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  • If there is anyone wondering on wether or not to invest in Silicom, please note that they are sitting on a non-cancellable $25M PO and 2018 projections from design wins of at least $40M. Some of those design wins will start shipping in 2017 and that $40M number does not include any additional $$ for new design wins. I think with all of the new wins that they have a very good change of doubling the revenue of $100M in 2016 by the end of 2019 and no later that 2020.

  • Can't figure out why anyone would sell with the new design wins and solidification of the Company. This is in a much better place than a few years ago when it was in the $70 price range.
  • Astounding report on Conflict Materials.......I cannot imagine what the cost is to comply with this degree of regulation.
  • Once we are done with all the bigfoot sightings with the media we will get back to the bull run... all these scandals are ridiculous and driving everyone crazy... Lets make some money and this company has very bright future and I'm getting tired of the daily nonsense, underming, undercutting, inuendo.. Its out of control .. time to go back up.. the downside has to be less the 2% from here and upside at least 50%
  • I think there is no way this pulls back till $45, but if markets keep goIng down on political BS, time to load up again coming
  • Another modest DW but in a new segment of a relatively new market for them. Nice!
  • “We’re not just an SD-WAN company. All of those capabilities are combined into a single piece of software that you can install in multiple places and can connect all of those with a hybrid support infrastructure. And because we have the context and analytics that we do, you can have a policy-driven environment,” Ahuja said.

    Specifically, the platform now has a built-in hypervisor that allows for third-party virtual network functions (VNFs) and services. Security services from companies like Fortinet, Avaya, and Riverbed also can be integrated into the platform.

    The platform runs on standard x86 hardware. By using white box partners, Versa was able to embed an Ethernet switch, WiFi, and an LTE adaptor into the box. These embedded functions can be managed as if they were standalone services and offered to enterprises with branch offices.
  • Cliff Grossner, a senior analyst at IHS Markit, said the total SD-WAN market in 2016 was worth $87 million in revenue among companies such as Viptela, VeloCloud, Cisco, CloudGenix, Silver Peak, Talari, Riverbed, Versa Networks, and FatPipe Networks. Of that $87 million in revenues, Viptela had about $20 million, making it the market leader, Grossner said.

    “My forecast for the SD-WAN market is $2.9 billion by 2021, so by buying someone that has over 20 percent market share and a market leader, Cisco is well-positioned to capitalize on SD-WAN and open the door for a lot of future revenue,” Grossner said.
  • we should be closer to $70 then $50 right now.......just saying
  • Am I hearing from the consensus that the product cycles and therefore huge runs and then crashes in the stock price may be a thing of the past? Been here since 2006 and held every share. Hopefully some of you long time posters hopped on board those May 40 options. Down in Florida which some college buddies playing golf and enjoying the weekend. I told them to keep their credit cards in their wallet as it's been a very nice week with my little Silc stock.
  • A new beginning. ( Star wars reference) This shift to SILC's own software line of business will bode well for the future, as was predicted here a long long time ago with the "SLIC inside" (outside due to location of bypass). Now the moat can now finally be built and land grab mode is activated. The CC clearly indicated this. With the other big "silc inside" revenue producer coming online late this year, this is setting up to be quite a multi year run. Maybe as long as between star wars films used to take to release.

    The big question will be how long can it go prior to an intc or like type type company deciding it will be cheaper (and a competitive advantage) to own silc. It appears there will be more than one bidder...and that is always a good thing.

    Congrats to all fellow long longs! It appears turbs normal 7 year investment thesis laid out long long ago (gotta love star wars references) is only a couple years late. Considering most of us have already doubled our investment just with the dividend, is quite the accolades for this company.
  • 25.3 non gap 52 cents
  • So far this is the best CC I have heard in quite some time, most likely ever from them. The $17M PO has been upped by $8M to $25M. They still have some tech challenges because it is something brand new cutting edge from the customer, so risk from the customer and also SILC's challenge of meeting all scenarios.

    I'll have to go over the call script later but it sounded like their could be 10 customers looking at SILC, existing, new, telecomm's directly not through OEM's for the telecomm's. Not sure of the size of potential DW's but I'll assume not on this scale of the $30M run rate but not back to $1-$2M either. More research needed on the market size we are talking about.

    Overall "quantities are very big, margins are lower". Lot's of stuff "converging even on the low end".

    In the words of the late, great Roy Scheider's character from Jaws hopefully we'll be saying "You're gonna need a bigger boat".
  • Let’s see what the analysts change their numbers to for 2017 and 2018 after today's call.

    I see revenue potential at $120m and earnings at $1.60 for 2017 and revenue at $150M and $3.30 for 2018.

    Of course, with a couple more design wins, 2018 could be closer to $200M in revenue.

  • CC seems to be going well. More confident and articulate than past calls
  • Guided up next Q vs analyst estimates to a range of $28.5M-$29.5M.
  • Just might be a good time to consider a split in order to get more liquidity in the stock... many funds won't touch the company with such a small float... Just a consideration
  • After wracking my brains out, I have no understanding at all at what the earnings will be.. I use to be fairly close but I have no Idea this time.. looking at some other stocks I have monitored we should do OK... GL Longs
  • A good story/rating in IBD should boost interest in the stock...

  • Dear Mr Orbach,

    Congratulations on the big design win as it is rare to win back a large customer once lost. With that in mind I have a few questions that I would like to ask and would appreciate if you can address them on the earnings call as individual investors are not given a chance to do so.

    1-Can you define what stage you are in with the customer, how much was shipped for each stage and when you believe you will start production shipments.

    2-What is the shipment schedule for the $17M PO and when do you believe you will start the $30M run rate?

    3-Once the production shipments start, will this volume be incremental to the double digit growth you have predicted for 2017?

    4-Are there any other customers for this product?

    5-Are there any additional potential design wins with this customer? If yes, do any of them have the same potential?