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38.12-0.11 (-0.29%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • T seems to be stuck in low 38's
  • Two 1/4% increases by the FED have probably already been factored into the share price. AT&T's yield will still be double that of the ten year treasury rate with the added benefit of eventual capital gains from rising share prices. Looking for $.50/ qtr. in 2018, $.51 in 2019 $.52 in, well, y'all get the point.
  • Does anyone else hope that Jack B switches to DISH?
  • does anyone think AT&T may buy globalstar for their 5g spectrum?
  • If T gets back into the 37's, Ill pickup a few more shares.
  • I'm proud of T bouncing back a bit it's nice to see at least $38+ hope it cab build on this slight momentum. I guess it was oversold a bit but I would still like to see this CEO go like Ford did today. I would love to see a CEO with an actual growth strategy instead of just buying anything that is not nailed down.
  • Th, GOOD job this is a great company,And over 5%, You and a lot of people will make money.
  • Nokia wireless contractors and AT&T employees worked at home today going to the zoo. Amazing that AT&T makes money with all the boondoggling. Nokia people were out playing golf yesterday. No time to work. Just leisure for the last couple of years.
  • At least it's over $38 or now days like this in the past AT&T would have been a defensive play and would have been green. Obviously the market believes there is something wrong here since the Fed just said they are willing to be patient raising rates and the 10 year is still very low. Could it be the CEO? I would bet that if RS was removed shares would rally.
  • Hey Jack......who's making you hold your shares in this, or keep your service? We all have choices in a capitalist market.
    No one's interested in your rants....trust me.
    Go try TMUS's and Sprint's cell service......then let's have a discussion of quality companies and service.
    If you want to move away from this 139 yr old company......I doubt you'll find any hard feelings on this site.
  • 5% dividend will look less attractive when savings rates approaches 4-6% around 2020. One will be able to get 5% with no risk and insured essentially guaranteed.
  • Does anyone on here care about Jack B's posts about AT&T? They're repetitive , and have no affect on why we own this rock solid company......just saying.......
  • Bought another 200 shares at $37.53 yesterday add to my collection. I'm good, and I don't sell my T stock. My avg. is still below $29 a share.
  • Why went down today?
  • Obama and Hillary are 'CON ARTISTS'
  • Why is this stock down when the market is doing so well? I might consider nibbling when it reaches $31-$33
  • Things seem to be getting overextended for T. check out awesomeSTO-CKS, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • Buy low. Sell high. Increase if you can, otherwise hold. It's AT&T. They're not going to disappear tomorrow, next year or the year after that. Position: long.
  • #$%$ with this; the rest of the market is good, T is meh...always have positive news with no resulting bump. someone please explain? !?
  • The FCC meeting went as ATT stockholders wanted it to. Final vote on net neutrality in about 90 days. With a 5.2% dividend and great outlook with SDN and Time Warner, the long term looks good.