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  • Many times the stock price has already built in anticipatory news. In this case, reading other blogs, many are anticipating that it's a given that the PDC 1st trial will be a success and therefore the announcement will catapult the price to who knows where. Could it be the the current price is all there is for now? It is true, "sell the news", does often happen. On top of that this stock exchange is truly a "venture". Stock peddlers are always looking for ways to be on the take. On top of all this will be the forthcoming PP.
  • Watching and waiting.....................hopeful for good initial results.
  • Will the share price build into something more than what has happened in the past? If you look at the 10 year chart you'll see that the share price has been at these price levels before. For a better chart, I always look at the Canadian price chart as more shares trade off the Canadian exchange than the US. The share price has hit this juncture before. So what will make it different this time other than heading back down to the frustrating lows? I'm looking for the price to trade sideways for a while. What I don't want is some type of blow off top where the share price spikes and then dies. It takes a lot of time to heal this kind of price action. So, much like climbing stairs, I want to see new price levels to firm up for some time before moving on to the next level. Should the price build in this type of consolidating manner then perhaps we can kiss the lows goodbye as new higher lows will become the new expected threshold. Time will tell what kind of investors are buying into this stock. The volatility in price, as in the past, comes from those who perhaps don't have a longer time horizon that may be necessary to experience more significant returns. I'm thinking this could be the best ground floor opportunity for this stock. There is a place for those who are in this for a certain pop. These investors will provide liquidity for other investors.

    Time will tell if this stock will be stuck in the "penny" stock realm.
  • So the temporary bottom line is How well will the current human testing turn out and if it is extremely positive as I am sure we all hope for, What do you see the price of our shares going forward? I will say that I had over 450000 shares up until a year or so ago but I gave up and bailed out.. Now I have been nibbling a bit and have 50000 shares and am considering buying more. I would appreciate any and all positive comments
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  • if the three patients do well next stage is 6 patients.We should know by June how this plays out.
  • 2nd patient treated... Result... Down 2 cents.

    This is a very frustrating stock.

    It does not behave the way it should IMHO.

    Researching company history there has been several awful PPs and I believe the market is factoring in the next one is coming and might be equally as bad. No one wants to take a chance?
  • If they peer review and testing is considered positive this stock can triple in a day
  • We are now back to where we were a year ago. Wow, pretty exciting, No? Yes, the news is positive but expecting a move beyond $0.40+ seems overly optimistic to me. The market is not going to really re-value this company until some real proven results appear and that is still a ways off. Not being negative here, just realistic and trying to maintain a solid footing for my expectations. As always, "No Experts Here." and glta
  • Seems to be a big pause. Not a lot of volume. News finally coming regarding 3 candidates? Yesterday somebody wanted it on the Canadian side and they paid a little premium. Most constructive recent sp technically speaking. Will it follow through? Will soon find out.
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  • Why isnt the stock trading?
  • Wow! The general markets and most sectors are off to the races and where is Theralase? Read the following from a stock promoter released today 2/7/17:

    "Theralase Technologies Inc.

    On Monday, shares in Toronto, Canada-based Theralase Technologies Inc. ended the session 1.75% higher at $0.29 with a total volume of 291,588 shares traded. Shares of the Company, which designs, develops, manufactures, and markets super-pulsed cold laser technology for a range of human, companion animal, and equine applications, are trading below its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Furthermore, the stock's 200-day moving average of $0.35 is greater than its 50-day moving average of $0.31. Register for free and access the latest research report on TLT.V at:"

    Why would anyone put their money into a stock where the 200 day moving average is greater than the 50 day moving average and the current stock price is below both????? This is basically saying this stock is dying and it certainly is. Shareholders are expressing their confidence in management and are also collectively saying the cancer product is a sham. Stock promoters will say this is a contrarians dream, a grand slam, a chance in a lifetime to bet that one is right while the whole market is wrong. Vegas anyone?

    This stock is being abandoned for good reason. There are too many other stocks rewarding investors. Theralase management does not reward shareholders and they haven't ever and the market is saying they will not ever reward shareholders. They have no intention of keeping a shareholder base as they continually rip off any seeming hope of value.

    How would you like to be the promoter that just wrote the above? You have to be pretty thick skinned to promote Theralase unless of course they get paid in some type of stock ownership which will just drive the stock price down even further as the promoters want to immediately get paid in cash, not some empty promise. So my guess is this recent stock promoter advertisement is directly contributing to the debasement of the share price. The stock promoter has to promote the stock just to get rid of any shares received for compensation.
  • So why is this stock going down? Because this was planned all along. This isn't something happening by chance. Those who you are supposed to trust are absolutely untrustworthy. This is a con game. So when will you hear of the 3 clinical trial patients? Don't be surprised that you won't hear anything.....even then remotely anything until after Theralase management and company come and willingly dilute your "investment" again and again and again. You will be left holding nothing but toilet paper. Others will tell you that such and such will happen down the road. You are made to feel like you are an idiot for not believing in management and company. After all it's "volatility" isn't it.

    Ask yourself, if this is such a wonderful management and realistic product, why is the stock price dropping? Simple, the cons are selling their shares they got very cheaply and at your expense. Wall street knows what is going on. Market makers, paid bloggers (see stockhouse.com as there are plenty of them there) who get shares at your expense, and friends, etc. all have access to shares dirt cheap and turn around and sell them to you who are anticipating forthcoming good news. Except, you don't really get to hear it as you eventually sell at a loss to more unsuspecting "investors".

    I don't think anything good is coming and the only one who doesn't know it is you. Listen very carefully to the emotional reasons as to why bloggers tell you to hold on and buy more. They are buying right? Wrong. Their slick words are cheap.

    I personally believe that, while many if not most will never know who the cons really are, there will be consequences eternally unimaginable. Listen carefully to those who think they have sublime wisdom. There is life after all is said and done and I believe the consequences will be unimaginable.

    So do you hear the pie in the sky financial projections? Do you hear the constant excuses as to why company goals aren't met (wink wink). Doesn't matter so long as the con artists keep the dog and pony show going and emotionally try to set the alluring story line to separate more money from you.

    You know why the cons are here? Because you took their bait and help feed their family.

    Ever heard of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre? Aren't they the ones handling the 3 person trial? And yet, they make no mention of it on their website. Not a whisper. Isn't this technology supposed to be at least a subject that a cancer research facility would want to make known to their public? And yet I can find no mention of any forthcoming 3 person trial as purported by Theralase management.

    So why is the stock price of such a promising management, cancer technology and laser pain managements systems dropping like a rock? It's all part of the plan. And no, I don't short stocks.
  • More volatility, this time to the upside. As I've been stating this stock is going to give people fits if they hold on too tightly. With this one, time and some luck is needed and if that is uncomfortable then better to sell. glta
  • The following came from Stockhouse.com. I found it interesting. A lot of common sense about Theralase and it's related share price versus it's history. The bottom line is the share price. Makes you wonder how long it will take to get 3 bladder cancer patients to risk their lives on the cancer wonder drug. Go back over the share price for the last 20 years. Never crossed $1.00. The share price is on the verge of collapsing to sub 5 pennies and will do so when management decides to again sell shares and simultaneously drop the share price.

    So why is the share price not indicative of such promise to heal cancer? Read the following. I don't think this guy has an axe to grind. Sounds like he has a lot of common sense:

    "RE:The Long Con.............

    Lololololol. These boiler room hustlers never stops. In 2014, they told you it was a matter of time. In 2015, they told you it was a matter of time. In 2016, they told you it was a matter of time. In 2017, they are still telling you its a matter of time. Just lol. When has TLT ever made their timeline or met their guidance. Remember the first thing I asked in 2014. What is the bench mark for a penny stock pump and dump play. How long do you wait. The boiler room hustlers said wait till end of 2014, you will be multimillionaires. Just lol. I told you nothing will happen. Its now 2017, you are not an investor anymore, you are a bag holder. This is how a long con works. The con is to keep you holding and buying and holding and buying. Why do you think every post they are telling you they are buying imaginary share and and encouraging you to buy actual shares. This is how penny stock works, the transferring of worthless papers to the sheeps for your real dollars. Your money is gone, all you holding onto is worthless papers. You need a bigger fool to dump your shares to. With the OSC putting a kibosh on this pump, you won`t even have that opportunity to dump on a bigger fool anymore. This is dead money exactly like I called it after 2014 pump and dump. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news. Just couldn`t stand the nonsense and the lies the he boiler room are spewing. The share price is the only truth you have in the stock markets. Cheers."
  • So called elections for Board is a farce. Large shareholders will keep the status quo.
  • I'll buy it at the bottom
  • So why the heavy PP discount? Simple really. Management can't sell their credibility and lack of integrity. Any "sophisticated" investor is going to realize management has sold out the current shareholders and they will be buying into the same arrangement. Management has never been truthful about their cash burn rate. It will also be public record that Laser sales will not be close to $10 million. So my guess is management is talking to someone who has just gotten off the plane in Vegas whose intent is to gamble away some big bucks. Management is holding out their hat and asking that the gambler to give their money to them instead. Sad thing is Vegas will give better odds of winning.
  • For what it's worth, I said this very recently:

    Since this observation the stock has dropped 30% even after a supposed brain cancer rat test. So I very much agree there is nothing happening here if it's stock appreciation your after. And don't forget, this company is rapidly running out of cash and they want you to pay for it come "provate placement" time. But someone else is going to get a sweet deal. It just won't be current shareholders. "

    Not rocket science.