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State Street Corporation (STT)

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  • So Hooley's wallet is riding high after a good year? Shareholders need to ask how much he was receiving in compensation and why from 3/2008 until now. The stock has just now recovered it's value, only took State Street EIGHT YEARS. I bet he scored well over 100 million as the stock price did NOTHING.
  • Wanna to be winner : NTWK = fundamentals sales capitalization prospects earnings ... etc !
    Being the next winner with the next explosive stock !
  • I look down thro this run of comments and ---bearing in mind the Dow is over 20,000 ----cannot see a truly positive comment about STT. The only conclusion you can come to is ---- its a crock......
  • If STT pulls back then it perhaps won't be a surprise given the current neutral performance % (y) of 43.60%. The opposite could happen though. google awesomestock-s - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • I also received an alert for $STT from http://monstastocks.com/?s=STT , any ideas? Day trading investing. -think big.-keep it simple.-search for the pattern.

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  • I find it quite laughable that Hooley comes out with statements about turning his financial institution into a Tech firm. This is the light of SSTs core operating system for processing trades is a Main Frame from the 70s. He would do far better to sort out his firms internal issues first rather than fly off at a tangent. Mind you --what do you expect from an ex vacuum cleaner salesman???
  • Amazing!! The Dows going thro 20,000 and STT stock is off over the course of the month. Just wondering how many more funds will abandon them? They are about a tenth the size of JP Morgan but you cannot really see one of the big players coming along to gobble them up --- it would be too much like hard work!!!!
  • I wonder if Trump's warning to stop shooting jobs offshore then repatriating product will scare STT into not outsourcing valuable American jobs as they have been doing since 2004.
  • Get out now. Blackrock moves its business to JP Morgan. Russell had moved its business a few years ago, therefore, its earning stalled for the last few Qs. It is on the decline.
    Sec.Lending will not make the same profit as it used to be, even though interest rate increases. Too much competition.
  • Back Down to $60
  • Seems like the only time State Street is in the National news is when they are either laying people off or paying more fines for overcharging clients.
  • The LionSta[ckAlerts team really delivered for me last week. STT exploded giving me best one-day gains I've had in years.
  • Any State Street employees with proof of ongoing fraud committed against pension plans?

    Or of self-dealing and undisclosed conflicts of interest, such as the Logue Brothers and Darehshori?

    Or of fraudulent fees charged to the federal government, such as the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation?

    The False Claims Act - as well as the (new and robust) Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections - could make you as well-off as Brad Birkenfeld, the former State Street and UBS employee who cleaned up with his record-setting IRS whistleblowing lawsuit.

    Have info? Drop me a line over on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CorpGovActivist />
    I've got great law firms I can put you in touch with, who are eagerly taking new cases, and who are well-versed in STT's dirty tricks.

    All best to all readers,

    - David (I'd personally be short STT if I owned it still)

  • How does this stack up to an entry level position at State Street in MA? They are frighteningly close


    Harvard University, striking dining hall workers reach agreement - The Boston Globe
    The university and dining hall workers who have been on strike for weeks have reached a tentative agreement.
  • It's been several months since any State Street billing scandals have come to light, does anyone know of any in the pipeline?
  • http://dataunion.tistory.com/4923

    MAY-2016 State Street Corporation NYSE : STT Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
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  • It's really a shame that it's so quiet here these days.

    Oh, well.

    As the 2016 election is also boring, I thought I'd shake things up a bit.

    Might even pop up to Boston for the 2017 annual meeting, just to say hullo and see who's still around.

    All best to all reading this.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    - David


    Rule 14a-12 Filing, March 16, 2009