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Skechers U.S.A., Inc. (SKX)

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  • If you trade on analyst comments, you will never make a profit. They do control much of the price movements, but 90% of them cannot find their #$%$ with both hands. Quit watching CNBC and the rest of the clown shows. SKX will do well long term (next two years).
  • Evidently their presentation today was well received. The uptick today started with its end. Terrific video explaining the company.

  • Everything else I'm watching is bouncing back from yesterday, but not SKX. Down yet again. #$%$ is wrong with this stock. And what is wrong with this CEO sitting on their cash. Stock buyback is a no brainer except for this guy. It's like he needs a comfort blanket of $600-800M sitting in the bank doing literally nothing.
  • Foot locker said all their decline in sales is no one buying Sketchers clown shoes...
  • New 52 week low indicator triggered here see you below 15 for June or Julys exp.
  • Consider SKX a gift at this price. When the big boys are looking for growth there will be no other choice but to buy it out. Good things going in the short term as well.
  • Citi Research analyst Corinna Van der Ghinst has pegged the Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based brand as the biggest beneficiary of bankrupt Payless ShoeSource’s store closures, given “its competitive advantages in the $40-price-point range.”

    “Skechers [does] high-quality takedowns of nearly every key style released by the major footwear brands, [has] faster speed to market than peers and a strong brand connection with value and mid-tier consumers,” Van der Ghinst wrote in an April 6 memo. “With Skechers’ new segmentation strategy [targeted toward] recapturing some of the $40-price-point business they had migrated away from in recent years, we believe that [its] expanded Bobs line this year will be well positioned (and well-timed) to capture share from the Payless closures.”


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  • This is the poster child for sell in May and stay away......This is #1 short for hedgers...
  • getting really sick of this garbage stock. And when and if it does go up, take your profits and or breakevens or even losses and run for the hills. Great company, broken stock and wall st hates it and will always hate it. It's retail. and retail sucks even if international is growing by leaps and bounds They need outstanding domestic growth and that ain't gonna happen. They need to concentrate more on online and not all these stores they are opening up. Retail is a dying breed and most likely never return to those glory days. You may and should get a pop at some point. When that will happen is anybody's guess. Down the road, even when and if it pops, it'll be right back to what you are seeing now once they have another lousy quarter. Three steps forward, two steps back, one step forward, three steps back and on and on and on. Ten years from now I guarantee you'll make very little to no money. Unless they get bought out. Oh and I own several pairs of their sneakers and quite honestly there are pretty ugly and nothing thats so wonderful about the fit and comfort. Some I own are actually too soft and mushy.....
  • February 9th gap closed. $23.52 was the high that day. On the 10th the low was $26.26
  • 25 fot Friday is a done deal$$$$$$$
  • Here comes that sub 20 target. Do Not Hold long over week end. Monday huge down grade coming...
  • going to take off but when??? THIS STOCK IS GOING TO 30. Sooner hopefully rather than later.
  • It's taking off come on 28 next week
  • Talked to an analyst yesterday. His view is stock is getting dragged down because company is sitting on their cash so there's better places for investors to put money right now in companies that are much more aggressive. He likes the long term growth potential but he said there's absolutely no reason why Skechers should be sitting on over a half a billion which will likely grow to closer to 1B by end of year. He mentioned a few things they could be doing with cash:

    1. Share buyback. This was his favorite option because he thinks shares are undervalued and right now is the perfect time for a buyback.
    2. Dividend. He did not like this option.
    3. Expand faster. He said if they want to be a growth company then go after it. International expansion could grow faster if the company wanted it to.
    4. Acquisition. He had a few companies on his mind that would make sense to acquire (he did not share them with me). He said an acquisition while focusing on international expansion might cause them to lose focus so might not be the best option.
    5. Start purchasing land instead of leasing it. He thought they could swap their cash for land. Would positively impact net earnings, and land is an asset that tends to appreciate.
  • Skechers is a good buy at this level. good quality shoes. Good quarter. unfairly beaten down stock.
  • hey, thanks for the fire sale!! BUY BUY BUY
  • Not a great stock to own for the long term. If it's broken now with such a great run in the market and they just had a blowout quarter, but said next quarter may be a little light, then you can be rest assured that this same pattern will continue now and forever. The company may be doing very good, but unless it's going to be firing on all cylinders every quarter, then you can forget about Wall St. falling in live with it. It's retail, It's shoes and sneakers and this is a very competitive arena even though they've carved out a niche. Doesn't matter. Hopefully we can see a push to the mid 30's this year. With fingers crossed 35-36 range, giving it a 40% upside. They better report a great quarter next or this aint going anywhere. HUGE mistake I made buying this in the 30's and already too a sever pounding having sold off some. All I'm saying is, don't get married to this thing, there are a ton of other great companies doing such better and much much more in favor with the Wall St crowd. I just wish I could get out of this thing and use the cash to but my other great stocks I own and want to own. HA, I d rather own 40 shares of priceline right now than this #$%$
  • I have a big box lets put the Analyst inside and push it off a cliff.
  • it's heading to $22. $24 down by next week. hope to get good returns from my puts. 😃