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  • Just looked at the 10Q and I am having a hard time finding the travel expense numbers for Q1 wondering if family and friends are traveling on the Trans Lux arm ( just my own thoughts). If any finds the numbers please post.
  • The great CEO/CFO can't grow earnings still the same BS story. George and Sal on the board making $3,000 each a month makes me wonder for what. I am sure if you ask them they would have a story to.
  • This company has little chance of moving forward. What was once a major player in sports video boards is long gone as are the talented sales people. Fair Play doe good job in some areas on high school boards but little over that and nothing in any Pro areas. Their indoor business in finance is gone as the products no longer are led at they can supply. Top management is not experienced in these fields so that just leaves light bulbs. Big market but Home Depot can service that market so that doesn't leave much .
  • WOW travel expenses up with manufacturing moving from China back to the US I would think travel expense would be less. Wonder if the CEO/CFO is treating family and friends on the Trans -Lux CC. Just my thought.
  • What a leader CEO/CFO has nothing to say about the year which is a good thing because everything that comes out of his mouth is all BS
  • WOW the CEO did such a great job as CEO that the Board made him CFO also. Nice CEO/CFO wonder if the pay raise came with it. What a bunch of idiots Wonder how much longer Mario will fund this insanity. CEO/CFO has no clue on shareholder value. A glorified salesman as a CEO/CFO not good just look at the last 5 years. The big difference between a salesman and a CEO/CFO is a salesman beleives his own BS and a CEO/CFO is a leader with the ability to execute a business plan. Headlines read : "CEO/CFO brings down 100 year company all because of lies and stories and not able to excute a business plan"
  • I would not be surprised if BOD voted to paid out the contact of the all talk not action CEO and told him to hit the road. In his term as CEO he has done nothing for shareholder value. I don't even think he knows what that means because he is so self-centered.
  • Time will tell
  • Rex the answer SEV when he cleans house with the dead wood at TNLX.
  • How can anyone invest in a company where Ryan Morris serves on the board? He is the lowest of low, the dirtiest of dirty. At one point not only was the SEC investigating him, but a prosecutor in Mexico was, and the regulators in Canada were on his trail. He was fired as Chmn at Lucas Energy after managing the company into the ground. He was fired as Chmn at INFU just before a big accounting scandal. He was just fired as Chmn at Sevcon after only being in the job for four months. The SEC is investigating the guy for manipulating shares of OMEX. He had to publicly apologize for lying about Aberdeen International after his failed proxy fight. No investor in his or her right mind would touch a stock where Morris serves on the board. There are always cockroaches around this guy!
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  • CEO still full of himself and the board sleeping at the wheel. 3rd quarter down quarter after revs keep falling. CEO can tell stories about everything but not about the numbers
  • Update I still have not received anything on my inquire to R.I.T on the CEO donation of a million dollars. All BS
  • I wonder when the last time the CEO bought shares of TNLX? He must not be buying his own BS stories. I guess he is the smart one.
  • Please I need a show of hands of who thinks this story is TRUE and not a bunch of BS "Allain donated $1 million in 2012 to his alma mater The Rochester Institute of Technology to help build the Gene Polisseni Center, the University's new hockey" arena.
  • 3/12 just another story“An integral component in our new business plan is to be more than just a provider of LED technologies, but a true partner with industry leaders to deliver specific solutions to present and future needs. We believe our relationship with Joe Gibbs Racing gives us added visibility and access with business influencers that will help us cultivate new business opportunities,” said Mr. Allain. ?????? So Mr. BS did it cultivate any new business LOL
  • The CEO idea of continued growth is more financing with falling revenues. What a way to run a company you idiot. Here a question for the CEO how many years have you been CEO and where has the stock price been? When you answer the question and see the results and look at them then even you will believe that your an idiot.
  • Oh wait thats right Joe Gibbs Racing Team had to sue Trans-Lux for the monies due them.