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  • A stay of the patient does not mean a win for AAXN it only that they will have more time to dispute the claims.Axon had previously filed four petitions with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) — the last filing was on January 12 — to challenge the validity of the claims on the patents in question, and is awaiting word on the PTAB decision. DGLY's patients have been qualified twice by the USPTO and this is still on the table. the second point is the pre-customers to a free year felt cheated and are angry for having to pay before this new business came(free) this will give DGLY a chance the procure mad customers of that plan.
  • In the short-term AAXN does not seem to be like a good trade. google awesome-STOCKS - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • This stock is ridiculous. Beats by .03 and goes backwards. Whatever.
  • Suggestion: Once a contract for free trials are implemented with an agency start rolling out better contracts if they sign on early.
    Give incentives to the freebees to sign a contract sooner rather than later.
  • AAXN could easily achieve PEG<1. In 2014, AAXN had $20m profit when operating with half of the revenue they now collect. Now with more than 2X the 2014 revenue soon to be realized, AAXN is on path to achieve over $40m annual profit while growing well over 30%, This leads to its current valuation at setting the PEG below 1, a huge buy signal for investors.
  • If🌱you🌱want🌱to🌱make🌱them🌱livid,🌱tell🌱the🌱truth. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3375

    TASER International NASDAQ : TASR Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Yahoo finance boards have gone silent since the "Improvements".
    AXON (Taser) was very active prior to them. Does Yahoo see that?
    Does Yahoo care?
  • Monday is going to be great! Finally some good press from human eyes instead of software programs. Taser has never fit into any mold -- not weapons, not defense -- so the company has NEVER been analyzed properly. Well, until now it seems. It has to be analyzed and judged like a unicorn -- different and unique in every way. Any intelligent investors willing to think a little outside the normal retail box and with a real understanding of the lucrative subscription model should be turned on by AAXN's loss leader strategy of offering free trials of its on-officer cameras and related software system. TASR/AAXN has been growing by returning its(our!) profits into the company for (literally!) YEARS to ensure its dominance of the new field it helped create. It is now at an inflexion point in its growth cycle where it has poured its profits into its own expansion for such a time that it is about to burst! But it is PREPARED for the sudden growth ahead -- are you? Hang on!
    .... just me sayin'...
    & JD's 'predictions from the orchard'...
    K in VA
  • Future metrics or pass metrics? AAXN stock is priced on past financial metrics. No doubt. Stock pickers rule out AAXN because one or more of its financial metrics don't meet their criteria. The new CFO has the ideal set-up to not only improve financial metrics but to proceed stellar financial metrics. Cloud subscription revenue at current levels is new for AXXN yet still growing! Revenue is predictable for multiple quarters, if not years, making income projections and cost of growth much more predictable as well. Currently, AAXN P/S is approaching or dipping below 4, signaling a very low valuation for cloud services companies. If you look at the 20-30 public companies with P/S greater than 8, a majority are cloud services companies. As I've noted before, I can't predict AAXN value in the next six months, but I can in the next six years.
  • All you people that post lies on the DGLY to do only harm on other people's investments will only harm your own!!!
  • Can anyone explain the action since earnings were reported? Instead of going back down, I think the stock should be going up. The future is bright and I don't think the near term is bad either.
  • Old but good read AAXN has the right tools and platform to resolve these issues


    A four-month investigation reveals Houston's $8 million police body-camera program is falling short of its promise.
  • High % of "shorts" (26% of issued shares are short) on Taser. It might be a good buy for no other reason than a "short squeeze".
  • Should have sold a 28 you will regret that indecision it will drop quick take your money and run.
  • https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/05/9483072/the-axon-digital-ally-lawsuit-may-not-proceed-to-trial

    Judge Grants Axon Stay In Digital Ally Patent Suit (NASDDAQ:DGLY)(NASDAQ:AAXN)
    The patent battle between Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AAXN) and Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) continues. Although WestPark Capital reported Tuesday that the next hearing...
  • So much unanswered questions this was done on the fly. What is the ceiling on free, if it is not wanted after a year, how much will the free gift cost, and how bad will it hurt the stockholder in the short term?
  • What AAXN is doing with free set-up is good for the company but not good for the shareholder.I told you that the management does not care about the shareholder this is for future growth but it will take time. People thought it was a good idea and there was a pop but what you got is smoke up your blow holes.
  • FREE FREE FREE FREE what fools.The bottom line on free is nothing
  • Boy o boy, AXON just refuses to take part in this rally.
    I been trading Taser for 3 years now and done well.
    I'm thinking money went away for a year with the freebies?
  • i never learn with this stock. I told myself to sell at 28 no matter what and here we go again, backing up. What does this stock have to do to make a substantial move up!