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  • Video of a chem weapons lab Iraqi forces just captured in west Mosul. This is the front line and demonstrates how real this threat it. These IS LOSERS will not hesitate in deploying this category of weapons against us and our allies. Putting our investment aside, I for one appreciate the CBRN preparedness measures taken by the administration in the budget we've been discussing, and beyond. There is a clear emphasis on security and safety, the primary purpose of our federal government.
    قطعات الفرقة 16 تعثر على معمل تفخيخ في أيسر الموصل يحتوى على مواد كيميائية سامة
  • Anyone One here also kinda thinking if you are Management "Why Relist Before FDA Approval??" that is just money down the Crapper, I could easily see an argument from Siga "Been there done that" I could go look back at numbers but think it is like 50Kmin just to relist plus 150K a year to maintain(or there abouts) At this point I need a Rocket Shot to be Whole and Relisting after the FDA and first foreign order Just might Fit the Bill........Also Pre-Reqirement for Relist Consideration After De-Listing(which there is very Little info About Because Most Companies Do not make it Back from the Event Horizon) is that the company is to conduct Biasness in accordance with common Corporate Practices, AKA Quarterly reports, All 1935 stock filings on schedule Ext Ext........ So I do not think Relist will Happen until at Least a Quarter after A good old Fashioned Corporate Quarterly Conference Call Happens( Last one was Aug 4, 2014)
  • The 2018 President's Budget for HHS is out. While there was a 17.9% decrease to HHS as a whole, the sections relating to Siga/bioterrorism (like BARDA), actually saw increases from 2017.
  • David

    Can I ask you one question? Why are you on this board? Examples of an answer would be;
    I lost a lot of money in this stock and want to vent, I am a humanitarian and want to warn all
    so they don't make the same ignorant mistakes I made, I am a dbag. If the answer is I get a
    kick out of trying to get people upset, which is my guess I say " what a poor ignorant dbag
    you must be". I hope you find happiness somewhere. Not really.
  • That's how management that doesn't give a rats ash about the common shareholder, thinks.

    Good OL boy buddy system at its best.
  • Such INCREDIBLE news about the HHS budget that nicehedges found, that the stock is down 7%! Must be all those people rushing to buy a stock with terrible management who use the shareholders as their ATM machine! WAKE UP folks!
  • Looks like SIGA is holding another shareholder meeting that no one can attend to discuss executive compensation and free stock again. Why doesn't someone go and ask them what they have done in the past two to three years to deserve that? SIGA, the ATM machine to the executives, while the small stock holders all stand outside the windows looking in and cheering their every move. What a company!!
  • David need to stay. it is good to see two sides even it is not true. everyone should be smart to filter it out. information is not free.

    siga will go teen. it is just a mater of time.
  • Up .10 while the market got killed today.
  • siga done with 3. may stay at around 3.5 but definitely heading to $4
  • Chimerix's drug Brincidofovir didn't work on primates ... A long time ago Chimerix tried to bury the complete lack of efficacy its drug Brincidofovir had in curing primates. As soon as BARDA's RFP for an antiviral was announced, they removed the webpage that discussed this complete lack of efficacy. But you can find it with the Wayback Machine, and if anyone would like to find it, this is the link:


    And here's the incriminating paragraph from that page:

    "In vivo, the antiviral activity of CMX001 has been characterized in mice infected with ectromelia, vaccinia, and cowpox viruses and in rabbits infected with rabbitpox. In each model, a dose of CMX001 was identified that provided protection against challenge with a lethal viral inoculum. In a pilot study in monkeypox infected cynomolgus monkeys, intermittent treatment with CMX001 over 12 days produced a statistically significant increase in time to death, but not a survival benefit."

    "Not a survival benefit": Brincidofovir's drug doesn't work. Amazing that they got a $430 million govt. contract!

  • why no trades?
  • Ramping up. From the Q: Selling, general and administrative expenses (“SG&A”) for the three months ended March 31, 2017 and 2016, were $2.9 million and $2.7 million, respectively, reflecting an increase of $214,000, or 8%. The increase is primarily attributable to a $884,000 increase in employee compensation expense, partially offset by a $621,000 decrease in professional service fees. The increase in employee compensation expense is due to: an increase in senior management headcount; normalization of the bonus accrual (uncertainty related to the chapter 11 case in 2016 resulted in a below-trend bonus accrual in the first three months of 2016); and an increase of $112,000 in stock-based compensation expense.
  • Company received an increase from 17mm to 28mm in r&d grants. Mentioned in the new 10 q.
  • SIGA has NEVER, can NEVER, and NEVER WILL retain it's gains. They do not know how to keep their share price up or capitalize off of good news or a decent run. That's a fact. Any questions??
  • 50,000 share trade at $3.70. Stock moving up. Drod4balls on the bid again. ha
  • Interesting read..
    Pox virus discovery has implications for vaccines and cancer
    Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have made a surprising discovery about the Vaccinia virus, a large DNA virus belonging to the pox family that was used as the vaccine to eradicate smallpox.
  • Off Topic:::::Hey longs, I thought PiP was a bunch of Ambulance chasers but whats with ALT???? What kind of a shell Company did PiP just Merge with????
  • So, which one of you guys had to sell SIGA to a friend for $3.47-$3.50 for what 8-10k shares? Then right back to $3.74, #$%$?
  • Musher, lucky that you only need another dollar. There are a lot of other old timers (like me) who still have a good ways to go. However, your wish for another dollar is a little more than will probably happen immediately.

    But the recent run has set the stage for another sizable move. Technical analysis shows that SIGAs recent move and close above $3.50 constituted a breakout (through ascending highs). An analysis of the charts show a probable clear run to $5.00, with a little congestion around $4.50 (as some medium-time holders take some profits and longer time holders selling at their break even point. After that, there appears to be nothing significant (other than that always-possible game-changing news) before $10.00. Just sayin' (and hopin')!

    As an aside, do you think that it was sheer coincidence that CMRX came out with an announcement on April 20 within hours of SIGA's, that it was scheduling a special meeting to review (update) the market on the status of its anti-inflammatory drugs, including it's IV testing? Maybe they'll update us on how IV's might help their demised monkeys