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  • Can you imagine how much money Ballz has lost shorting TSLA. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHA! He is ordering a Binks Truck to drop off his margin call at Edward Jones. The second delivery will be on Tuesday. Ever seen those guys that have no shoes a pair of shorts that live on the beach? Ballz will be one.
  • Myths versus reality:

    Myth - Everyone hates dealers and wants to buy online.
    Reality - Catalogue buying has been around for more than 100 years. Currently, online auto buying is about 20%.

    Myth - Everyone wants to buy from a company like Tesla.
    Reality - Discounting began years and years ago when a potential auto customer said, "I won't pay full price for the product". The representative said, "What will you pay?". That morphed into full-fledged discounting. Sticker price dropped to Invoice. Invoice dropped to invoice PLUS holdback. Never in history has the buying public anywhere jumped at the chance to buy a vehicle at full price.

    Selling vehicles at full price would take an unrealistic change in pricing. First, which auto company chooses to be the highest priced? How will the scale of picking be established? Actually, I thought that was established years ago with an MSRP label? I agree dealers, because of discounting, created addendums in an effort to create additional gross. Personally, I never agreed with it. That said, if every auto company in the world decided to charge one price, and one price only, all it would take is just one dealer, or one company to discount. And the consumer who's been conditioned of generations to negotiate pricing? How does the dynamic change? Or is the answer as simplistic as merely changing the pricing and demanding full sticker?

    Once they get past pricing, what about how trade-ins are addressed? What IS a fair price? And monthly payments? What happens when the first customer says the payment is $50 more a month than they want to pay? What about negative equity? What happens when a customer is $3,000 upside down on their lease? how does the $3,000, or more, get rolled over? WHO pays it? Or does the dealer just eat it?

    The complexities are almost endless. The answers, a dearth of them. issue like these have been discussed numerous times over the years within auto companies. When I was with Mercedes, I sat in on just such meetings regarding Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan, a company-owned dealership, one of 2 in the US. The other was Mercedes- Benz of Beverley Hills. Consensus couldn't be reached because there was always "what ifs?" left on the table. Believe me, it always came down to sacrifice, affordability, transparency, and payment. While a possible solution sounded good, there was never a "Got it!" moment.

    I'd just LOVE to read from someone here who has all those answers. I sure don't.
  • Last time EM stated the valuation was too high, the stock dropped 35% over the next two months. Great longs are making money but it's never a bad thing to lock in profits, wait for it to correct, and buy in at lower levels. I'm not in the stock right now as the downside risk is too great.
  • Global Warming solution ==== ration all energy

    Make the lefties give up their private jets and suddenly GW will be gone.

    The tax free foundation that pay for the "research" and pump the misinformation are only interested in imposing more regressive taxes on us.

    The wealthy family foundations created GW to set up a Carbon Tax on the poor and middle class.
  • The Musk/Tesla fanatics are now fighting among themselves (noting some of the recent threads on this board). Perhaps this indicates we are getting near the top?
  • Great second car vehicles. I look at them every time I go to dealer in the mall. But when I seriously consider buying one I don't want to wait 30 minutes every time I fuel up. That is if I can map out and find a station. If I could afford to have one sit in my garage for a second car I would love one. They do cost money to charge at home too I hope everyone knows. Too much of a hassle for me but a nice trophy for the look at me group. Hummers were nice too
  • This is fun to watch and I think the market can stay irrational longer than the shorts can stay liquid. Not even thinking of selling till shorts capitulate . Most longs have been riding this stock for a while and have been rewarded, sure the price doesn't make sense unless you believe the story and while I wouldn't add to my position at these levels I wouldn't be short because I'm averse to pain
  • If/when EVs become more mainstream, how long before Tesla finds that the Tesla retail operations are handcuffed by not understanding the pre-owned market? Say a BMW EV owner comes in with a 5 Series EV to trade. What will the customer say when the effusive Tesla rep says, "Oh, we don't handle trades. You have to dispose of it yourself. Or have the BMW store buy it from you"??? You call THIS The future? Of course you do! You're a nitwit.
  • "Tesla’s Model S has fewer than 20 moving parts, compared with almost 1,500 moving parts in an IC-engine car. This means that there are fewer steps in the assembly process, fewer suppliers to deal with, and lower inventory of components and parts"


    Why Tesla Could Become the Next Apple
    Tesla is disrupting the product as well as the factory that makes the product—something that incumbent automakers will find difficult to do.

    Its called winter , summer , spring and fall and its always been changing. Next stop
    hopefully removal of the insane TAX subsidies that help rich people buy EV toys

    The higher this baby goes the harder the fall when the ship sinks Like GOPRO
    just don't get caught at the top
  • Pirogi Pete is the biggest liar. He claims to have me on mute, but I (we) know better. This guy is a pathalogical liar. I figure it is a good time to post this instead of in the heat of hot trading action. E.F. Ballcoach_30, Ibecars, or something like that, and Pirogi Pete have all been used by him.
    Now I put this to all of us. Almost all of us have at one time or another invested in TSLA either short or long. There are those that are not in any way invested and come here to confirm whether they want to buy or short the stock. The behavior of these people has been 100% fine they ask questions and figure out if they want to buy or not. After a few days they generally leave if they are not interested.
    Now let's look at this guy Pete. Pete has been here for 8 years and claims to never have shorted or bought shares of Tesla. He knew within 15 mins this company had a failed business model. If you knew Tesla was a failure would you not short the heck out of it as we see many shorts giving it a shot. Those shorting today are making a better judgement call than those shorting it at $20 to $30 years ago.
    My story is one of Amazon. My son and I were looking over all the stocks and I was teaching him what I knew about trading. He told me he wanted to buy Amazon. I took a look and I told him to stay clear. AMZN way overvalued at $200 a share. Now it's pushing $1000 with really low earnings. Now I was wrong and my son was correct. We weren't in AMZN. So would I or anyone bash AMZN? Isn't this behavior weird of Pete to be here for 8 years cutting Tesla down at every corner. Now my attitude towards AMZN share holders is congratulations and job well done. What is Pete’s attitude towards longs here. Now does Pete ever call out shorts on some really stupid things they post. I’ve reality checked longs here.
    So what is Pete's mission here? We see some very weird behavior to hang out here. His Ballcoach_30 days were pretty much the same as today. He sees nothing in Tesla of value, yet Pete continues to try and pull it apart. Now if Pete was short we could understand his posting.
    Next thing I have a real problem with Pete is I know his guy's identity. Could you imagine going into a car dealershit and being handled by this guy. This is a guy that would more than love to beat you silly, punch your lights out... screw you over to line his pockets over giving you the best deal on a car including service. Pete not even an oil worker would stoop this low. You have a real problem Pete. What is your stake in Tesla, because I call BS on a retired guy that has an interest in a company that is killing his investment in another car company. Weird, Weird, Weird. I love that mute. I love that I will never type to oily again. Lie, Lie, Lie.
    Everyone have a great weekend! I guess I extend that out to Pete too.
  • Model 3 July 1st launch === failure is assured

    There is no word from Tesla about configuring the Model 3 and locking in the orders.

    How can they start making cars in 5 weeks if they don't even have a build sheet?
  • I assume most on this board are from the US. Therefore are blinded by Teslas broad claims. Outside of the US the network for electric cars is tiny. Miniscule in fact barring maybe China (Which is about to go south and produces their own electric cars at half the price). The global sales model is going to be incredibly difficult to adapt for Tesla. Where is the funding coming from for Supercharger Network in Europe for example. 400k reservations (not sales btw) is a small small dent in the global car market and if they think they are going after India then they are entirely deluded
  • Recently I told you I really liked the retracement Tesla had to shake off weak hands and wait for the shorts to be loaded. It was the final call for you to cover. Besides, I also told you it was a head & shoulder pattern confirmed but it is a reversed one. I have been consistently right and tried to offer you a hand to preserve your hard-earned money. If you are wise enough, you should take long positions months ago instead to make tons of money. But you just don't listen and are stubborn like a rock. No one can save you if your glass is always full. It's never too late to do the right thing, final offer.
  • I made peace with this stock making no sense; I'm out it's a pure gamble either direction.
  • Ballz would be running to the bank with $1.3 million on Tuesday if he listen to Pwdyfan420. Instead he decided to use his 30 years of auto experience, financial experience writing financial auto contracts to short TSLA. He took his losses and bought Ford stock where $100k became $60k. Way to be Schlick! Why not just hate yourself? BAWHAHAHAHA!
  • "GM is latest automaker accused of diesel emissions cheating" will This bankrupt GM again? Are they too big to fail? Again!
  • PP BC says this board is about the auto industry. He (or is it she) actually confessed to buying Ford stock years ago at 13 or som such ridiculous valuation. But he (or is it she) doesn't squat on that board. So the point is this board is to discuss TSLA stock and its ups and downs, its news, reports, tweets, its actual incredible successes and its hypothetical nonexistent failures. Not as the PP BC uses it - as a sounding board for his personal grievances against Tesla management who treated him like the nobody he was 10 years ago (and that was a time when PP BC was closer to being somebody than he is today). at least 30,000 posts by PP BC under his various nom de merde since he first declared the imminent demise of Tesla then selling at 18 dollars a share.
  • Wow! Everybody likes Musk and his processes. Boeing and Airbus have just announced that from now on they will adopt the Musk's Manufacturing Process (MMP) to develop new airplanes. No more prototypes or prototyping, it's just a waste of time.
    From now on all ideas for new planes will be immediately put into production, with beta testing on consumers to follow withing 24 hours.
    NASA and Nuclear Weapons manufacturers are also expected to switch to the MMP in a few weeks.
    Note that the MMP process has been successfully used by North Korea in nuclear bombs development, as well as in development of ballistic delivery vehicles, one of which has not exploded at launch.
  • 35 days ==== and then the Model 3 revenues starts pouring in ...... right ?

    From Elon Musk himself, the company is placing orders with suppliers for “1,000 cars a week in July, 2,000 a week in August, and 4,000 a week in September.”

    Why can't you people realize he is just making these numbers up ? Do you really think an assembly comes with a speed dial that you just crank up on a monthly basis ? Just click it from 1,000 per week to 2,000 and then 4,000 ?

    Reality: You have to shut the line down. Retool. Hire people and train them. And you are still not going to double production. Maybe increase it by 20%- 30%.