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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. (VRX)

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  • buy VRX and stay away from JCP.
  • VRX will hit 20 $$$$ gor sure
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  • Criminal investigations
    Insider trading investigations
    Shareholder lawsuits
    Patent lawsuits
    Product liability lawsuits
    Generic competition
    Falling top and bottom lines
    Burdensome debt
    Bad reputation

    ....and so on and so forth.
  • Remember Vrx has over 40 new products in it's pipeline.
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  • buying AXSM at $4 is like buying JAZZ at $1 a few years ago now trading at $151..PLEASE READ THIS ...
    (AXSM) Market Cap $90 M/Cash $55 M / 5x BIG Phase 3 programs in various indications targeting large Markets with first results in Q3 2017 =20 BAGGER ..FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY !

    Undiscovered and massive undervalued Biotech Stock with lots of Big News on the way.This Stock is brutally undervalued with a Market cap of just $90 million and $55 million in cash .Founder and Ceo is the larget shareholder holding over 7 million shares (30%) more than 50% of O/S is owned by Insider and Institutions which is a great sign .

    This undiscovered stock could be the next 10 bagger gem if just one of their 5 ongoing Phase 3 programs is successful .GL

    Axsome (AXSM)

    Market-Cap: $90 Million
    Cash: $55 Million(cash runway into the first quarter of 2019.)

    Shares Out: 23.5 Million

    Aegis Capital has reiterated a ‘Buy’ rating and price target of $20 on Axsome Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AXSM) after the company reported financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. The analyst noted that although Axsome reported revenue in-line with consensus estimates, the focus remains on upcoming catalysts such as the company’s ongoing clinical trials. Since February 2017, the company’s AXS-05 has received fast track designation from the FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) agitation and treatment resistant depression (TRD). Topline data from the TRD treatment study is expected in the first quarter of 2018. Additionally, Axsome is developing AXS-02 in three separate phase 3 clinical programs, including chronic low back pain associated with modic changes and complex regional pain syndrome, with interim data expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, as well as knee osteoarthritis associated with bone marrow lesions, with interim data expected in the third quarter of 2017.
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