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  • Where is Debra Shimkus? I told you guys about 2-3 weeks ago to start buying Silver. Nice move. I regret not buying more.
  • ERRR Silver up six days in a row ERRR Time to short it ERRR. Chinadoll . Where oh where is Chinadoll. LMFAO... Seriously Who cares. Just having Fun. Silver still has a LONG WAY TO GO.
  • It is so cheap now It is amazing to me how 1 ounce of silver costs the same as a large pizza.. Buy low they tell me...

    Silver: Train Leaving Station Soon! | SilverSeek.com
    Since 2003, SilverSeek.com has provided silver investors with the latest silver market news and information. This includes live silver prices, charts, articles, in-depth commentaries, silver stock updates, analysis and much more! SilverSeek.com also
  • 82 Billion away before we hit the magic number of 20 TRILLION DEBT... WOW. So just like when we talked about 18 trillion nothing will happen when we hit 20 trillion. Only we will have 2 trillion more of debt and Hyper inflation in cost of goods. Now paying a Buck fifty for a candy bar and 2 bucks for a SMALL , I don't care if star bucks likes to call it a tall... ITS STILL A SMALL . LOL Cup of coffee ... I call that hyper inflation. Expect to be paying 2 bucks soon for that candy bar soon also.
  • I KNOW ALL.... I know Chinadoll is a Butt Sniffer. LMFAO. I know Kevin and Bo Plony are Butt brothers. I know that as long as people put money into 401 k and retirement funds those funds will be used to get FROCKED OVER By the corrupt system thats in play. I know that Silver and gold won't stop being manipulated until there is not enough real silver or gold to fill any void or we have a currency collapse OR The same #$%$ who manipulate it lower are out of their short position and into a nice size long position. I also know our economy is full of hot air and Inflation is massive in this market. When we see the next Credit crisis and Debt bubble burp we will see things start to tank. But as long as the Market stays blotted like a Fat Pig people have extra money and spend it. I also know that if things were going well then they would be able to raise rates yet we are still way below DEPRESSION RATES ...Ticking Timebomb.
  • If COMEY comes with real proof, its game over for this BALLOON of a market. Big players will be conveniently short too. I do not think that the NEW YORK TIMES would risk pretty much everything unless they were sure. I know media lies but this time, not so sure.
  • cmon crush it more, is that all you got?
  • Something big is afoot in the world of Silver...

    The Silver Market Is Sending Very Strange Signals
    In April and May 2017 JPMorgan and SLV were aggressively adding silver bullion to their vaults. The big speculators in silver futures, on the other hand, are ve
  • Will this action last all week?
  • SLV still holding 14 million shares short. I see us staying in this channel for a while longer. Unless of coarse China doll can convince more of us to short shares of slv ... I doubt though there is enough idiots to take on 14 million shares worth.
  • Bitcoin has shown it is a much better safe haven over the old relic precious metals.
  • **ALERT**
    Look at my post 5 or 6 posts down under china rockets who is trying to stop you from seeing it as he is short. This will tell you why Silver is going to have the biggest short squeeze run in market history this year !
  • News just out! Will see $19 in Sliver price soon. Chile silver production drop 26% production and Peru production also drop. In this case, The total world production drops at least 20 % . Good luck short!
  • Here is the SHORT attack. I still say they cant last for much longer. IMO>
  • ERRR Im China clown ERRRR Silver was up 5 days in a row ERR Im taking a Big short position ERRR. MORON. YOU KNOW #$%$. Cheese #$%$.
  • Global silver output falls for first time in 14 years
    Demand from the solar industry was up 34% last year.

    Global silver output falls for first time in 14 years | MINING.com
    Global silver production dropped last year for the first time since 2002 driven by lower by-product output from the lead/zinc and gold sectors, as well as a sharp decline of scrap supply to the market.
  • Start adding to your short position or take a position.
  • Silver will be at $28.00 by August
  • silver Inventory is SO HIGH

  • I see people talking about JPM holding huge silver holdings. Is there any proof of that they are?
    Typically, banks don't hold silver, for themselves, do they? They might hold, on behalf of their customers?
    Someone wrote that JPM is selling silver contracts, based on its silver holdings, driving silver down..
    Can someone offer more proof of this?
    I am long silver.. just wondering that is real and what is fake news/info