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Twitter, Inc. (TWTR)

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18.25+0.30 (+1.67%)
As of 9:41AM EDT. Market open.
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  • Curious as to what just happened to be green all day and then red the last 10 minutes of trading.
  • I'll share this thought with you guys, just because you're my closest friends in the whole world. I really wonder what the mechanism is that kicks in when the bottom falls out, like this morning, and someone jumps in to prop it up, which clearly happened.

    Twitter wasn't worth $14 or whatever, and everyone acknowledged that's why they didn't get bought. Certainly not worth $18. Falling revenue, inability to monetize, a huge proportion of bots and fake account, etc. Yes, people use it. Doesn't make it profitable or a good investment. TWTR has never been a good investment. Anyway, that's not my point, really. (Bloomberg Video! Biz Stone is coming back to work on culture! We're selling everyone's information! That'll all be comical in retrospect.)

    I really wonder what the behind the scenes gaming is that manipulates the pricing and whether it's focused on a firm, coordinated by several, or genuinely some manifestation of the sadistic "invisible hand" nature of the market as a whole.
  • After hours someone bought 33,700 shares at 18.08 - not a small purchase - that's over a half million dollars. Just an fyi with respect to shareholders and those shorting the stock.
  • TWTR is in the 17, ouch!
  • I believe TWTR is moving in the right direction. Remember CRM considered buying. Because it would give them timelyaccess to trends for products etc.
    How about this?
    APPL should buy TWTR. Have access to huge subscriber base; streaming etc.
    Then they could turn their legions of app writers to make TWTR specific apps for apple phones. All phones in the world could access TWTR but only apple phones would have all the apps saying can't write for all since they do not have access to other phone operating systems. How would this bode well for the move to more APPLE phone sales as well bring TWTR muc more value?!!
  • Twitter on the verge of a major move up. Heavy manipulation driving it down right now. All good news but moving down = manipulation by the mms. This will be a major player in a couple years. Don't be fooled.
  • TWTR WAS OVER $19 few days ago...
  • This is in reply to George's bs that I am a pumper - I speak the truth about a stock one way or another. I also try and be optimistic and not pessimistic. There is enough of pessimism already in this world. Someone is not going to spend 1/2 million without knowing something. Thank you.
  • Twitter is used by the media people - politicians, movie stars, athletes, etc... This cannot be denied. What has me staying the course is the people who are being brought on board and its balance sheet. Put a company like Google or Apple behind it with their resources and this company could become very strong and profitable. Yes, there is a big IF behind the theory but many people thought FB would become a fad like MYSPACE. Intelligent replies only please. Use brain not emotions when evaluating and replying. Thank you.
  • TWTR will be here for years to come, sometimes goes up, sometimes goes down, it's quite normal.
  • Good news and this stock is on fire .
  • dorsey has a strategy, and I think he now understands the path Twitter needs to take. I don't believe his lack of information to shareholders symbolises anything other then, why give away the "recipe" early when the strategy has not taken place, and avoid others to copycat "like the facethieves" of the world.
  • Smells like a short attack to trigger stop loss metrics. Remember face book once sold under $15.
  • PS: Even with a downgrade today the stock is in the green. Good Sign.
  • This thing is getting ready to surge through the roof!
  • SAD, charts are red today! Hate that downgrade....yuck
  • Twitter ultimately has a user growth problem that I don't see getting any better. My experience with Twitter is that it's a hard platform to get going on as a user, in terms of communicating with others and discussing topics. Unless you're good at collecting followers, or have a level of fame, then one's tweets go largely unnoticed. I tried it twice and deleted my account twice. My friends have accounts but don't use them for the same reasons. It's an isolating experience. I prefer Reddit. Users can join and participate almost immediately and anonymously, and no followers need to be collected. Twitter is just a fancy message board with a limited future because of its design.
  • The press, obsessed with taking Trump down have set a trap and dragged co-founder into their net with negative publicity. So, may have to wait a day or two to continue upward trend.
  • Let the extended weekend takeover rumors begin