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Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. (TLF)

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  • Dear Bandera Partners LLC and all institutional holders: Please vote your shares against the management recommended positions on the annual meeting. As a long term shareowner I'm still waiting for you big institutions to pressure the company to sell itself to a larger and better managed retailer or to take the company private. Come on Bandera, put some pressure on this company to accelerate itself. Why not, eh?
  • 5-4-17: TLF opens $8.25 down 60 cents or about 7%. Hardly any shares trading; guess the market for buyers is weak. Unfortunately it looks like TLF will revisit the $7's soon. What a shame.
  • 5-3-17 earnings and pretty poor. Just as I suggested before, the bad misstep that mngnt made raising salaries based on a law that never passed hurt the company. Again, international sales fell. Worse, North American based sales fell even more. Net income down 19%. The CEO suggested that "it will pay off in the long run". Wonder how long? It appears IMHO that mngnt runs this company as job security for the senior and now mid level mngnt. Not for shareowners. I will continue to sell over time unless the stock takes a hit in the morning. What a shame.
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  • Here's some good news for a change from me. The market seems to have absorbed the poor earnings report and the salary misstep [or misjudgement] and the stock has seen a steady rise from $7.25 to today's $8.25 which matches the 52 week high, less a penny. Even better is that is only about 65 cents away from its 2 year high. Still a way to go to reach the 5 year high on $10, but hope springs eternal, doesn't it? Stay tuned....
  • Weak🌱things🌱united🌱become🌱strong. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3427

    Tandy Leather Factory NASDAQ : TLF Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.3 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Don't know if this is good or bad news, but if the stock price rises by $1.85 or so it will be back to $10.00 a share. Where it was back in Dec 2013.
  • Earnings out and they're poor again. Then there's this gem: "In addition, at the beginning of December, we increased our store managers’ base compensation by nearly 40% to comply with the expected FLSA overtime rules that have since been delayed." A very very poor decision by the executives. While I'm not against "investing in our people", a 40% raise will hurt earnings for the next 12 months or longer. the ripple effects will make the problem worse. Now that regulars employees see that raise, many of them will demand higher wages. What a poor decision, raising wages by 40% BEFORE the law took effect!!
  • FINALLY, TLF has chosen a new CFO. SADLY, it took them a year to do so. The previous CFO has been doubling as CEO along with other corporate duties such as Treasurer and Director. Obviously Ms. Greene will be the new CEO-why did TLF take a year to pick a new CFO? Sadly it appears just to keep the gravy train going for the senior mngnt of this company instead of taking actions to revitalize the company for its shareowners. Why do things move so slow at this company's HQ? Oh, I answered myself earlier. "The gravy train". Yes I'm frustrated as a shareowner. Sigh...........
  • Found a great no fee daytrading newsletter, vist T0pMarketGaIners.c0m and sign up...so glad I did
  • TLF's decision to quit reporting monthly sales is good for 2 reasons; one good , one bad. The good reason is that reporting monthly sales, especially for a small company, is time consuming, costly, and not necessary for investors. The bad reason is that it gives the management more free time which is not likely to be productive. More free time means longer 'vacation style' trips to visit the mostly worthless foreign stores or to go fishing locally. When will TLF take steps to correct this company's direction?
  • admittedly not a large sample, but I never notice companies abandoning monthly reporting when monthly sales have been good for the year.
  • Dear TLF management, employees and shareowners, especially Bandera Partners who own about 30% of all outstanding shares: Happy Holidays to all and special wishes for good holiday sales! We long suffering share owners would like to see next year be a special one. Perhaps a special dividend? Perhaps selling the company to a larger retailer? Perhaps selling the company to a hedge fund or turnaround specialist? Please do something different. Hey, how about taking TLF private?
  • just when they thought they would make it back to $8 for the first time in over a year - DROP!
    what a dog.
  • Dear TLF management: You gave us a special dividend in 2010, 2012, and 2014. How about another one before this year is out? We long term supporters of your company are hoping for one. And by the way; how's that search for a CEO coming along? I'm starting to wonder if no one wants the job.
  • FINALLY! International sales for August were up after months and months of declines. Oh wait, same store sales decreased 6%. Oh well, at least the bottom is in [maybe] for sales. Wow, maybe senior mngnt better book a trip overseas to see how things are! Take family or some friends to shop those stores for an hour and then sight see for a week or two since the jet lag calls for some time off while in those exotic locations.
  • TLF has some odd accounting, i.e. they lump corporate costs with wholesale store results. Still, Shannon Greene, former CFO, seems to be doing well as chief executive.
  • More bad news from TLF . July results worsen as sales down 5% and comp sales down 3%. Once again, International sales were even worse, as usual. Oversea sales down 15% and same store sales decreased 27%. International sales? Ridiculous.
  • yahoo - this new format sucks.
  • June sales down 4%, continuing a weak performance for this company. I'm wondering if TLF is going to bring in some more management as the CEO, CFO, CAO, and Treasurer are all one person. Outside experienced turn-around people would be good. Or at least an explanation of future plans would be nice for us lowly shareowners!