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  • That's nice looking SGX42* long term safety data. This product should be first to market easily with three years until the next biologically based OM treatment (and not just a wash) gets submitted to the FDA. Ricin data is good, 301 data interesting. Long holding.
  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on SNGX before rallying up. Im not sure about you guys but awesom-eSTOCKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • More dropping with news
  • Folks - this ALWAYS eventually drops. Sometimes more quickly than other times. The same underlying problem has been following this company for more than 4 years. Nobody of any worth has confidence that this is nothing more than a scam to pay salaries and bonuses. There's a reason why Todd and I say this and that's because the past 4 years has shown this consistent pattern of behavior. If they are really trying to change and become a real company, well they've shot themselves in the foot about 100 times and lost a lot of investors. It will be an uphill climb until I believe they show strong phase III data for 942 or 301 in which case I would still tread cautiously.
  • Todd and Jon are shorts and have been bashing even when the stock was in the 1s. Thanks for brinking it down. I have been significantly accumulating. For those like Jon and Todd not familiar with pharmacology, 942 is in a class of medications that will not only help healing mucous membranes (OM), burns, chronic wounds etc....but it will also reduce bacterial resistance, reduce infections and help improve tumor response. The phase 2 was not a fluke. Lots or real shots on goal here for a huge product with multiple licenses. Then the vaccine division, vaccine stabilization technology, product for T cell lymphoma of skin (no current product is indicated), Pediatric crohn's......all for this tiny market cap. I continue ...and will continue to accumulate. This stock is grossly under priced.
  • Frank, that's a good one. Why don't we just ignore the facts and ignore the history and listen to you? I always say to newcomers if you want to invest just do your homework and look at what this company has done to investors for the past 4 years. If you think there's something magical today that's different than it has been in the past then go for it.
  • Anyone new to SNGX, you can just ignore this entire board. It is full of bitter longs who lost a lot of money on SNGX because they are terrible investors and don't understand science or microcap biotech stocks.

    A shelf is just smart. Any decent company would file a shelf so that they could potentially raise on good data (think SRPT, BMRN). It does not mean they're raising money and Schaber just stated in a 4/24/17 interview that they have no need to raise here.

    I'll be buying this week if it dips based on the S3. Registrational CTCL data in 6 months. Phase 3 OM in 18 months. Risk/reward here is very compelling.
  • Ebola outbreak in remote area of Congo announced today.
    They might try experimental vaccines. But no refrigeration in this area.
    Wonder if they would use our Heat Stabilization process (Thermovax)?
    Makes sense to me.
  • The ONLY stock that keeps dropping with news.
  • For those not familiar with SGX 942, back into 2014/15 it was considered a novel treatment and some called it potentially best-in-class for OM. Since then other companies have leapfrogged over Soligenix with potentially better treatments and potentially faster to market. The onus is on Soligenix to hit the gas pedal and reclaim the perceived advantages they once had. Never in 4 years have I seen Soligenix ever hit the gas pedal or address anything with a sense of urgency.
  • yes ignore the obvious stick your head in the sand and buy. Morons.
  • It took less than a week to screw shareholders this time with the shelf. SNGX is smart - they know they need to jump on any chance to take suckers money.
  • Mostly shorts on this board.....they may feel a little heat today
  • Well looky looky on a friday after market they tell everyone they need to raise 25 million after saying they had enough cash for more than a year. THey just got done draggin shareholders through the mud in the fall and that wasn't enough they need to do it again. Why do they need to do it again? because the tech is garbage and no one will partner with them so they are forced to go it alone if they want to continue to get paid. pathetic.
  • Hello Dirk - no reason to get angry at any of us. Most people don't know the score and some of us do. These boards are partly to help educate those before they decide to invest. If you or anyone wants to take a flier on this stock, then at least do so with a level of education (past and present) on what this company is about.
  • For those surprised that the stock hasn't moved on the clearance news, it is because it took 18 months to get to this point. In Dec 2015 SNGX came out with good news on phase II for 942. Taking 18 months is not only unacceptable but also a death sentence to a company that is bleeding cash.

    The announcement is positive - but needs to be put into perspective. And unfortunately there is a major hangover with this company that pertains to scandalous use of monies. They just cannot be trusted period.
  • Get over your animosity and move on. You lost. Don't pretend that you're doing any of us any big favors here. We know the score. For what they've got going on, $14M is an extremely low market cap.. We shall see.
  • Folks, the pattern continues with SNGX. CEO is looking for money and he gets a bunch of suckers to pump up the stock while he concocts a "plan" to get Rivax approved. When the stock is high, he sells shares to collect money for his salaries and bonuses. There is no Rivax approval. Don't think even for a second that this operation is legitimate. If you timed the pump and that's your game then I hope you made some money.
  • Odd to see share price lower post this announcement
  • I just want to re-iterate to everyone on this board that this company for the past 4 years has been nothing but a scheme to suck investor money into paying for salaries and benefits. SNGX has been brilliant at getting money from the government as well to do this. If you think they have changed all of a sudden and become a legitimate operation then you are entitled to your opinion and if you invest I wish you luck. Just understand the history behind this operation and the risks.