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  • We have a new name and ticker symbol.

    Folks, in case you missed it, the new name is Wheaton Precious Metals and ticker is WPM.
  • How long will it take for Yahoo to install a conversation in WPM ?
  • Topic: Maybe we don’t need Ron Paul to shut down the Federal Reserve System

    “… February 2016: Bangladesh central bank reported a heist of $ 81 million from its account at the New York Federal Reserve. The FBI led an international probe into the theft that was perpetrated using the SWIFT messaging network. The money was tracked to a casino in Philippines. …”


    On the other hand, be careful of what you wish for. The result might be unwanted by billions of people, including the attackers. However, the bottom line is that the DAYS OF THE ELITISTS WILL SOON BE OVER when they can continue to commit theft with their fiat counterfeit government issued Monopoly money.

  • Has anyone heard/read/published anything substantive re: SLW's lawsuit w/ Canada? Last I've seen SLW said they were very confident that it would be resolved in their favor. Is this likely, or are they just whistling past the graveyard? It has the potential for costing them $500M which would take a huge chunk of the 640 on which they operate. Otherwise i like these guys @ $18-$21. Anybody?
  • Topic: The markets are RIGGED:

    We don’t disparage those who point to the crashing PM prices. But why don’t they point out that it is a “go away in May” phenomenon. In other words it is SOMEWHAT seasonal.

    However, why do they always fail to point out that the paper market is being used to rig the physical market when assessing the current direction? Why are not a few words inserted that indicate that this is criminal activity, or at least it was considered so in the not too distant past? When the paper market far exceeds in its downside action what the physical market is able to deliver, why is that not a legitimate reason to question extreme market direction?

    Here is one quoted example of an analyst that feigns ignorance we would put in the category of “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke):

    “,,,The trend was neutral in back in Jan, and it remains neutral on the long term charts and negative on the short term charts. In other words, the gold market appears ready to pullback as opposed to breaking out ,,,”

    We view the word “trend” as replaceable with “manipulation”, though most “analysts” shy away from this inferring that a “trend” is a free market phenomenon, rather than the latter.

    The worldwide informal connection between central banks in their efforts to keep alive their fiat counterfeit Monopoly money schemes will have dire consequences when it implodes, perhaps bringing about nuclear conflict. What brain-dead “policy makers” think they can advance themselves in such a scenario.
  • The current big lie is that the GOP’s Obamacare fix, passed by the House last week, would strip millions of America’s most vulnerable citizens of health insurance and drive up premiums for those who manage to keep coverage. Obamacare is already doing that, thanks to the economic naivety of the Democrats who crafted the law. In 11 states last year, average premiums rose by 40 percent or more.


    Finley: Obamacare lies keep coming
    Finley: Democrats are still telling whoppers about Obamacare.
  • Our latest never appeared after posted?? Unfortunately we didn't save it. It was not very favorable to the fiat money crowd and what will be the ultimate result if they continue down this path.
  • Topic: Speculative Blow-Offs In Stock Markets - Part 2, at ZeroHedge


    This is the second part. To view the first just insert Part 1 in place of Part 2 in the above title in your browser

    What amazes us is the number of those who feel they can exit at a market top. What they will discover is that by the time they’re able to actually place their sell order the market will have dropped many orders of magnitude as the elevator is on its way to the ground floor. (See the first cartoon in Part 1.) How many of those who felt they could come out ahead will find that the “down elevator” quickly passes by where they bought in as they anxiously await their turn to sell.

    The only salvation for investors is for those who realize that investments with no counter party risk will catapult them into the “nuveau riche”. Unfortunately for some, that day may arrive only for their progeny, if they have been wise enough to understand the timeline.

  • How about all those that post here keep the politics out of the post and concentrate on making MONEY!!
  • Topic: Do you like sarcasm? Here’s some for you.


    17 Reasons To Avoid Gold
    (Warning: Satire and sarcasm alert!) Central bankers are managing paper currencies for the benefit of the people, not the financial and political elite. Consequently consumer prices are stab…
  • Decent earnings considering the strike that is now resolved.
  • An interesting read: “CENTRAL BANK MARKET RIGGING: Horrified About The Biggest Global Bank Run In History”

    Available at: https://srsroccoreport.com/central-bank-market-rigging-horrified-about-the-biggest-global-bank-run-in-history/

    What this also implies, but doesn’t say, is that this could well lead to nuclear war as the necessities of human life become scarce. Central bank manipulation, and the elitists that actually run them, have one agenda, and that is massive die-offs of human populations, world wide. That follows from the bank runs that will be on their way at some indeterminate point in time. It is the elitists’ solution to peak oil, and all it implies.

    Had markets been allowed to follow their natural course without intervention, meaning all would be priced accordingly, the inept market interventions of central banks would not be leading to such a grim, but unnecessary future. Instead humanity would find ways to compensate that escapes the self-serving policies of elitists and their central bank policies.

    But isn’t that always the case when some get elevated far beyond their human potential to control the means of commerce that arose out of the barter system. The “barbaric relic” would have saved the day, had it been left in the hands of populations everywhere, instead of central banks, politicians, mainstream media propaganda and educational system brain-washing.

  • Topic: “Business Cycles Are Credit Cycles” by Alasdair MacLeod


    This guy “hits the nail on the head” when describing how central banks “mismanage” the economies of their respective countries.

    However, when he says “fail to understand”, we believe central banks FULLY understand because they are focused on plunder of all outside their inner circle. Many of those connected to these banks think of the general population as being the object of pest control creating a worldwide condition of over population that is to be dealt with by increased lowering of living standards, to the point where starvation and attendant disease brings about massive die-offs too removed from their policies for them to be targeted as the primary cause. There is just too much written about this issue to describe these monsters as “failing to understand”.

    Business Cycles Are Credit Cycles | Silver Phoenix
    This article gets to the heart of why central banks’ monetary policy will never succeed. The fundamental error is to regard economic cycles as originating in the private sector, when they are the consequence of fluctuations in credit. It draws on the
  • Topic: A blunt characterization of central banks as a criminal network

    Titled: “Crypto-Gold And Thieving Banksters” by Rory Hall


    We’ve long considered those who operate central bank operations as no better than criminals, but it took quite a while to realize that they had infected governments, news media, education systems and even the talk radio circuit of most countries with their thieving ways, including those who have the highest offices in the largest corporations. This editorial lays it all out in crystal clear detail.

    Those who write widely read editorials are even suggesting that a future event will soon reach the breaking point when people, tired of all the theft that is adversely impacting their standard of living are going to revolt, in the unlikely event that governments do not use lawful means to put a stop to the thievery. The basis of this, of course, is unconstitutional fiat counterfeit money untrammeled by the constitutional requirements of honest money, all be it the US “legal tender” definition.

    We have arrived at light years from when the US Constitution was written. The possibilities of modern technology appear to us to have made “LEGAL TENDER” outmoded in the way it is characterized in the constitution. If the government is to be involved, at all, in certifying “money” it should be to merely specify if it meets the requirements of gold backing. That would insure value as marketed globally. No more of these charades currently taking place in Congress as to “raising the debt ceiling”. If there are to be sanctions on fraudulently created money the Coinage Act of 1792 specifies what is to be done. That would certainly eliminate any perpetrators, PERMANENTLY, especially if done quite publicly.

    Unfortunately there is little discussion on how to deal with this primary problem facing all of us, especially on message boards devoted to this sector. That tells us that, yes, many people understand enough to visit here, but do not realize the depth of the problem, except in rare instances.

    Crypto-Gold And Thieving Banksters | Gold Eagle
    In order for the central bank Ponzi scheme of fiat currency to work, especially on a global basis, the central banks learned early on that gold was the enemy of their scheme and, therefore, must be eliminated from the monetary system. The first real
  • SLW under $20.
    Great time to buy!
  • Topic: Globex PM takedown today

    It does appear that there was an attack on the price of gold today, Sunday, 4/23/2014, at around 18:00 hours, NY time, just as it entered the Globex market. Apparently the “policy makers” felt the price was too high and unprotective of their counterfeit fiat US Monopoly money. A takedown (-$19) was required for the coming week.


    From an appearance standpoint PM related markets are therefore probably in for a down week. For PM buyers looking for a good price point, this hints at what could be bargain territory for the sector. However, price has been recovering quite rapidly since. The central banks and their allies are simply running out of dry powder to do much in the way of a takedown of PM price levels.

    However, this explains the hard road ahead for those hoping to take advantage eventually of the return to honest money as manipulation emerges to counteract it. The central banks and their allies are going to oppose as best they can any realization that honest money will send them and their managers to their just reward, defined by us as JAIL or WORSE. Undoubtedly “worse” will take place in some country other than the US where tradition on such matters requires effective action against the usual suspects.

    Gold Price Today | Price of Gold Per Ounce | 24 Hour Spot Chart | KITCO
    Live 24-hour Gold Price Spot Chart from New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Gold Prices Updated Every Minute.
  • Topic: ” Epiphany Time” by Richard Daughty (Mogambo Guru)

    The following, and more, says it all for most of us with an ounce of common sense. And knowing all this, how come these criminals are not in jail. How could people, in mass, put up with this? Is IQ really a measure of intelligence? Or is it measured to elevate the sycophants that are in agreement with the criminal central banks. Is our current fearless leader of the USA wise to this? He’s certainly no Ron Paul.

    “… In such moments, I idly begin to wistfully remember the good old days of blissful naiveté about economics, which is before I found out about the Austrian school of economics, which led me to completely comprehend the unbelievable Keynesian econometric insanity -- insanity, I tells ya! -- of excessively expanding a fiat currency, especially over an extended time.

    And I remember suddenly realizing, with a blood-curdling shriek of transcendental horror, how this -- yes, this! – “excess money” thing is going to destroy everything, engendering the famous-yet-pithy phrase We’re Freaking Doomed (WFD).

    Oh, naysayers always shouted hurtful things like “Shut up, you idiot Mogambo jerk!” and “Daddy, I can’t hear the TV with you acting loud and weird about the evil Federal Reserve again!”, yet I know this WFD thing for a fact - for a fact! - because big, long-term increases in the money supply has always destroyed every other dirtbag, low-IQ nation in history that ever, ever, EVER tried, or even allowed, such (how shall I delicately phrase this, perhaps with a gratuitous-yet-stupid alliterative twist?) simply stupendously staggering stupidity.

    I mean, today we have complete access to the entire corpus of data and historical facts about economics stretching back to the Garden of Eden when a snake loaned Eve an apple, and we have Mises.org happily dispensing, for free, the eternal wisdom of the Austrian school of economics, and yet we let lowlife Keynesians dictate a monetary policy of constant expansion and outright monetizing of government debt, despite knowing all of this? Are you freaking kidding me? …”

    The rest at: http://www.silver-phoenix500.com/article/epiphany-time

    Epiphany Time | Silver Phoenix
    There are times when I feel pathetically lost and lonely, adrift in a sea of bewildering confusion and unnamed dreads, here in the Mogambo Bunker Of Paranoia And Despair (MBOPAD). Dispirited by the overwhelmingly bad economic outlook everywhere (and
  • http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-free-speech-kass-0430-20170428-column.html

    The lies we were told about who would silence free speech
    The lie we were told as kids was this: The end of American liberty would come at the hands of the political right.
  • Fox News Fires Bill O'Reilly "After Careful Review Of Allegations.
    A horn dog no more ?
  • silver has been in freefall lately. any ideas?