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ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury (TBT)

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37.21-0.37 (-0.98%)
At close: 8:00PM EDT
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  • The upside potential for TBT just got a whole lot more interesting. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awesomeSTO-CKS which are working out pretty well.
  • TBT now down over 10% YTD, lol. This happens every year...
  • It's really crazy that this is dropping noting the Fed is going to start unloading their balance sheet...
  • TBT is now down 8% YTD. It's an annual tradition - economic optimism flourishes in the first quarter of the year, then the cold, hard reality sets in that the economy is nowhere near "escape velocity", and interest rates collapse. The Atlanta Fed's GDPNow forecast is projecting real GDP growth of only 0.6% for Q1 (that's an annualized rate). Producer prices just declined 0.1% MoM, wage growth is nonexistent, commodity prices are crashing in China, and the "base effect" of oil prices is about to disappear in the second half of the year. In short, the inflationary pulse is dying, and the Trump euphoria is fading. TBT remains an excellent vehicle for losing your money twice as fast!
  • Got a great report from http://yugestocks.com/?s=TBT about $TBT. I did have to subscribe but it was worth the time. Thank you guys for the tip! Investing trading stocks. Chaining: a method of attaching programmers to desks to speed up output.

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  • Josh asked me about pivots. Technical analysis generates support/resistance and pivots where prices tend to bounce,swing or pivot. Not the same as a key reversal. I use multiple online/ offline sources to generate my numbers.

    Bear in mind that technical analysis is a self fulfilling prophecy- just 50% of the time. It's just a guess...

    Click on Montana to see other numbers on stocks I trade. Seeking Alpha message boards are packed with many opinions and numbers for most stocks.
  • Im Kinda dumbfounded on why we didn't get a pop today? Admidst Good Job numbers higher interest rates and higher inflation
  • wow. took me out bigtime. OUCH
  • I've been long $TLT for a few years. Covered, bought and now up nicely in $TBT. Pivots 42.06, 43.22 with resistance at 44.13. Job numbers and interest rates forecast higher-Buy. I will be adding to this winner on pull backs. GLTA, Sparky Pete
  • going to 44 between now and next friday
  • I also received an alert for $TBT from http://monstastocks.com/?s=TBT , any ideas? Mcdonald's corollary to murphy's law: in any given set of circumstances Making money trading stocks.

  • official letter sent by senator lamar smith today to Pruitt to withdraw epa pre-emptive veto. just got a copy from hunter dickinson. unable to post to site here. keeps getting denied.
  • The Smell of
    Inflation and higher interest rates are in the air
  • Market has only priced in two rate hikes this year and fed has told us they are auto-pilot for three because given the positive economic conditions they don't feel rates are appropriate at this unnormally low level. Unsustainable to keep inflation in check longer term. Things are starting to normalize. You can average in here very comfortably and sleep well at night. It will be much higher in weeks and months to come. The rate hiking cycle has just started. 1 of probally at least 8 quarter point hikes in next 22 months. This should be a double in that time period.
  • Chart says heading to $43-45 in next 30 days. Going back to sept 16, it's been steadily heading higher, but got a little ahead of itself in dec 16 and now poised to resume steady slope up with rates.
  • TBT lost 17 cents in two days

    On February 7, 2017 when the 20 year rate was at 2.74 TBT was at $39.51

    and two days later when the rate is again at 2.74 the price is at $39.34
  • Seems like the only thing everyone can agree on is that rates are going to rise. We have some nice short covering to occur here after such a long time going down. Enjoy the ride back to $60 fast and than back to $80-$100 over the next 1.5 years or so, is what seems reasonable if rates are allowed to normalize.
  • Trump talked about how pension funds can't meet goals with rates subdued. He is acting and people are going to flood to this as we saw today on a down market day.. Rates are going up kids. Fill ur pockets here.
  • 10 yr. interest rates go to 4% - what would be TBT's price?
  • Fed minutes indicate rate increases might be excelated.. I like the sound of that. Normalization will be hard for America to stomach but in the long run, better to allow market forces to determine prices.