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Sunshine Heart, Inc. (SSH)

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  • why is this security unavailable on td ameliorate won't let me sell my 500 shares anyone know
  • Solid trading range. Hard to imagine more downside from low .60's. Just keep buying and holding shares at these levels. Personnel coming on board SSH have vision and focus for turning this company around. Buying another 20K to 30K if support holds. Larger buy order in lower if there are any fools with stops in under .60.
  • wow name change makes this a double???? :) :)
  • SSH will be back over $1 next week, if not by tomorrow!
  • Analyst price target shows 120, Is it really going to reach that high?
  • What's you longs' price target after ER? 2.5 maybe?
  • Lighten up Robert, don't take it so personally. I take it you've lost a pile or are still holding a losing position. I'm looking at SSH as a trading vessel, plain and simple. Besides, 5M market cap is ridiculous and investors at $1 will probably make 200% on their money. Chart is leveling off and bottoming out. I've added another 30K shares under .80 and believe historical trading patterns will again repeat themselves. I'll be happy with a triple and move on. Toodles....
  • Tiny float, good-by naysayer short sellers.
  • after this quarter looking at .35 - .40 before next CC why? same mgmt Erb has been Bd Chair for 5 years now CEO Claudia CFO same period. :) :) 24 mo hi low 230.00 - .69 no heading in the right direction... has one product a 6 year old piece of technology that generates how much revenue in the 1st quarter
  • Regained compliance. 52 weeks low was .65. Small float.

    1200 units sold between Aug-Dec, 2016. 700 units sold in Jan, Feb alone.

    95 active hospital accts in 2016 to 115 as of Feb. 2017.

    40% cost cutting.

    May 9th ER - Get in for reversal play
  • I have put a buy order at .7 today for 15K shares. Please fill my order
  • Reverse 1/30
    Issue more shares
    Rinse and Repeat
  • 75K shares will be in the black tomorrow. Christmas in May, right Robert? Stop being such a Debbie downer and get on board the Sunshine money train, knucklehead.
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  • You don't want to be shorts coming Monday because ER on Tuesday. Check out their Q4 ER for Q1,2017 ER guidance. The tine float here can destroy you shorts.
  • This ticker got pumped on FNBC board. The PO in mid April killed the momentum. ER on 5/9. Quite a jump in revenue from Q3 to Q4. Put this on watch list. If this closes HOD, I will jump in. GLTA.
  • ok, small position at .75 for reversal play. small float and ER on 5/9 - GLTA.
  • Watch and see what happens next time the volume spikes to 20M-30M shares over the course of a couple days, which it will.
  • numb nuts posting know nothing about SSH Went to two annual meetings.. biggest goof ball of all Erb.. when Kim left with her 350k you knew the company was doomed. late with CC trying to figure out what BS to say... last CC not a single ? so sad
  • Announcement of a joint venture partnership this year would send SSH skyrocketing. I'm adding another 10K tomorrow as long as it stays under $1.