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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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  • There have been countless posts as well as staggering comments related to GM and Ford on this board. WHY don't some accept the idea that other than Tesla being a US manufacturer, there is ZERO connection to those two companies? Tesla makes a luxury vehicle. Therefore, if comparisons are to be made, it should be about brands and model, plus operations of LUXURY VEHICLES! Anything else is just noise, completely pointless. I've said it numerous times. Apparently some don't get the message.
  • "Tesla’s Model S has fewer than 20 moving parts, compared with almost 1,500 moving parts in an IC-engine car. This means that there are fewer steps in the assembly process, fewer suppliers to deal with, and lower inventory of components and parts"


    Why Tesla Could Become the Next Apple
    Tesla is disrupting the product as well as the factory that makes the product—something that incumbent automakers will find difficult to do.
  • Wow! Everybody likes Musk and his processes. Boeing and Airbus have just announced that from now on they will adopt the Musk's Manufacturing Process (MMP) to develop new airplanes. No more prototypes or prototyping, it's just a waste of time.
    From now on all ideas for new planes will be immediately put into production, with beta testing on consumers to follow withing 24 hours.
    NASA and Nuclear Weapons manufacturers are also expected to switch to the MMP in a few weeks.
    Note that the MMP process has been successfully used by North Korea in nuclear bombs development, as well as in development of ballistic delivery vehicles, one of which has not exploded at launch.
  • I hear people trying to suggest Tesla is making "disruptive technology" similar to something like "the Model T" -- this is NOT an accurate comparison. The Model T was replacing the HORSE AND BUGGY. An electric car doesn't really do anything better than an ICE car; while EVs can be nice, they are nothing like the "eliminating-the-horse" benefit people experienced when buying a Model T.
  • heard a rumor ===== Tesla's battery swapping system never worked

    They promised full nationwide roll out at every charging station and they failed.
  • WHat does FCEL,GPRO and TSLA have in common ?
    Well GOPRO was arounf 90.00 near the HIGH now 8.00 and change,
    FCEL CRASHED HARD at .91 CENTS despite many analysts PUMPING
    Simalar to TSLAS night after night pumping. Note look again at the pumping
    everytime this stock gets a iitke down trend the pumping comes in
    usuall on CNBC. EV's been aroud for 20 years and just DO NOT SELL that great
    there is a reason and its EV's r NOT practiale4 last thing u want to do
    after a hards day of work is plug your cord charger everynight so I can get to work
    the next IMO TSLA will go the way of FCEL . TSLA does not make a DIME

    ENDLESS PUMPING about EV's LOOK OUT fast money pumping tryingo hold OIL down
  • Oh, my! Newsflash: A new report slams Tesla working conditions, claims employees have suffered twice as many serious injuries.
    One of the dying workers stated: 'I only regret, that I have but one life to lose for Tesla and Mr. Musk, for $5.50 per hour.'
  • I like this pope. He is more like Jesus than some other popes.

    "Francis also gave Trump ... a copy of his 2015 encyclical letter on the need to protect the environment from the effects of climate change.

    "Well, I'll be reading them," Trump said."


    Pope asks Trump to be peacemaker, gives him environmental letter
    Pope Francis urged U.S. President Donald Trump to be a peacemaker at their first meeting on Wednesday after they exchanged sharp words last year, and Trump promised he would not forget the pontiff's message.
  • Anytime the stock drops even a little bit this board becomes unreadable with dip ishts celebrating like they invented cocaine. Up 2400% down 2% time for shorts to have a parade!
  • A theoretical question for Tesla fans and tunneling under LA enthusiasts:
    How would you like to be traveling at 150 mph 150 yards below the ground in a MuskTunnel when a 7.8 earthquake hits?
    How about 9.0 ?
  • This thing should be under $250. Every analyst, short and long, has a specific agenda for the company they represent. No analyst gives any unbiased opinions any longer. I'm breaking even in this market, but it's really like gambling nowdays. The entire market is totally rigged and the government doesn't care.
  • From a fantastic article someone posted below:

    Tesla has over $6B in debt that will be coming due over the next 5 years

    Tesla is a poorly capitalized company, compared to the competition, operating in a low margin and highly capital intensive, cyclical business
    What if a recession were to occur and Wall Street capital is no longer available? By the way, it is not an “if” question but a “when”

    InvestorAlmanac - Tesla: Over-Hyped, Lousy Company Destined for Bankruptcy (Vilas Capital)
    Vilas Capital Management – Tesla, Inc. (John C. Thompson), April 5, 2017 “Tesla is merely one of a huge crop of companies who sell “the future” to the markets, both private and public, and rely on …
  • So i sold shares i held from 219 to 285... moved that into another investment and was surprised to see this surge past the 300 mark so soon before Q3 earnings.

    Taking a statistical approach the historical data 2012 to end of 2016 id say that the buy point before Q3 earnings is somewhere in a 245 to 265 window... Anyone think we will see this level again in a market scare at some point before Q3?
  • Someone posted the question "what other automakers have had a PE like Tesla?" and it was deleted. To answer the question, Studebaker, American Motors, Delorean, Saab, and Yugo at one time or another had similar PE's.
  • Headline - "Tesla Could Be Worth $500 a Share if Its Model 3 Rollout Goes Smoothly, Analyst Says"

    "Could" happen, "if" Model 3 goes smoothly. The "could" won't happen because there is ZERO chance the "if" will happen. Tesla has NEVER had a smooth roll out.
  • 260 million cars sold last year ONLY about 800k were EV LOL. Thats all u need to know
    EV"S been around for 20 years The people reject them and Agenda 21. Its funny how
    these GW folks travel all over the world inmega jets and car pools while they push and agenda
    XCNBX pushing agendas as usual the question is can u believe them. If and when the new carbon capture
    hits the exhaust pipe its lights out for EV's . I can get 600 mileson one tank and fill up in less
    than 5 minutes . Top that
  • Funny how longs come out in droves when the stock ticks up, yet they are nowhere to be seen when Tesla drops. The Musk cult only likes positive
  • As bearish as it gets by the end of the day, closing on daily lows, I was wrong on Tesla being mostly flat before any major news, seems like tomorrow the 300 mark support will be broken and I expect profit taking will start
  • If Musk calls himself a 'Total Moron', instead of just an idiot, this stock will double in no time.
  • Free unlimited Supercharging <=== It's back

    Another costly sales incentive that Tesla thought it didn't need.

    2 days ago:
    ((( In a move that caught everyone off guard, Tesla has retroactively given all of its existing Model S and Model X owners unlimited free Supercharging, including those who had been switched to the new paid-subscription service.
    Previously, all those who purchased a new Tesla (after January 15th) were switched from the original unlimited use-for-life Supercharging program, to one that limited the “free” portion of charging to the first 400 kWh per year, after which fees were introduced. )))