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  • In April of 2017, after review of AMGEN submitted surveys, the FDA ended requirements for anemia drugs. Labeling and risk warnings remained however the training and enrollment of participants waived.


    FDA Ends REMS Requirement for Anemia Drugs
    Prescribers no longer need specific training and certification
  • VVUS short interest fell another 225 thousands shares. VVUS adds new Director today!!
  • VVUS is going to make some very bold moves and we may see some of those moves in a very short while. With the hire of the Company director the wheels are going to turn and the direction of travel will become much clearer for VVUS investors. VVUS is in a great financial position and we have great opportunities to cash in even more with Avanafil and Qsymia. These two drugs will build our cash reserves to much higher levels in my opinion. If VVUS sells both drugs, I believe the bonds will be paid off and or Icahn will convert his bonds to shares to take advantage of a much higher possible return. VVUS also has nearly 1 billion dollars of write offs going forward which is another big asset for the Company. I would guess that we get substantial news within the next 14 days.
  • Does anyone believe that there is some good news about to come from VVUS?
  • For some reason I have believed the CVOT was supposed to be completed sometime in 2017.
    I started buying in late 2012, based on "insights" from contacts who work on Capitol Hill. And
    on more than one occasion I was assured of the passage of the Treat Obesity Act and a positive
    CVOT conclusion by end-of-2017. So we now approach mid 2017 and what should we expect
    this year?

    The shorts were winners for a number of years; but the past few months pps has gone
    sideways. Neither longs nor shorts have prevailed YTD, although the past few days
    have given me some glimmer of hope.

    Vivus has been mum about the CVOT, as it should be -- most of us recall the Orexigen Contrave
    fiasco. But it sure would be nice to have some idea of when to expect the CVOT to conclude.
  • More Qsymia CVOT rumors ... Is it true that the time-released formulation is proving to dramatically reduce
    side-effects? Is it true that there are also substantial benefits regarding sleep apnea? Is it true that there
    are also substantial cardiovascular benefits? When will the CVOT final results be released?

    No I don't have to ask, I just wanna ... I hope Kevin will allow me to continue to post. :) Good luck to all longs.
  • Ruprecht keep showing his true colors and I hope that all who read this thread understand his intentions. I will not "TRADE" this stock doing that will only keep this manipulation in play for a very long time in my opinion. Ruprecht know's this and wants to keep long term investors either trading our selling out completely or play the trade game and then get squeezed out if a major move happens while you trade. I am holding long and buying more as I can to hold for the long term, I will not trade and play into the game. I would suggest that you ignore Ruprecht, Sammy and all the alias name who are on their team who have not posted anything of value when it comes to factual information about VVUS and its balance sheet.
  • Its like buying JAZZ at $1 a few years ago now trading at $151
    (AXSM) Market Cap $90 M/Cash $55 M / 5x BIG Phase 3 programs in various indications targeting large Markets with first results in Q3 2017 =20 BAGGER ..FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY !

    Undiscovered and massive undervalued Biotech Stock with lots of Big News on the way.This Stock is brutally undervalued with a Market cap of just $90 million and $55 million in cash .Founder and Ceo is the larget shareholder holding over 7 million shares (30%) more than 50% of O/S is owned by Insider and Institutions which is a great sign .

    This undiscovered stock could be the next 10 bagger gem if just one of their 5 ongoing Phase 3 programs is successful .GL

    Axsome (AXSM)

    Market-Cap: $90 Million
    Cash: $55 Million(cash runway into the first quarter of 2019.)

    Shares Out: 23.5 Million

    Aegis Capital has reiterated a ‘Buy’ rating and price target of $20 on Axsome Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AXSM) after the company reported financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. The analyst noted that although Axsome reported revenue in-line with consensus estimates, the focus remains on upcoming catalysts such as the company’s ongoing clinical trials. Since February 2017, the company’s AXS-05 has received fast track designation from the FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) agitation and treatment resistant depression (TRD). Topline data from the TRD treatment study is expected in the first quarter of 2018. Additionally, Axsome is developing AXS-02 in three separate phase 3 clinical programs, including chronic low back pain associated with modic changes and complex regional pain syndrome, with interim data expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, as well as knee osteoarthritis associated with bone marrow lesions, with interim data expected in the third quarter of 2017.
  • According to web short interest down and VVUS adds a new Director we should see a 300% gain today.
  • As the summer draws to a close, Vivus' QR will be due at the end of August. Without the benefit of a $50M one-time payment. I SHUDDER to imagine how the market will react to ALL THE RED! Web--Can you please help me here?
  • Anyone know anything about the Qsymia CVOT?
  • Just a prediction...

    The higher VVUS' PPS climbs the nastier Ruprecht and his little mule will become....I expect some serious belligerence and bi-trickery.
  • Kevin and Web
    I don't know for sure if they are one person or two. But what I do observe is that they post like they are either old and senile--or still in Junior High. Kevin will text something clearly amateurish and juvenile, and Web--like a Donkey, honks and brays support for Kevin's dribble.
  • Beware of false narratives being created by our resident whacky henchmen Ruprecht and SA-mule.
  • WORD UP to Stuprecht, Kookie and SA-mule…

    FMC won the PROXY BATTLE but lost the WAR. GET OVER IT to get out. That was years ago. You’re clinging to old values that no longer apply.

    VVUS is profit-able now and that absolutely drives you MAD. ARNA is another 79M in debt and OREX is sucking on a bad deal.

    Remember anti-obesity is a new class in a newly recognized disease and its just beginning. 5 years old is nothing.
  • Now web/bb/kevin/miss lovely will short this back down to .99 that's how hey makes his living folks.
  • Why is this stock always talking about other company's and sharing their news but never sharing news about its own company? Makes no sense
  • VVUS P/E ratio is ridiculously low. .86

    According to 2015 Investopedia, the drugs sector average was 24.10 which means that every dollar of revenue would cost an investor 24.10
  • Where are we going with this stock. Been holding it for almost 3 years. Any chance of a revival, bubbleboy? Thanks.