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Union Pacific Corporation (UNP)

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  • Economy going on a roll will continue to benefit the rails. Nice quarter.
  • BTU (Peabody Energy) traded again a few days ago.
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  • Off topic.

    Too bad chemical weapons couldn't be used to used in automobile gas tanks.
    If so, the U.S. would have gone in and cleaned the middle east out of them every couple years.
    You know....for peace.
  • What is the Union Pacific going to do with the 1 billion they'll get from selling the notes. Buy the NS ????
  • UNP has just seen the last of the selling. Looks like a potential push higher is in store. the other week awesomeSTO-CKS alerted this company i think. google them .
  • To freely bloom - that is my definition of success. http://dataunion.tistory.com/11277

    Union Pacific Corporation NYSE $UNP Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks is
  • Someone sold over 40000 shares UNP yesterday AH
  • Union Pacific needs to buy the KCS railroad
  • Hurting by Ford's canceling Mexico plan. KSU drop by 3%.
  • What a difference an election can make.......All of a sudden we have a runaway freight train. For those that are bullish be thankful for what you've got. Sentiment works both ways.....
  • Look at the chart.....release of the company's Q3 results dropped the stock from 98 down to 88 over a couple days. On heavy volume.
    That's the market's unvarnished opinion of actual achieved commercial results of this business under this management .

    The mere election of Trump has brought the stock back up to 98 again over a couple days.
    That's the market's verdict of what possibly might happen because of a completely unprepared buffoon sitting at a desk in the most non-productive place in America.

    Which of these two reactions do you think might turn out to be more accurate or reliable ?
  • Got another example yesterday of corruption in our government, when the Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee donated nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe--the wife of an FBI official who helped oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state,

    Hillary lies to the FBI on her servers, she deletes 33,000 emails after she receives a subpoena, a State department senior offical tries to bribe the FBI to declassify some of Hillary's emails, her IT staff takes the 5th amendment rather than tesitfy to Congress on erasing the servers, the pay for play Clinton Foundation, the rigged Deomcratic primaries, it just goes on and on with the corruption in this election. Sadly today, being politically correct "trumps" corruption, fraud and lying with many, especially for those under 40.

    Here's another example of the hypocrisy of the Press, the Neoliberals and the Democrats. Bubba Clinton stating in 1996 that Americans are rightfully disturbed by the illegal number of Aliens. Why hasn't the Press called this out?

    FYI, the reason Hillary wants open borders is that aliens typically vote Democratic.


    Bill Clinton Said this in 1996. Trump says it in 2016
    Bill Clinton said this in 1995 and got a STANDING OVATION. Trump says it in 2016 and he is a "racist"?
  • UP and other railroads have spent the last 20 years abandoning lines under the guise of "cutting costs". Many of these lines feed traffic to them. In Kansas, for just one example, the UP pulled out tracks serving agriculture. This line had many large grain elevators that can no longer ship via rail. All this business now goes to trucks. It's the same as burning your furniture to keep warm. When you run out of that, you burn the garage, a bedroom, etc. Soon you realize the house is gone. Those lines won't ever come back. Don't feel sorry for them at all. Stupid business decisions.
  • Another 8 mm shares ejected today. That makes 24+ mm in two days since earnings. Well over $2 Billion worth.

    A pretty clear repudiation of the job Herr Fritz is doing.
  • Q: When there's just no freight, what can management do? What does it control? What can they do?

    A: Cut costs. Get more efficient. Take lemons and make some GD lemonade!

    UNP Q3.
    Operating ratio of 62.1 percent, up 1.8 points.

    Too bad Fritz spent so much time lobbying Washington to keep his peers from leaving UNP in the dust. If he instead did his own job, and tried earning his generous compensation for a change,he might surprise himself.

    Ah, who am I trying to kid?! He'ds never do that! Far easier and less risk to sit there and clip his coupons to retirement.
    God bless 'murica.
  • UNP Q3 conf call: "...we do not expect to improve the operating ratio this year....."

    In times of shrinking demand and lower sales volumes, cost control is the most basic defense avaialble to any company. It is the primary tool a management team has, and must be the focus of its efforts.

    But it does requires an exceptionally intimate knowledge of the business, and any move must be made with an awareness of the longer term consequences to the company and its customers.

    Fritz and minions are either incompetent or unmotivated. Likely both.

    In stark contrast, Hunter Harrison is a hard-working railroad genius. So Fritz spent much of his (very well-paid) time this year making sure Washington prevented Harrison from making him, and UNP, look even worse.

    "...we do not expect to improve the operating ratio this year....."
    Shame on you, Fritz.
  • Fritz on Q2/16 results (3 months ago):
    "....In the months and years ahead we will continue to create competitive advantages for our customers, enhanced safety and satisfaction for our employees, strength in our communities, and solid returns for our shareholders.”

    Fritz on Q3/16 results (today):
    "....In the coming months, we will continue to do what Union Pacific does best - operate a safe, efficient, and productive network while providing an excellent customer experience and delivering solid shareholder returns.”

    Meaningless. Repetitive. Drivel. The definition of "Boilerplate". Cut and paste.

    Yup, UNP sounds like a compelling, innovative, achievement-hungry investment opportunity. Give that man his raise.
  • This will be the first quarter of operations since the new expanded Panama Canal opened. I believe the market is not fully taking this into effect, which will significantly reduce UNP's volume over time and benefit CSX. There was minimal traffic on the canal and only a couple of months of activity, but I anticipate the effect to accelerate in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. I'm long CSX and short UNP.
  • Does anyone think that when we have $5/gallon gasoline again; that more stuff will be shipped via railroads rather than tractor trailers?
  • http://seekingalpha.com/article/4014509-union-pacific-expect-turnaround

    Union Pacific: Expect A Turnaround
    UNP shares have lost value after the company missed estimates last week, but investors should not miss the sequential improvements in its performance. Improving