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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)

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  • Given that $AMZN packages are the majority of $UPS parcel shipments, it may be a very good idea for $UPS shareholders to "hedge" by purchasing $PLUG stock. FYI - VERY IMPORTANT NEWS - AMAZON & $PLUG POWER have agreed to a secret "Technology Collaboration" to expand the number of applications for the ProGen Engines. What if a new AMAZON Hydrogen Fuel Cell Delivery Vehicle is introduced - and $UPS Delivery Vehicles are no longer needed?

    I wrote the article (copied below) for your review. I am an Individual Investor focused on the "Energy" industry. I have also linked an article on this topic. Best wishes to all!


    AMAZON to Invest $600 Million into $PLUG POWER

    Amazon has signed a multiple year agreement to invest $600 Million in Cash Payments into small cap $PLUG Power's Products/Services to vest a 23% stock ownership in $PLUG Power shares. $600 Million is more than six (6) times the annual revenues of $PLUG in 2016. $70 Million in revenues are projected in 2017 from Amazon.

    Important to note: The prior approximate $50 Million Order from Walmart did not include a stock ownership incentive of 23% when $600 Million of $PLUG Power's Products/Services are paid for in "Cash". In contrast, purchases were financed. And, there was no "Technology Collaboration" with Walmart to expand the number of applications for the ProGen Engines. The future "refinancing" of the Walmart business should be announced soon per a prior $PLUG Power Conference Call.

    In my view, the marketplace, is still coming to grips with the largest internet retailer in the world, Amazon, agreeing to invest $600 Million into $PLUG to get a significant 23% stock ownership, and "Technology Collaboration" with $PLUG Power. Investors that do their due diligence research will conclude that $PLUG Power shares are significantly undervalued based upon truly "massive" forward growth. I predict a rapid move higher in $PLUG shares to the $4.00 to $5.00 range following this far-reaching Amazon transaction.

    The "Technology Collaboration" between Amazon and $PLUG Power is to expand the number of applications for the ProGen Engine. This "Technology Collaboration" with Amazon will likely create new revenue streams. $PLUG Power's Hydrogen Fuel Cells have the advantages of: Faster refueling and longer run times. Important to Note: The $PLUG Power ProGen Engine is currently being tested by FedEx Express Delivery Vans to confirm that the mileage range is literally "doubled" from 80 to 160 miles.

    Per the recent $PLUG Power Conference Call to update the new, multifaceted relationship with Amazon, CEO Mr. Andy Marsh noted that $PLUG Power has been in talks with Amazon for the past year. It was only recently, during the last quarter of 2016, that Amazon began testing $PLUG Power's Hydrogen Fuel Cells at an Amazon Distribution Center. Obviously, after seeing the faster refueling and longer run times, Amazon agreed to the multi-year $600 Million Contract - and the "Technology Collaboration".

    Both Amazon and Walmart are the 2 largest customers that could possibly use Hydrogen Fuel Cells. And, both are now $PLUG customers. Both Amazon and Walmart have 371 and 158 Distribution Centers respectively, located worldwide. Following the signing of Walmart, the publicity exposure allowed for many additional Fortune 500, large-size customers to get signed including Home Depot, Kroger, P&G, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Honda, Nike, Uline, Bridgestone, Ace Hardware, etc. I expect that additional new customers will be added following the publicity surrounding the new Amazon multi-year contract and technology collaboration.

    It should be noted that Carrefour Group, the 2nd largest consumer retailer in the world after Walmart, and the largest European Retailer, is also a new customer, signed on last year. Per a recent Conference Call, the $PLUG CEO disclosed that Carrefour plans to expand into 17 new Distribution Centers during the next three (3) years. Also, $PLUG Power has signed on Home Depot and started making conversions. Similar to Walmart, Home Depot has approximately 100 Distribution Centers located within the USA to be converted - which provides yet another runway for truly "massive" growth.

    During the Amazon Update Conference Call, the CEO of $PLUG confirmed that the first ProGen Engines were "shipping to China". Per a prior Press Release, this ProGen Engine deal with the Chinese customer was for 500 units initially, then expanding to 13,500 units. Important to note: There are thousands of Delivery Vehicle Fleet Operators that would love to "double" their mileage range, thereby lowering operating costs significantly and increasing productivity in an era in which same-day deliver is in demand.

    $PLUG jumped higher by 70%+ when AMAZON agreed to invest $600 Million on April 5, 2017. And, soon thereafter, $PLUG tapped the equity market to be able to fund the truly "massive" growth ahead.

    I believe that an investment in $PLUG today, after a pullback due to the minimal diluting to fund the massive growth ahead, will allow an investor to participate in a "pure play" Hydrogen Fuel Cell company. As an "Energy" investor, $PLUG Power has all the distinct advantages of an "energy" company with multiple revenue streams spread out across multiple industries and geographies.

    Disclosure: Buying & Holding $PLUG POWER for the long term.

    Why Amazon Needs to Dump UPS and Fedex (AMZN, FDX, UPS)
    Amazon is too dependent on third-party shipping companies and must grow their delivery options to survive.
  • UPS blamed for shipping cigarettes that weren't taxed? I don't get that. How is UPS responsible for ensuring that the sender paid taxes on whatever goods they are sending? This is just a shake-down of the company. If some drug dealer ships some illicit drugs through the company, are they going to arrest the CEO? What's next? The governments expect UPS to do ITS job? What a bunch of garbage ..
  • Over the recent years. it seems that we have never had a dynamic, high profile CEO. I think it's fair to say that Abney is anything but. I wonder whether a person like Jim Barber would be more media savvy and, by extension, have a greater impact on share price. It sure seems to be the play book at FDX. Thoughts?
  • I have a feeling UPS will see a pullback now. What yall think? google awesomeS-TOCKS - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • I am new to UPS, can one of you experts fill me in briefly as to why UPS dropped from around $117+ to $106 or so since the beginning of the year? TIA.
  • be careful. apparently now they are censoring these boards of items that are well within the guidelines to drive their agenda. beware of fake news now on these boards
  • near our 52 week low .. when are we gonna catch a break ..
  • Borrowed $1.13B and cash FELL $790M!

    Yikes! This probably has something to do with it;

    "United Parcel generated free cash flow of $693 million and spent $938 million as capital expenditure in the reported quarter. Moreover, United Parcel paid approximately $774 million as dividend to shareholders in the first quarter of 2017. Additionally, it bought back 4.2 million shares for $450 million."

    Spending more than is coming in!
  • Harry Boxer has posted his Charts of the Day video on UPS at TheTechTrader site noting: United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) had a big break, and over the last two or three months it has been consolidating. It made three efforts to get through 109.00, failed, and finally rolled over. On Wednesday, it was down another 1.63, or 1.56%, to 102.87, on 3 million shares traded. The neckline alone calls for a move down to 94.00.
  • Barchart Technical Opinion
    The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 80% Sell with a Strengthening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

    80 % sell might mean a lower share price.
  • Where is the bottom for UPS now?
  • Can someone just put Trump on a UPS truck and send him to Siberia???
  • The will of a man is his happiness. http://dataunion.tistory.com/11272

    United Parcel Service NYSE $UPS Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Per David Abney talking to Morgan Brennan on CNBC this morning, the UPS tax rate is right about 35%. So any change in the corporate rate, be it lowered to 25%, 20% or the hard to fathom 15%, would be a great tailwind for UPS earnings. I wonder how many other firms pay such a high rate. a ate o
  • What has the DONALD done to the economy? hopefully it's tempoary
  • Seems like a lot more press releases since the May meeting. Is UPS going into a pump and dump phase? In the 90s we were a quiet monopoly until the strike of 97 when people found out UPS had over 80% of the countries small package business.
  • Who's this CEO trying to kid?

    UPS has been after overseas business for DECADES now. They went public for cash to invest abroad. Just because they are losing business in the US is no reason to fool people into thinking that they are just now focusing on foreign business.
  • I see the usual basement whiners and union progs on this site- That's good news. Price was down today, ex-div on the 11th, >3% yield, increased yearly for decades, 'A' financial rating. High debt to cap, but it's a cap intensive biz. I'm buying tomorrow the 10th, if the price doesn't jump up too much. Will buy 50% of a full position.
  • Let's short this pig tomorrow. Set a cover short at $104.75