low price of $1.04. The stock was last seen 4.4% higher, reaching at $1.9 on May 12, 2017. At recent session, the prices were hovering between $1.78 and $1.99. This company shares are 57.89% off its target price of $3 and the current market capitalization stands at $19.63M. The recent change has given its price a 24.54% lead over SMA 50 and -57.78% deficit over its 52-week high. The stock witnessed 11.11% gains, 71.17% gains and 30.14% gains for the 1-month, 3-month and 6-month period, respectively. To measure price-variation, we found SCON’s volatility during a week at 10.01% and during a month it has been found around 10.92%.

    Superconductor Technologies Inc. (SCON) Top Holders
    Institutional investors currently hold around $1 million or 15.2% in SCON stock. Look at its top three institutional owners. Sabby Management, Llc owns $826 thousand in Superconductor Technologies Inc., which represents roughly 4.21% of the company’s market cap and approximately 82.6% of the institutional ownership. Similar statistics are true for the second largest owner, Vanguard Group Inc, which owns 89,058 shares of the stock are valued at $169 thousand. The third largest holder is Hudson Bay Capital Management Lp, which currently holds $168 thousand worth of this stock and that ownership represents nearly 0.86% of its market capitalization.

    Superconductor Technologies Inc. 13F Filings
    At the end of Dec reporting period, 9 institutional holders increased their position in Superconductor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) by some 390,896 shares, 2 decreased positions by 29,060 and 6 held positions by 332,822. That puts total institutional holdings at 752,778 shares, according to SEC filings. The stock grabbed 6 new institutional investments totaling 162,187 shares while 1 institutional investors sold out their entire positions totaling 14,339 shares.

    Superconductor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) Insider Trades
    Multiple company employees have indulged in significant insider trading. Superconductor Technologies Inc. disclosed in a document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that 10% Owner Kopp LeRoy C has acquired 200,000 shares of Superconductor Technologies Inc. (SCON) in trading session dated Apr. 10, 2017. These shares are worth $338,000 and were traded at $1.69 each. The SEC filing shows that Kopp LeRoy C
  • One question for R2, Greg, or anyone else who may have good info. My reading of the disclosure in the CC is that they are confidant that the wire will pass customer tests with a small proviso concerning long term durability/performance as measured by a type of accelerated aging procedure.

    1. It does not seem STI is too worried about this (judging by the CCs and morale at the company).
    2. If by chance the customer is not satisfied with the results of such a test that this would be readily addressable. I imagine that this would require either increasing or changing the composition of the cap layer. Basic electrophysics would seem to tell us that these modifications would not compromise the wire's current carrying capacity nor mechanical strength.

    Of course engineering, especially the commercial variant. must rely on actual real life tests under the actual environments (or as close as one can get) never mind what our theoretical models would tell us. Therefore, we have understandable restraint by JQ. Is this a fair assessment ?
  • From JQ's usual gibberish during the EC that if they get qualified they have a small follow-up order, JQ, " ... I mean, it's not going to change the world from a revenue perspective. I mean, it's not kilometer. ..."

    From what I'm reading, the realistic timeframe for meaningful orders is 2018-2019. Get ready for another dilution on the remote possibility they get qualified or not.


    Edited Transcript of SCON earnings conference call or presentation 11-May-17 3:00pm GMT
    Q1 2017 Superconductor Technologies Inc Earnings Call
  • JQ is worthless. From the conference calls in the past, we were lead to believe one qualification from the customer and then a full PO for wire. Now it looks as if the qualification is two stage or something like that as JQ muddled through an answer to Bill that lead to this conclusion. Also, STI has not qualified the wire for material diffusion.... longterm accelerated life test. This tests the wire to make sure that signficant diffusion does not take place over time which could reduce wire performance. JQ said that the customer is going to do this test. How confident is STI that it will pass the additional diffusion test???? Then JQ states, well maybe we should take Bill's advice and post intermediate progress towards a purchase order. What a genius.... it would be obvious to anyone with a clue that stock holders are hanging on each step of progress due to the fact that the money runs out in about 10 months. JQ is not sure if there are 4 or 5 potential customers that are being qualified. Finally, from the CC back in March, he stated 4-6 weeks for customer qualification. Now he says the wire is in queue and has not even begun testing. You would figure a real CEO would be on top of the SCFL qualification as the solvency of our $300 million investment is riding on this order. Why does not he know that his wire qualification is in queue back in March? He needs to have a real sense of urgency and go to the SFCL and let them know the urgency. The SFCL must know that their best potential wire supplier (the one who can get them the lowest cost, highest performance wire) is in need of a quick qualification cuz of the solvency issue. Fire JQ and let a senior tech guy run the show. Most likely the senior tech guy will be infinitely more informed and have a sense of urgency that JQ clearly does not have.
  • 2017Q1 EC Summary: JQ was once again excited that he was able to string the retail marks along for another Q without a qualification and is confident that he expects to do the same for the next Q, as he has proven he's a global leader in stringing the retail marks along for over 12 years.
  • Stockpiling wire...It already may be a done deal...

    Unidentified Analyst, [23]


    Okay. So it's -- and how long would the first step take to prove itself out when you meet -- so in other words, my understand the timing is you meet the qualifications, you go to the next step which is the first order, how long would it take to figure out if that works and then you get the big order?


    Jeffrey A. Quiram, Superconductor Technologies Inc. - CEO, President and Director [24]


    Well, we have to -- we have 90 days to ship that next order. And so we don't anticipate that being a problem since we're already working on the wire that we would ship to fulfill that order. So...


    Unidentified Analyst, [25]


    Okay. So you're stockpiling some of that wire on the thinking that we'll get it and will be ready to go?


    Jeffrey A. Quiram, Superconductor Technologies Inc. - CEO, President and Director [26]


    That's correct.
  • The most worrisome aspect from the CC is this paragraph: Anyone care to comment?

    Yes, it will be run through the same parameters. We don't expect any surprises. The only caveat that I'll place on that is that we don't have the test (inaudible) to do all of their testing. So we've done the majority of everything we can do for mechanical strength, stress/strain, everything we can do on putting current through and testing the response of the wire in that way. A lot of what they test is along those lines. So we've done all that. But, again, many of these customers will do some extensive testing on, I guess, what I call is, accelerated aging sort of things in their particular device. So, however, they want to cycle that wire multiple times, thousands of times, that's what they'll do. And we can't duplicate that test. So the only thing I can say is, we believe all the mechanical parameters that we were trying to fix have been fixed, all the wire performance parameters that we wanted are there. And so we don't expect any surprises. And just a small caveat that we can't completely duplicate their test. So that's -- there's a small degree of unknown there.
  • Let the commercialization begin...GLTA...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>eff Quiram, STI’s president and CEO, stated, “During the first quarter, our Conductus® HTS wire attained the performance for which we have been striving. In March, we began shipments of Conductus to key customers that incorporated the combined improvements in both mechanical and critical current capacity performance. We continue to engage with our customers as they complete qualification of our wire for their applications. Currently, our efforts are focused on preparing for commercial production of Conductus wire.

    “Additionally, we are making good progress in our contract negotiations with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the Next Generation Electric Machines (NGEM) program. We anticipate work on our project should begin in the third quarter. Under the NGEM program, we will further evaluate several techniques that we believe will greatly improve the performance of Conductus wire while reducing the overall manufacturing costs. The DOE’s stated program goal is to bring about the rapid development of enabling technology used to manufacture superconducting industrial motors, allowing next generation motors to be highly efficient and have a much smaller footprint.

    “As our commercialization efforts proceed, new applications continue to emerge in the electrical power industry with the potential to use disruptive Second Generation (2G) HTS superconducting technology. In general, these emerging applications intend to create large-scale, low-carbon energy that create value primarily by lowering the cost of energy generation. We are excited about these longer-term projects as many industry experts now believe that 2G HTS materials utilizing Rare Earth, Barium-Copper-Oxide (ReBCO) compounds will play a critical role, allowing magnetic field performance to more than double that of the conventional superconductor wire utilized today, such as Niobium Titanium (Nb-Ti) and Niobium Tin (Nb3Sn). STI’s proprietary RCE-CDR wire fabrication process delivers superior infield magnetic performance that is ideal for many of these applications and offers capabilities not matched by many competitive superconducting wire providers. We continue to believe we are well positioned to address the demanding technical performance necessary to address these near- and longer-term market opportunities,” Quiram concluded.
  • Someone must know something. This equity should be down much more than .19 after yesterdays .26 run up.
  • testing results may be announced any day. we know that there is a delay at their customer that has "the largest near term financial demand".
    but there are 3 or 4 other companies doing qualification testing right now. they also have the hts tapes since march. we don't know much about these other companies and their testing conditions and if there are similar delays as with the "big" SFCL-customer. but i think we can expect to get sooner their results than from thos big customer.
  • Have had this stock for a couple of years now. Earnings calls are always the same "the check (or results) is in the mail!" and I have yet to hear a positive vision or plan for the future beyond qualification and first POs. I knew this was a major speculation when I bought in so I'll stick a while longer, at least until I am sure that the reason my forehead is wet is truly from rainwater. Also, I don't know if he is on here, but thanks to the Bill who always calls in with questions during the earning calls, after two years he is about the only part of thye calls worth listening to.