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Target Corporation (TGT)

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As of 12:50PM EDT. Market open.
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  • Oh dear, Deja Vu of yesterday, market is up and TGT is dropping. :-(

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  • how has Target CEO /management still have a job????? credit card debacle, self-killing trans bathroom policy.....i mean the stock has only lost 50% of its value under this stellar leadership...bk in two years...management is that damn bad
  • 54's..... tic toc...tic toc....TGT is the worst managed company ever... BK in 2-3 years... I see this with clarity
  • Demented Democrat: Going on a few silly/childish tirades today...what's new?...what a Demented Buffoon.
  • By the way, TGT is still LOSING! Just thought I'd put that out there. :-)
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  • TGT up a little at the bell. Demented Idiot better start posting 100 more posts.... Get busy DD.
  • Will it turn green, c'mon, the little engine that couldn't?
  • More c!!!
  • Simple minded "c" is a believer lol


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  • Wow... looks like gonna be big up day in the market. Even M is up, lol.

    TGT, seems to be suffering from LWNJ-itus.
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  • heading under $50......I don't own nor have it shorted, but love watching misery of companies like Target that decides to #$%$ off customers to make 1% feel good.
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  • Ford fired their CEO because F drop 35% from its high. Coincidently, TGT has drop 35% from its high. How much time does Cornwell have?
  • TGT had another great RED day. Under $50 coming soon.
  • Hey it's tranny dave the liar, wait.....what is this? Another lie? Typical. lol. A lil projection mixed in thar, huh tranny dave? lol :-)
  • Still no ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX, MPT, etc?