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  • I'm predicting that AT&T is looking at acquiring synacor for it's Zimbra platform for a voice and collaboration offering.

    upgraded Zimbra collaboration includes text and video calls in addition to the email.

    what AT&T offers now is fragmented difficult to use
  • att is moving to an open source software philosophy for it's SDN.

    As an open source software, Zimbra fits into the model.

    I guess the question is can Zimbra be reconfigured to be more consumer-centric as opposed to designed for the Enterprise because AT&T presumably have to deal directly directly with consumers for advertising purposes and to monetize the email like Yahoo is doing
  • Scit qui est sapientia Patris sui. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3365

    Synacor Inc NASDAQ : SYNC Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • I just downloaded Zimbra desktop for email on the free open-source Edition. you need Java which is also a free download to run it. anyway I really like it I'm going to start using this instead of Windows Outlook. Zimbra is just easy to use it looks good and works great.

    it has of course the emails service, plus address book calendar, tasks and a briefcase I'm quite impressed with it my only suggestion is perhaps to make it easier for individuals to download but apparently synacor is not marketing it that way yet
  • for the sake of a new post, and perhaps discussion, I want to re-iterate my position, why I am long on this stock. I believe the CEO 3/30/300 vision is conservative or simply do-able. And I believe by the end of 2019, upon reaching that, a reasonable value for the company based on forecasted number of shares then and earnings per share then, would be about $7 per share, which represents a mere 30% gain each year - however, there is a possible up-side in the interim of the company being bought at a premium - and as well, I believe it is a nice hedge from a potential stock market crash under trump, being a super small cap, I think it would be more or less immune to an overall stock market crash
  • will synacor announce an acquisition on Wednesday?

    the company is sending the CFO not to CEO to the conference on Wednesday ordinarily a CFO with talk about financial matters such as the way an acquisition could be accretive
  • the AT&T portal is up and running so Sync should have at least an in line revenue estimate for second quarter

    anybody know how many unique visitors go to that portal?
  • Q2 looks like another ho-hum quarter. Then they are projecting over $100 million in revenue for 2nd half of year. We should be off to the races then. $8 or more.
  • it is interesting to note that att's homepage, which is shown now to be powered by synacor, is not what synacor chooses to showcase on their own webpage where they show their customers. Instead synacor showcases their older webpage product which is used by century link. it is also interesting, I think, that the old century link does not have a finance link for stock quotes, but the att one does. I did try to post this with links to the websites, but apparently that is against the rules of the yahoo message board
  • if synacor does well with the AT&T portal it appears to me that it will be in a good position to obtain the email business (Yahoo still does that now) as well

    does anybody have an idea how much that might be worth?
  • has anybody gotten excited about SYNC from watching the Straight Path STRP stock? STRP up over 400% as ATT offered to buy it then bidding war. it is (or was?) a very small cap stock like SYNC. ATT trying to buy time-warner for $85B, and this little STRP was a $500M company before the bidding war. I read that the small cap's, when they get bought by the like;s of ATT, it is usually for 200% premiums or higher. Of course I am hoping ATT will buy SYNC too, as it would be a pretty small purchase for ATT, but likely a very big gain for SYNC holders. maybe ATT will buy SYNC soon, as finally about now their revenue stream is to begin anyway.
  • Just received my notices to vote concerning the annual meting on May 18th. I have not done any reading about this yet as what I am voting for.
    I wonder if any new good news will be announced at this meeting. We need a good news push to get SYNC unstuck from this $3.50 range.
  • here is a laughable thought, but I think true: synacor's finance page via att I think is actually better than google's, and by a long shot. I know synacor versus google is a ridiculous comparison.
  • I spoke with an investors relations rep of SYNC. I asked him if the 5.7 million shares were in process of selling, or if already sold. He said they were already sold. I was not sure since the price was staying around $3.50 for so long. Maybe it was obvious from the SEC filing(s)?
  • The secondary stock offering was closed in one day. The offering was for 5.7 million shares.
    These shares were not bought on the regular market. The trading volume from yesterday does not show that.
    How were these shares purchased and by whom?
  • Careful. More than 6 percent of shares outstanding are in short hands. They will attempt to use
    this well thought out shelf offering to escape their short positions with their heads. Don't take the
    bait: Shelf offering is a sound business decision. Only 35M shares outstanding. Shelf offering being
    made in time of strength and not weakness.
  • This will bring the class action ambulance chasers. You can't tell shareholders you have the funds to support the AT&T business and then announce you're doing a secondary at a massive discount.
    It will cost a good slice of the funds raised just to settle the class action.
    What stupidity!
    Need a re-think here.
  • I warned 2 weeks ago when it was at $4.25 that it was due for a pull back. I sold everything and hope to get back in at $3.30 or so.
  • All these crooks... haven't they told the shareholders SYNC has enough cash to deliver the AT&T deal without dilution? Shame on them!
  • I do not understand why all the negativity. While on the one hand, we have a dilution on our shares - but we also have a benefit, which I assume both would need to be quantified, to see if we truly have a net benefit, or a net "loss" for lack of a better term. The benefit is that obviously (dilution aside) we have more value per share, as e company we own now has approximately $18.0 million more cash in the bank - and on 36.0 million shares, that is about 0.50 a share more of value, without analyzing it much in terms of strategic value, etc. the fact that the share price floated upward the last two weeks on low volume and no news, seems kind of irrelevant, it basically was a $3.20 a share company for the last 11 months since the AT&T contract announcement, with exception to the last two weeks or so, even less than 2 weeks?