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  • ok it's been a while since I looked at this company. Can anyone tell me why it is trading below $1 now when just 4 years ago it was trading in the $40 range?
  • Back in folks @ .54 after a short hiatus. Made a very small profit on my last trade,
    but will make make up for it on this purchase. Expecting at least 30-40% on this
    one. Remember folks, play the swings. Don't listen to that DA Tabitha, as he/she
    is already down big time. Obviously, this idiot doesn't know the first thing about
    trading. I rarely agree with Bill K, but he was absolutely right about this DH.
    It's a risk for sure, but we shall soon see how this plays out. Hope some of you
    other traders also took advantage of this buying opportunity. Good luck fellow
  • Hi, I'm Dave. I just signed up to post on this forum.

    I am long 30K shares at .62 - I know the risks, as this is the riskiest stock in my portfolio - you can't win if you don't play.

    I don't understand all the bashing on this board - whether you make money or lose money doesn't make you less of a man or woman. No matter if you're right or wrong, none of us are 100% of either.

    I have also read some insightful posts on both sides of the argument of SDRL on this board.

    Some of my thoughts of potential outcomes - feel free to comment, but no need to bash - I would love some intelligent feedback - no matter which of these occur, I'm ok with it.

    Potential Outcomes
    1. Restructure Debt - Heavy dilution of common shareholder stock - very likely, in which case I'll push my shares into my IRA and see what happens over the next decade and a half.

    2. Bankruptcy - 100% loss (aware of this going in) - willing to take the risk

    3. If I remember right, about 25% of the float is short. With the announcement of a reverse stock split there will be a hoard of buying to cover, so that they can re-position their shorts at the higher price. This will be a good time to sell out for a small gain. Just a theory.

    4. This one especially, I would like some feedback on. SDRL as an acquisition target. Why are none of the big boys - such as Exxon, trying to scoop this company up? Or are they, and we haven't heard anything. The market cap is under $300 million. With assets over $20 billion and a debt load of $10-12B, wouldn't it be a smart time to buy - especially if the acquiring company were able to refinance that debt at better terms? Even a purchase at $15B would be good for everyone.
    Am I completely off target on this scenario?

    Thanks for any replies.

    Happy investing/gambling
  • Some decent sized purchases in the Pre-Market. The price is so cheap, that they are buying the stock in the thousands. Interesting, I think they will get a decent return on their investment. It's a BUY!
  • I'm reporting every single disgusting comment out of "Amy Dixswell's" foul mouth to yahoo by clicking the 3 dots next to her (or his as it claims to be a male) name. That person is a very angry and bitter person who probably lost a lot of money and enjoys leaving perverted comments rather than insightful comments which is the purpose of this board.
  • Dang. Am I too late?
    Just wait for earnings now?
  • be ready for a whole dollar! kaboom!
  • This week will reveal what SDRL, thru their earnings, and OPEC, thru their production cuts, have to say about the future of the oil industry. One should also look at comments made by rig competitors, like Transocean, about what they see............
    "Transocean CEO Jeremy Thigpen commented on the current offshore market and why he thinks we may be closer to a turnaround than some others in the offshore business do:
    Looking at the macro environment, we remain encouraged that global demand for oil continues to increase and according to the IEA, 2016 marked a record low in new discoveries, which certainly raises questions about future supply. We're also encouraged to see that OPEC has demonstrated both the willingness and ability to adhere to their stated production cuts. We also see that many of the named Deepwater projects that have been on hold for the last couple of years, now carry break-evens at or below $50 per barrel and, in increasing numbers, at or below $40 per barrel. And finally, we see that cost inflation onshore coupled with structural and sustainable cost savings offshore are narrowing the risk/reward gap between onshore and offshore investments. As a result, our conversations with customers remain constructive. During our last earnings conference call, we stated that a price per barrel in excess of $50 seemed to spark demand from certain independent and national oil companies. We also stated that we are seeing pockets of demand emerging in the U.K., Norway, India and Southeast Asia."
    Fasten your seatbelts......should be a very interesting market, whether you are a trader or an investor.
    Place your bets......Let's spin the wheel..........
  • Tabitha is a special kind of STUPID! I only feel free to insult because she insults all who disagree with her. Her record is a bad one. Don't listen to this FOOLIO!!
  • I'll repeat what I said FOUR DAYS AGO, when the muppets here were saying otherwise "OPEC meets on May 25, and we can expect to see oil prices hurtling upwards to $55+. SDRL will reveal surprise earnings on May 24. Do I need to draw you a chart? You want to be holding this stock on Friday 26, and in the week following..."
  • Well.... is this gonna tank tomorrow?
  • OPEC meets on May 25, and we can expect to see oil prices hurtling upwards to $55+. SDRL will reveal surprise earnings on May 24. Do I need to draw you a chart? You want to be holding this stock on Friday 26, and in the week following...
  • FOR AMY: I think what they're saying is you're a liberal idiot but doesn't know how to say nice things about anybody including yourself you must hate yourself?
  • Last chance to buy it dirt cheap folks... Tomorrow this stock spikes!
  • Just bought 100,000 shares. This POS will be $1 soon.
  • Volume is good. Looking for breakout at 0.67 with a short term target of 0.84. Buy rating at 9trading: 4.5.
  • Volume up big time today just before earnings report tomorrow. This tells methe shorts are trying to cover their #$%$. Buy today folks, and you will see a nicehealthy gain in the next couple of days. JMHO, and stay strong fellow traders.
  • Crazy this anyway, Motley Fool can wreck a stock a week before the company is about to release some good news. I'd call it blatant manipulation, where a website with an agenda can undermine an actual stock. Well there is a bounce coming, take it or leave it. If you are easily manipulated by Motley Fool then you should give up trading.
  • at which time is the earnings call tomorrow? does anyone have the links?
  • Prediction for next week: Earnings Surprise, will drive this stock back up. So get ready for some good news on Wednesday. The price of oil is already rebounding. It takes guts to hold I know, but gutsy traders make money while cowards lose money... I expect to make a profit from here.