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  • ✔️✅ Uh-Oh......NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION in 18 undisclosed contacts with Russia. Cry baby sore loser democrats have nothing and fake news has not one shred of evidence or proof. Pack of liars.

    Trump Campaign Had 18 Undisclosed Contacts With Russians, No Evidence Of Collusion
    Members of the Trump campaign had at least 18 different undisclosed exchanges with Russian government officials, Reuters reports.
  • ✔️🛑 Shame on Fake News CCN. LOL at CNN this was a CNN news story. Really. A story on CNN national news regarding the number of scoops of ice cream the president consumes in the White House. The media is obsessed with taking Trump down. Imagine if they had scrutinized Obama even 1/10 as much as they do President Trump?
    CNN had Donna Brazil cheat and give Hillary Clinton questions in advance for the debate to help Hillary win the debate against Trump is there anything fake news CNN won't do to try hurt President Trump. CNN reporters belong in jail not reporting the news. Totally corrupt network.
  • ✔️🇺🇸 President Trump destroys fake news CNN 🅾️ Anderson Cooper.

    Donald Trump Destroys Anderson Cooper
  • ✔️Watch Alpa Male Trump destroy Fake News 🛑 CNN for 10 minutes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jIvAW081exs&itct=CA4QpDAYAyITCNn86OOUhtQCFVFrqgodCKANBzIHcmVsYXRlZEjhyqCszrCy7IsB

    President Trump destroying CNN for 10 minutes straight
    NEW!! President Trump Destroying CNN for 10 minutes straight over Russia Stories And Fake News Agenda!! He calls them out for ANTI TRUMP guests at this morni...
  • ✔️🔵 Time fake news never ran this story. Wow- Obama's Mom did XXX lesbian porn? No wonder Obama had such a screwed up young life.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4FHSFzS8eCs&itct=CBAQpDAYASITCI-V-4aKxdICFdXaqgod-DIOmjIHcmVsYXRlZEiKxLXYld64xw8%3D

    HELLO! Obama's Mom Did Lesbian Porn.
    Alex Jones talks with documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert about the latest news about Obama's past. HELLO THERE AMERICA! Obama's Mom Did Lesbian Porn. Wakey! ...
  • Any ideas when the sale to AT&T is going to come to fruition ?
  • ✔️🔴Corrupt dishonest lying Obama caught on open mic by CNN.

    CNN: President Obama caught on open mic
    The White House is downplaying some behind-the-scenes remarks made about the budget battle that were caught on tape.
  • I have to disagree with Mr. Trump. Recently he said many anchors are stupid. No. They aren't stupid, they are dirty. They give candidates answers to debate questions. The want to keep bad people here, and let more bad people in. They say they are green, yet fly all over the world to cover a story. No, they aren't stupid. They are dirty, and serve their globalist masters.
  • ✔️🛑ABC David Horse Manure - reads those bias liberal Fake News stories off teleprompter nightly. 80% made up liberal bias baloney.
    🆘 SOS Warming 🆘 NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, 80% of their news is fake news. And less and less people are watching their liberal fake news.👎
  • ✔️🔵 Kellyanne Conway gives it back to 🌈bias liberal gay Anderson Cooper of fake news CNN 🔺https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0xjdZ0GKllc&itct=CA0QpDAYACITCIPmjZW46tMCFcZxqgodLHgMkDIHcmVsYXRlZEje2Yux28jDnTo%3D

    Kellyanne Conway responds to Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes of ‘sexism’ during live interview
    Kellyanne Conway responds to Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes of ‘sexism’ during live interview White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded Thursday to ...
  • ✔️🇺🇸God Bless the USA and God Bless President Trump who is being attacked daily by Fake News and hate filled angry liberals who keep losing elections from coast to coast
  • 🆘 SOS Warming 🆘 NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, 85% of their news is fake news. And less and less people are watching their liberal fake news. Are you still watching? I'm not and I'm a happier person because I stopped watching all their negativity and lies
  • LoL! at liberal Fake News CNN cry babies.


    CNN Meltdown on Election Night, The Van Jones Incident
    CNN goes in to panic mode as Donald Trump is about to win the Election.
  • CNN is bias Fake News network. Donna Brazil feeding Hillary campaign debate questions in advance One bias new story after another. Could be why the ratings are in the toilet.

    In today's Podcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports O'Keefe to Strike CNN with Bombshell. ��Watch The 2nd Hour LIVE On Demand!! https://amtvmedia.vhx.tv/f...
  • Two months ago, Venezuela pulled CNN en espanol off the air. Venezuela said CNN lied, and misrepresented the truth, to undermine the government. How about that. Apparently CNN is undermining governments not only here in the US, but all over the world. I'd like to see CNN investigated for human rights abuses. As their lies are getting people hurt. Who should be held accountable for people injured by protests inspired by their lies ? The CEO of TW ? Ted ? Hanoi Jane ?
  • TWX has just seen the last of the selling. Looks like a potential push higher is in store. check out awesomestoc-ks, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • 🆘 SOS Warming 🆘 NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, 85% of their news is fake news. And less and less people are watching their liberal fake news.
  • Clinton's "....the book’s verdict on the main reason for Clinton’s lost: Clinton herself."

    Hillary Clinton to President Obama on Election Night: ‘I’m Sorry’ I Lost
    A dishy new book details the avoidable missteps—and the unstoppable forces—behind Hillary Clinton’s shocking campaign loss.
  • ✔️❌Remember when spineless Obama said Isis was nothing but a JV team and he had them contained. What a big lie that was. http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/14/politics/paris-terror-attacks-obama-isis-contained/index.html

    Obama declared ISIS 'contained' day before Paris attack
    On Thursday, President Barack Obama declared in an interview that ISIS had been "contained," asserting that the terror cell had been stalled in Iraq and Syria.
  • Fake news never covered the story much? Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner democrat poster boys for democrat new hall of shame. And Democrats wonder why they keep losing elections with Democrat perverts like this in office.

    Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him
    While his wife, Huma Abedin, travels the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the disgraced ex-congressman has been sexting with a busty brunette.