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Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS)

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12.87-0.28 (-2.13%)
At close: 4:05PM EDT
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  • Careful with the ID mistersavvy. You can't keep posting misinformation without the FBI taking a look at you. Has happened before. He's a known troll pumping lies in dozens of message boards.
  • How about that...Fast Freddy the genius told you this Chinese garbage is dead...if it's pumped by the inbred MISTERSAVVY, its best you dump your shares....

    I can't stop laughing....
  • Where's that Andreas who said he bought 8500 shares when it was $14.50. Now I know why Fast Freddy is always laughing.
  • VIPS will go up after the dirty capital disappears here... This stock is still manipulated down... but this will change . VIPS is too strong to it hold down...
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  • My guess is that VIPS is due for a pullback in the short-run. Not sure how awesom-eSTOCKS finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • ebony : A pull back ???
    Don't you call this a pull back from 15.40 to 12.90 ? That news you had to give
    14 days ago..
  • News coming about the Finance unit spin off. Rumor has it that this unit has been valued to be worth upwards of $2Bil US. Remember VIPS shareholders are to get a profit share. Lots of new coming within the next 2 Qs.

  • @thehawk:.....Nobody cares....

    Yours Truly
    Fast Freddy

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  • VIPSHOP is a clear brand for quality products for less money - this business modell works...
  • Me love VIPS long time 👄👀👧🏻
  • So based on Andreas's BS stories, he owns more shares than been issued. Now he blames shorts for his misery. Almost like Crooked Hillary Clinton blaming everything and everybody for her abysmal failure....

    I can't stop laughing...
  • I know what the reason for the decline is. The stock is a pile of sheite like most Chinese fraud.
  • What is the reason for he decline today?
  • Beat on revenue, beat on profit/net income, better than expected EPS and also a good outlook... ...and all this in the frame of an undervalued stock... what is your opinion?
  • VIPS sells quality brand products directly. This is an vast advantage - even better than JD. This stock is on the comeback trail...
  • FYI...fastfreddy aka stockmarkethobo/tampon/dirttrackracer/Bruno is the same idiot who lost a lot of $$$ on qihu and dang. He used to go by knoll.nothing too. He lives on Chinese stock boards bashing 24/7.
  • .19 cents earnings. Beat by 3 cents