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Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM)

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At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Bizarre, it was up nearly five bucks in pre-market to just languish now. Ugh.
  • People hammering retail stocks that are not at all related, WSM is in a completely different segment than JCP and even Nordstorm, neither is executing well, but at least this gives more people an opportunity to buy in prior to earnings.
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  • $53++ tomorrow easy!!
  • John, you may want to look at all of the numbers, while it is true that there was a revenue miss of 1.7%, they beat earnings considerably which means that margins are improving and that cost containment activities are exceeding the analysts expectations. I suggest you look at a company such as John Deere who has had very poor revenue performances in the past several quarters because of commodity prices but their vigilance to cost containment has led to ever increasing margins and bigger earnings beat every quarter and their stock price reflects the enthusiasm with that.
    While it is true that the overall revenue was down the West Elm locations knocked it out of the park and the namesake stores were essentially even (though fractional down). The Pottery Barn locations could expect some slowing as they are in a demographic of the economy that is not as high end as the others, but I believe with their repositioning to focus on millennials will help that division. Overall I think the increase in earnings and the corresponding increase in dividend, which is extremely high for a retailer (over 3 percent), this is a resounding winner.
    I think you will continue to lose money on your short by the way.
  • John, more good news for you. Tiffany's beat by a wide margin (similar customer base to WSM divisions) and consumer confidence is at a 13 year high.
  • Who says WSM isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? Yo you should really check out awesome-STOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
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    Williams_Sonoma NYSE $WSM Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.5 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • John, you were probably one of the fools who lost their butts on shorting RH too??
  • Just shorted here. This should sell off tomorrow.
  • accelerating going into earnings, hopefully that is indicative of something. Good luck to all longs. RH was a positive surprise, I am betting on this being a good report.
  • Missed on revenue and weak outlet. This should be down 5% not up. This looks like anf after earnings. Pop then drop. May short some more
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  • Why are their shares falling?
  • Traders trying to take down the entire sector because of poor execution by select retailers, namely Target today. Completely different models, WSM is more in-line with RH who had an excellent quarter even with their poor execution. Should bode well for WSM earnings.
  • Nice positive movement with very good volume, I think people are positioning themselves for an excellent earnings report, revenues and guidance. Won't be surprised if we climb another ten percent by the report date - $55. If it does though, one must wonder if it would be better to sell the rumor and buy back it when the stock has a chance to flatten out. Still a great company, whether you hold it or trade it.
  • peepill, I agree, I believe this will probably impact WSM less than many retailers. The earnings beat by RH should be indicative of what we have to look forward to when WSM reports on 3/14, I believe it will be a very good report and shares should rebound nicely. I actually had shares in RH, sold them today with a nice gain, I believe they are a good play long term but felt that while I believe the economy will explode if the corporate regulations and tax rates can get implemented, I had a bit too much exposure to the retail consumer, namely in retailers. I also own TJX, WFM and heavy in TXRH, I am probably too heavy in TXRH as my Fidelity account keeps telling me and I felt the pain when they did not meet expectations but will hold them for the long run.
    I believe in the upper price point retailers that WSM is an excellent play with a very nice dividend. The lack of a dividend is what finally pushed me also in choosing to drop RH when I did, still believe it has some legs, but not worth the risk. Good luck.
  • "It's the economy stupid" or is it "the stupid economy"? The cross border tax or VAT is savaging all retailers including my baby WSM. It'll be OK. The proposed tax, which has NOT been approved will NOT be a 'game changer'. It will be added in pricing, as even Amazon will face the same situation, and affect every income class.
    Think of the Land Rover or Mercedes! Think of NKE and other manufacturers. WSM is in great shape IMHO. I bot today and will ad more if it gets defecated upon tomorrow. Go LONGS!
  • Does a neutral performance (year) of -11.93% mean little action for WSM? It's an interesting question but anything could happen. A Pullback, a sudden uptick; it's all possible. the other week awesomeS-TOCKS alerted this company i think. google them .